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Week in space: NASA expands, investigating its parachute of skill perseverance

Welcome back to space this week! After a break, we’re glad to have our Friday morning digest of all space-related things for you again. Let’s start with NASA news.

Mission: Irresistible

NASA has augmented eight missions in its astronomical spacecraft, thanks to their outstanding scientific productivity. List: NASA’s Insight Lander, Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN, Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover), Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, New Horizons and OSIRIS-Rex.

Most of the listed missions have a three-year extension. But NASA experts think they can get it Nine more years Outside of OSIRIS-REx, I assume that the indomitable spacecraft continues to work as it has so far. In fact, OSIRIS is getting a new title with its promotion. The newly named OSIRIS-APEX team will redirect the spacecraft to a near-Earth asteroid called Apophis.

This is probably the latest expansion of Insight, as mission scientists are finally drawing spacecraft activity on Mars. Hopefully we will get the data by the end of 2022. Lander’s power reserves are dwindling, but the Insight team notes that Insight may have a chance to charge itself next Tuesday summer.

“Extended missions allow us to leverage NASA’s large investment in exploration, allowing ongoing science activities at a much lower cost than developing a new mission,” said Laurie Glaze, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division at Washington headquarters. “Maximizing taxpayer dollars thus allows missions to receive valuable new science data and, in some cases, allows NASA to explore new goals with completely new science goals.”

Ingenuity Spots Perseverance Rover’s parachute

Cleverness is a really small helicopter that could. After a year on Mars, it is still getting stronger. In fact, on the one-year anniversary of the first flight, Ingenuity embarked on a highly successful Flight 26. The goal was to visit its own landing site. Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission engineers asked if Ingenuity could persevere get a decent picture of its defensive backshell and landing chute. Although perseverance only illustrated the landing place from a distance, the close-up expressed gratitude.

This image of NASA’s Perseverance Rover backshell and supersonic parachute was captured by the agency’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter during the 26th flight to Mars on April 19, 2022. Image and caption: NASA / JPL-Caltech

The backshell is looking around the world like a down-flying saucer, smashed by a highway-speed lithobreaking event. And indeed, its purpose was to soak up the influence, to preserve perseverance with its life. However, the parachute and its tricks are apparently in great shape. The orange-and-white tent “shows no signs of damage” from Mars’ atmospheric entry, despite braking at a comfortable 78 miles per hour from fifteen thousand miles per hour.

“NASA has expanded engagement flight operations to perform such pioneering flights,” said Teddy Janetos, Ingenuity’s team leader. “Every time we are airborne, Ingenuity covers new lands and offers a perspective that no previous planet has been able to achieve.”

Mars sampling return missions may benefit

Ingenuity mission scientists expect that it will take “a few weeks” to investigate their backshells and parachutes. Once this is completed, scientists at the Mars Sample Return Mission hope to use the results to ensure a safe landing for future spacecraft. And in the plural sense it is “spacecraft”. The MSR design team recently split the sample retrieval lander into two separate, smaller landers. At a meeting of the Space Studies Board, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s associate administrator for science, explained the team’s argument. “This phase of analysis has shown that, in fact, the single lander breaks the tradition of entry, landing and landing,” said Zurbuchen. “It’s actually a high risk.”

So, the MSR mission team is now trying to make the best use of the time between their scheduled launch date of 2028. Meanwhile, perseverance is constantly accumulating and collecting samples to bring MSR home. However, the damaged ESA ExoMars rover mission could further complicate MSR’s already delayed timeline.

Three thorns

Cleverness and perseverance are currently surveying the delta of an ancient Mars river, named for the three paths to the top of the Three Forks. Their arrival in Delta marks the beginning of a mission-oriented episode called the Delta Front Campaign.

Here we see Jezero’s rim as perseverance saw it. The orange whisper in the middle left is Perseverance’s landing parachute, seen from a distance. In the background, the terrain of the three forks comes up. Photo: NASA / JPL

Perseverance spent a whole year at the bottom of an ancient crater lake filled with silt. (It’s like driving across Ohio, but Ohio has more corn.) Now that there’s some terrain, it’s time to start choosing scientific goals. The mission is wasted for the choice of scientists; Percy is there to study the rocks, and the whole area is cliffs and boulders. The delta of the Three Forks River itself is 130 feet (40 m) above the pit floor.

But geological grace comes with a cost. Thanks to all these ruins, only two of the three named thorns in the delta look passable. More reconnaissance sorts by Ingenuity will help mission scientists determine which route is best.

‘An Absolutely Great Ride’

Near the home, SpaceX on Wednesday launched four astronauts into the ISS, a crew dragon named Freedom under the new name. The astronauts’ mission is known as Crew-4, and they will replace Crew-3 astronauts who have lived and worked in microgravity at ISS since November. CMDR. Kegel Lindgren and pilot Bob “Farmer” Hines are on the roster, along with two female mission experts. This is the fifth flight for NASA in the last two years and the fourth launch for the Dragon reusable booster.

“We’ve had a great journey in low Earth orbit on an F9 booster and Freedom capsule,” Lindgren said. “It was a really smooth ride. And the GSs were pretty amazing.”

“It was incredible,” Hines added. “That ride, especially the second stage, it was really teary-eyed, it was great.”

The launch arrived less than two days after SpaceX’s previous crew mission – the first of its kind – to safely land off the coast of Georgia. Kathy Lloyders, leader of NASA’s space mission mission directorate, commented, “If we look tired, maybe we’re a little tired.” “What a busy week in NASA space operations. Less than 40 hours ago we were [landed] Our first private astronaut mission, and the team carefully went through that data and then set up for the Crew-4 launch. “

The crew-4 mission reached ISS safely

Also a milestone for Crew-4 mission representation. This is the first NASA crew to boast an equal number of men and women. Flying with crew-4 colleagues Lindgren and Hines, Samantha Christophoretti, 44, a veteran ESA astronaut and a fitted Italian fighter pilot. Christopherty previously spent 199 days at the ISS during a research mission from 2014-2015. ISS Crew-4 will welcome planetary geologist Jessica Watkins on a four-month mission. Watkins, 33, will become the first black woman to be on the ISS for such a long-term mission, during which time she will make the ISS her second home in the sky. As a planetary geologist, Watkins is also on NASA’s shortlist for future lunar missions.

Crew-4 astronauts, from left: Jessica Watkins, mission specialist; Bob Hynes, pilot; Kegel Lindgren, Commander; And Samantha Christophorty, Mission Specialist. The astronauts are inside SpaceX’s crew Dragon Freedom. Crew-4 was launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A on April 27, 2022 at 3:52 a.m. EDT on the International Space Station. Photo: SpaceX

“I think, for me, the scariest part of the whole ride must have been the scene,” Watkins said, shortly after Dragon was born on the ISS. “When we arrived for docking, we started getting suits and getting ready and at the last minute it was time to look out the window and we could see the space station in the distance. “

Skywatch: Saturn and Mars align with Venus and Jupiter

Finally, speaking of a beautiful scene, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the night sky.

Solar weather has calmed down this week; NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center expects a minor (G1) geomagnetic storm this afternoon, and then the sky will calm over the weekend.

Saturday, April 30 will be a great opportunity for the skywalkers. And you won’t even need a telescope! An interesting combination of Venus and Jupiter will reach the top of about 19 UTC (3pm ET). The planets have been traveling slowly towards each other for weeks; Tonight, they’ll be just over a degree away. However, on Saturday afternoon, Venus and Jupiter will be separated by only 0.2 degrees. Despite being millions of miles apart, the two planets can be seen touching. If Venus and Jupiter conduct their great dance, Mars and Saturn will also be visible, fairly aligned north of the connection.

The heavenly show will run all night and early in the morning. Observers in the Northern Hemisphere will have to look at the southeast horizon about an hour before dawn. According to Earthsky, Southern Hemisphere stargazers will also be able to see the connection, but Venus and Jupiter will appear at sunrise above the eastern horizon. Stay tuned for the next few nights, and enjoy a moment of kinship with the elders. As the two planets begin to separate, you can see why the ancient astronomers called them “Wanderers”.

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The big ‘fireball’ shocked the residents of several southern states

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Residents of several southern states have seen and heard a visitor from space this week. NASA reports that more than 30 people have been reported to be on fire. Many more residents of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi have not seen the object, but have heard it. There were countless reports of loud noises as the object rocketed through our atmosphere and eventually landed on Earth.

NASA says the fireball is probably part of an asteroid that covers one foot and weighs about 90 pounds. As it began to disintegrate in the lower atmosphere, it was hitting the earth at a speed of 55,000 miles per hour. The splitting produces the equivalent energy of a three ton TNT explosion, causing a shockwave to be felt in the ground below. It was also the source of numerous loud noises reported by residents. The object was first seen 54 miles above Mississippi and detached in an area 34 miles north of Minorca, Louisiana.

Fire shells were detected by NOAA’s Geostationary Lightning Mappers (GLM). (Photo: NOAA)

Striking “Fireball” was first picked up by a NOAA satellite located 22,00 miles away. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 16 and 17 on the company’s Geostationary Lightning Mappers (GLM) ship detected numerous bright flashes in the sky. The flashes were caused by the isolation of the boloid, which is an exceptionally bright meteor. NASA says it was at its peak, ten times brighter than a full moon.

Such incidents are extremely rare. Bill Cook, who runs NASA’s Meteorological Environment Office, said Mississippi residents will not see another meteor like “for decades.” Cook offered his comments on a local news station, which also shows footage of meteorites falling on Earth. Unfortunately, the footage was captured on a dash cam, so it’s low-resolution and granular. Cook said in a statement that he was surprised that more people did not see the meteor. “I thought it was unusual to see so few eyewitness accounts that the sky was so clear,” Cook said. “More people have heard it than seen it.” Cook described the meteorite as “a beautiful phenomenon I’ve seen in GLM data.” It is not clear what he meant by “excellent” in this context, except for the fact that no one was injured on the ground. It probably looked pretty.

Feature image of Alex Alishevsky.

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Tesla has made its home chargers cheaper but still won’t give you one with your car

Tesla has slashed the prices of its home chargers following a response to the news that it is no longer shipping them with new vehicles.

The move to remove the charger from the new car caused a lot of controversy online, with CEO Elon Musk claiming that the number of charger users was low.

That doesn’t seem to have helped the reaction, but Tesla has now slashed the price of the charger to $ 200 Electric. Wall connectors are now selling for 400 400.

Tesla already had some of the best prices in the industry for home charging stations, but these prices are particularly impressive, especially for anything from a 48-amp for wall connector and usually starting at at least $ 600 with a Wifi connection.

However, anyone who wants to order a $ 200 charger is going to find themselves out of luck. The charger has been out of stock for some time and the stock situation does not seem to be improving anytime soon. One of the many shortcomings that affects Tesla at the moment is that anyone who buys a car from the company can wait up to a year, depending on the car and the configuration they choose.

But Tesla is not alone here. Many car manufacturers are also struggling to make cars faster due to ongoing supply issues related to parts including semiconductors.

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The new U.S. government investigation will look at sideloading and web apps on iOS

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has announced a new investigation into the way mobile app ecosystems work, with iOS set as one of the main targets.

The investigation is now examining how competition in the App Store world works on mobile platforms, prompted by a White House executive order last year to promote competition in the American economy, the report said. MacRumors. The whole thing is designed to find ways to improve the competition around how apps are installed on mobile devices.

A portion of the executive order states:

The American information technology sector has long been an engine of innovation and growth, but today a small number of influential Internet platforms use their power to exclude market entrants, to monopolize profits, and to collect intimate personal information that they can use for themselves. Advantage. Many small businesses across the economy rely on this platform and a few online marketplaces for their survival …

The request for comment regarding the investigation makes it clear that iOS will be a focus. Comments will be requested on how apps can be installed on devices including sideloading, and the functionality of web apps will be reviewed.

Apple has been testing itself around the world, mainly thanks to the way developers and users are stuck on the way to getting apps on iPhones and iPads. All apps must go through the App Store, something that ensures that Apple cuts its sales. Unlike Android, iOS currently does not allow any kind of sideloading.

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Who will make the next hit phone?

We’ve had lots of amazing Android phones in the last few years, but I think it’s been a while Injury Instruments. You know, something that everyone wanted, even if it means deviating from their favorite OEM for a year. In my mind, I think phones like OnePlus One, Moto X, Galaxy Nexus, Motorola DROID, and Galaxy Note 2 are hit phones. These phones have the ability to change the landscape, which seems like something we haven’t seen at all.

That said, who are you to expect that next hit Android phone? I understand that this question can be difficult, because it may require some people to look past their own biases, but try to think of it purposefully.

Personally, if the stars are aligned, I would expect Sony to create the next Android device that everyone wants to get. They have an amazing history with hardware, so all we need now is some love for the US market. It’s as if they were all pieces, but really scared to give it a shot. Maybe a PlayStation-branded Xperia device focused on gaming, couples with exclusive access to some kind of streaming game service? That can be awesome.

I also hope that Nothing has a very successful launch with Phone 1 and the same is true of OSOM. There are these little players who can surprise us with new ideas. Who wouldn’t love that? And since we’re talking about it, I believe the Pixel 6 had a chance at great success, but Google’s own software Fumble didn’t let that happen. The company has run a big marketing campaign on that phone, only to tarnish its reputation for bugs and other issues. That one hurts.

So let’s hear your acceptance. Remember, try to be purposeful and thoughtful, but in the end, there is no wrong answer.

Reports indicate that Apple was the only seller with which phone shipments have increased over the past year

Apple is the only top smartphone maker to be able to increase its device shipments year after year in the last quarter, according to a new report based on the data collected. Canalis, IDC, And Strategy analysis.

Although the likes of Samsung, Oppo and others have reduced their shipments, Apple has actually been able to increase its shipments.

The news comes after the company announced a record quarterly with $ 97 billion in revenue.

Samsung has regained its lead by 4% less than a year ago, after shipping 73.7 million units, after refreshing its portfolio for 2022. Apple combined the high demand for the iPhone 13 series with a new iPhone SE, resulting in an 8% increase and 56.5 million units shipped.

Despite warnings that the current supply crisis could affect the future, Apple continues to see strong iPhone shipments and sales. Nonetheless, Apple CEO Tim Cook says demand for the iPhone 13 has been strong since its launch late last year.

The current supply problem is due to the COVID-19 lockdown in areas where Apple has core manufacturing and assembly plants. Apple has already said that the supply chain problems that have plagued the country for the past two years are now expected to persist for at least the next quarter.

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The latest Airtag firmware update changes unwanted tracking word for ease

Apple recently updated the firmware on its AirTag item trackers and it has now been found that the update adds a change that changes how unwanted tracking sounds work.

In a new support document marked by MacRumorsThe new change makes the word easier to hear, so people can quickly identify an unknown tag.

Although little information has been provided about the new update, we know that the audible sound has changed.

AirTag Firmware Update 1.0.301

Tune in to an unwanted tracking word to easily detect an unknown AirTag.

This is definitely good news because it helps people identify an AirTag that can be used to track them unknowingly. Apple’s item trackers have received a lot of bad press for the way they can be used to stop people, and Apple is going to change this to try and avoid it being a problem. While this update won’t fix things completely, it does mean at least that those who have an unwanted AirTag will now be able to detect it more easily.

Apple’s item trackers are among the best in their intended use, but those capabilities make them especially useful for those who want to track larger items, such as cars.

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Save $ 22 on this eco dot and pay only $ 27 when you can

Amazon is now selling the fourth generation Echo Dot for just 27 27.99. No need to write a discount code or clip an on-screen coupon, but keep in mind that there is no indication of when this deal will end. With that in mind, and as always, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible if you have a new Echo Dot on your shopping list.

Amazon will usually sell for around $ 50 which means you are saving 44% on your new smart speaker and a whopping $ 22. Order soon and you may even get your Echo Dot at the end of the day.

Buy: Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) from Amazon: $ 27.99 | Original price: $ 50

At the time of writing, Echo Dot has more than 437,500 reviews on Amazon, which is quite insane. These reviews give an overall rating of 4.7 out of five possible. Whether you need an Echo Dot to work as the center of your smart home or just want to be able to set the timer remotely, this deal is for you.

Remember, there’s no need to enter a code or clip an on-screen coupon – but there’s no indication of when this deal will end. Those who want to take advantage of this price should order soon to avoid disappointment.

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A two-inch diamond wafer could redefine future storage

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(Photo: Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.)
A Japanese company that specializes in making jewelry has created a mind-blowing storage breakthrough with researchers. The team was able to create a two-inch diamond disk for the purpose of quantum computing. It is the largest diamond storage device ever made, capable of holding up to 25 exabytes of data at room temperature. Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Company has worked with researchers at Saga University for this project.

The challenge was to create a diamond wafer that was “pure” and larger than the current 4mm standard, which is too small to be practical. This is not an easy task, though. Quantum computing involves the use of nitrogen to make diamonds, and for diamonds to be useful as storage for cubits, a diamond must be very pure, with no contaminants growing above three parts per billion. Previous attempts to make larger diamonds have always introduced excessive nitrogen. To achieve his goal, the team developed a new method for raising diamonds called step-flow. According to Gizmodo, in this method the diamond rises above a stair-shaped sapphire layer. As diamonds expand, they increase in circumference, reducing cracking and inconsistency. Nitrogen gas is used to accelerate the growth process. This new method reduces the amount of nitrogen needed, which is the key to its success. The result is called the Kenjan diamond.

Strategy to increase flow. (Photo: Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.)

Diamonds are seen as the ideal medium for quantum computing storage. This is due to an error in their design called the Nitrogen-Vacancy Center (NV Center). This error occurs when a carbon atom in a diamond crystal lattice is replaced by a nitrogen atom, leaving the lattice space on the side empty. This error traps electrons and is thus used to store errors. This is a binary system where if an electron is detected, it is a 1, if it is empty (neutral), it is a zero. In addition, different types of laser errors can change the state of electrons. This allows the diamond to be written, deleted, and seemingly rewritten forever. Additionally if it is kept in the dark it can theoretically hold data for eternity.

This marks a major breakthrough for quantum computing. The company says the wafers could be mass-produced, and expects to launch them commercially in 2023. The company’s PR describes the discovery as something that “is expected to lead to the realization of quantum computers in the future.” It will be a while before you raise your hopes about your next Quantum computer upgrade, before something becomes commercially available. We remind you that Google is hoping to get a “lovely” quantum computer by 2029.

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