This is how Nothing Phone can win

Thanks to a source within a European retailer, for potential pricing and release information None Phone (1) Kept online. Take it with some salt, because nothing can be confirmed until it actually happens, but for now, let’s have some fun and talk about what we’re hearing.

This information has been known from a source in Germany All-around-PC, July 21 launch date for phone (1) is not in sight. It is coming, though, it is not specified whether it is the actual street launch date or just the official unveiling date. For pricing, it has been mentioned that nothing is being shot for the € 500 range. If it translates to a potential $ 500-ish range, it automatically becomes a device for viewing nothing phone (1). Consumers are demanding more options within that price range, so people aren’t happy about anything and still don’t bother to compete with more high-end devices in the market.

If you are curious about what we know about this phone, this is not a long list. We know it will have a Qualcomm processor, Nothing’s own launcher that you can already download and play and be equipped with NFC for mobile payments.

Let’s play a game. If the Nothing Phone (1) costs $ 500, are you at least interested in something unseen? Me!

// All-around-PC

TCL has no idea when the PS5 Pro, Xbox series next will come

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TCL, a slide TV maker, did not make much of a fuss online during one of its briefings today, as it appears to be pointing to a next-generation console refresh cycle starting next year. There is no evidence that this is actually happening and there are many reasons why it is not.

The only companies that know what Sony and Microsoft’s long-term upgrade plans are for the current console generation are Sony, Microsoft and the companies that design SoCs, AMD. Someone else is guessing. Sometimes a peripheral maker or game developer lets something slip, but such development knowledge is kept in a tight corner and TCL is not in the “need to know” section.

Beyond the fact that Sony and Microsoft did not share this information, there are other aspects to consider. Although both consoles have introduced mid-cycle console refresh in the past, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have fewer next-generation titles available at this time of their life cycle than at any other time in the past. Success Platform launch in history.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are both 18 months old. The console usually launches with a mix of Platform Exclusive and some third party games available for both the previous generation and the newer. Microsoft has a huge focus on the compatibility behind this generation, so the lack of exclusives for its platform is less surprising, but Sony doesn’t have a ton of next-gen titles either. If you skip the remake and upgrade to the PS5 title which also debuted on the PS4, the list is even smaller. Ratchet and Clank: Both Rift Apart and Return are well-regarded, and there are many more game shipping between now and mid-2023, but the chances of a near-term upgrade are slim considering how little players have used the hardware. Already purchased.

In 2016 things were very different

When the PS4 and Xbox One launched, we heard a big response from many players, especially from Microsoft customers, “What is it?” After losing money on the Xbox 360 and PS3, both makers looked for more restrained technology specs for their next iteration. Microsoft has exacerbated its problem by making a 100 bet on the future of game control that didn’t really pan out. In addition, 4K TVs, which were quite new in 2013, were more common by 2016 With a new console generation still a few years away, this meant launching high-performance SKUs that would offer a better platform for console enthusiasts to play.

None of these factors will work in 2022 When the PS5 and Xbox Series X launched, it was a great deal compared to the amount of gaming PCs you could get for the same amount of money. Services like Backward Compatibility and Xbox Game Pass have been big draws for Microsoft, while Sony aims more at a regular console cycle with exclusive launch titles, but both platforms have been frustrated by semiconductor shortages and price increases. 18 months after launch, at least some recipients are still waiting for these factors to resolve themselves

Finally, despite TCL’s strongest hopes, 8K TV is not on the horizon. 8K TV sales actually declined and accounted for 0.15 percent of all TV shipments in 2021. This will not change in the near future for multiple reasons. Game engines and consoles are nowhere near ready to deal with 8K as playable resolution and there is no timetable for when it is likely to change. There is no pressure to introduce 8K content in any service The semiconductor deficits that have rolled the market over the years are now getting easier, but they are not over yet, and it will take at least another year for the market to return to normal.

We still haven’t heard much whispering about mid-generation upgrades for both consoles. We do not expect for some time.

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Here’s what the Pixel tablet needs

We did not discuss Pixel tablet Too much since it was teased again in Google I / O, probably because we have a long way to go before we reach 2023. Heck, who knows if civilization will take this far, you know? I’d like to start by giving some idea of ​​what I want to see from the device, though, I think it’s important for Google to show that it is capable of making a decent tablet. In my opinion, Samsung is the only Android OEM making tablet that should be considered, so it is better to have some healthy competition in the space.

Apps and developers

Although I don’t use an iPhone, if I were in the market for a tablet I would buy an iPad. The iPad has all the apps I need and a whole ton of support from third party app developers and Apple. Then there are the Android tablets, which don’t seem to get a ton of love from app developers and Google. Only recently did we see how Android has begun to re-tool Android on devices like tablets, so this is a good sign.

We need an app developer, the end of the story. If experiments are not made for larger displays, there is no point in creating the device. This is where the Android tablet always catches my eye. As the phone’s display has grown over the years, the need for tablets to run certain apps has diminished, so what I really want to see is a suite of tablet-exclusive apps / features that you can’t easily get a remote. Make it a special experience, something you can only get on a tablet

Design and glasses

From the two photos we saw, the Pixel tablet looks like a nest hub, subtracting the hub. It doesn’t look too much Premium, Which I think is good if we’re shooting for a low price, but it makes me a little nervous. I want my tablet to be a multi-tasking workhorse with lots of processing power and RAM. It doesn’t have to beat an iPad Pro or whatever, but I hope Google won’t be too light in terms of capabilities. The rear of the unit looks like a piece of plastic and the rear camera of the unit looks like a thought. I don’t believe the Pixel tablet will win any design awards.

And that display could be even better. In my opinion, a tablet is about providing a more immersive experience, and if that display isn’t crispy and gorgeous, I’m going to save. This is an area that Samsung can understand. It offers beautiful displays with high refresh rates on its tablets, so unless Google has some objections to creating a great device, we know it’s possible. If the Pixel tablet doesn’t have a 120Hz refresh rate, I’d be annoyed. I’d be mad if it didn’t have at least 90Hz.


I just want to point out that for the right device, I don’t mind spending money. I don’t think everything needs to be priced competitively, especially if it offers something amazing. Google being, though, I have a gut feeling that this tablet will cost around $ 649 and some compromises are possible. I’m still not ready to share where Google can’t splurge, but for at least one example, I have an idea that the single rear camera might be the Sony-made IMX363 that we’ve seen over the years from Google. It won’t surprise me a bit. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. If it’s a dipped aluminum, I’d be off and Google could make a sweet device. We still don’t know enough.

Simply put – go for it, Google! Give it what you get, because if the Pixel tablet doesn’t breathe a ton of new life into the Android tablet space, it could disappear forever.

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The Pixel Watch is hidden by us

In the weeks leading up to the unveiling of the Google Pixel Watch, we See Google’s FCC filings for new devices are closely related to what their first watch might be. These filings never came in and are now appearing because the Pixel Watch was not filed under Google’s FCC ID. Instead, Kampal Electronics has created and submitted documents to prepare the Pixel Watch for launch in the United States.

It is not uncommon for a large manufacturer to create a device for the company and then submit the paperwork. Quanta is another company that has in the past created and submitted FCC filings for Google. The only interesting thing about Kampal’s pixel watch is that they also made an Apple watch at some point. Does this mean Apple Watch Quality? Who knows, but if it gives you a warm feeling in your stomach thinking about the potential, I’m all for it.

Filing of Pixel Watch May 11 (via 9to5 Google) GWT9R (link), GBZ4S (link), and GQF4C (link) under several known pixel watch model numbers. The G943M (Link) also has a 4th and related model number that is considered a charger for the watch.

We do not find a ton of important information in these filings, only one Bluetooth model (GQF4C), as well as LTE models (GWT9R, GBZ4S). The model GWT9R has the most LTE bands that can line up nicely with the LTE networks available in the US, so I assume this is the LTE model here. The GBZ4S model only supports LTE bands of 5, 7, and 26.

Pixel Watch LTE Band

For the Bluetooth / WiFi model GQF4C, we get 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as NFC. We knew that Google Pay was going to hit Google Pixel Watch, so NFC was no surprise.

And finally, there are two notable things about the G943M charger. The first is that it will plug into a power source via USB-C. This means you will charge the watch by plugging in a computer or other power adapter you already own. The second thing is that FCC filings suggest that it can charge wirelessly up to 15W. Who knows if Google will do it, but it will be too fast for a smartwatch.

Pixel Watch Fast Charging

I’m excited.

The attraction of Xbox game passes is declining due to the lack of big name titles

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Microsoft’s Xbox game pass service is dangerously approaching “Netflix for games” which we have always wanted. The service has been generating some large subscription numbers lately, but according to Kotaku, increasing competition and a lack of new AAA games could see customers elsewhere. Several gaming reporters have shared their decision to cancel the game pass on Twitter, and the answers are largely in agreement.

Game passes are available starting at $ 10 per month if you only want PC or console access. The $ 15 monthly plan includes both, as well as access to cloud streaming for selected titles. It lets you play game pass titles on low-power laptops, tablets and even phones. Microsoft advertises over 100 games and adds more. While there’s nothing wrong with rafting indie titles or AAA games from a few years ago, one of the major draws is one-day access to all Xbox game studio titles. If you don’t play at least a few AAA games each year, subscription costs don’t make sense.

Recently, Microsoft’s newly acquired Bethesda subsidiary announced that it would be delaying space RPG Starfield and vampire shooter Redfall. Both were due to arrive this year, and as part of the Xbox Game Studio family, they will be added to the Game Pass immediately. Now, these games aren’t expected until the first half of 2023, which makes the rest of Microsoft’s 2022 calendar much more isolated.

This puzzles gamers — modern console games retail at $ 60 at launch, and many indie titles that meet the game pass are even cheaper. Anyone subscribing to GamePass to gain access to the latest and greatest Microsoft exclusives will need to see how much service they are actually using. Some have publicly stated their intention to give their game pass membership a break

Previously, Microsoft hit 25 million subscribers. But will everything be there? Some attempts to enter the gaming space have fallen flat (looking at you, Stadia), but competition for Microsoft is growing. Ready to launch a refined version of Sony PS Plus. While the service will not include first-day releases of first-party content, it has hundreds of titles from PS4, PS5, and the titles are going back to PS One. With major releases like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, Microsoft has only reached those number of subscribers. If it doesn’t keep pace, the game pass may not be the runaway success shown last year.

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The new Pixel Watch specs report brings back the excitement

A Google Pixel Watch report from last weekend has certainly raised a lot of expectations surrounding these segments. The news that Google has decided to use a 4 year old processor for their first flagship watch was disappointing to say the least. However, a follow-up report later this week will help bring back some tension and eliminate any concerns you may have.

Crew A. 9to5 Google Heard from a second source who confirmed the Pixel Watch chipset as the 4-year-old Exynos 9110, the same chip first found in the Galaxy Watch. Where this horrible news moves away from is what this source told them.

Google will apparently add a co-processor alongside that older Exynos 9110 chip, possibly helping to offload tasks and create a more efficient watch experience. This will be similar to what Qualcomm does for wearables with their 3100 and 4100 series chips. A low-power co-processor for this type of thing can be used to monitor running health and fitness data, to get an always-on display. By removing the activities from the main, power-hungry chip and placing it through a low-power chip, efficiency has great advantages.

This news is very understandable, as it will allow Google to clear the discussion from Google I / O where they said that the watch was “made by Google inside and out.” My guess is that they will sell it as a custom experience and brand it with Google Tensor. They basically did the same thing with the tensor on the Pixel 6 line.

For the rest of the good news, today’s report states that we can get 32GB of storage and more than 1.5GB of RAM. If you’ve been using Wear OS Clock at any time for the past several years, you probably know that 1GB RAM (from 512MB) has dramatically improved the user experience on the platform. Some watches we’ve seen since then go even further and give us 1.5GB of RAM, like the Galaxy Watch 4 series. RAM is an important feature for smartwatches on Android.

In somewhat related news, we are now learning that the Pixel Watch will use health sensors on par with the Fitbit. This means not just heart rate tracking, but also SpO2 and ECG readings.

In short, last week’s seemingly bad news has now turned out to be okay, if not better Good When upgrading things like news storage and RAM, Google can customize a static-enabled chip to do better than ever before.

Is the Pixel Watch back on your radar?

Twitter: We are not changing the terms of the agreement

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(Photo: Brett Jordan / Unsplash)
The drama has now turned into a reality show around Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter. At first he just wanted shares of the company, then the whole company. Then the company didn’t want him to buy it, then it was. They went back and forth, before they finally came to an agreement. Now that there is a deal, Elon seems to be getting cold feet. It does not apply to the terms of the contract to listen to the mask because the company was not honest with him about the number of bots on the platform. Listening to the board though say it, it doesn’t matter; Elon still has to pay the original price of the contract. And he should pray they don’t … you get the idea.

To summarize, the terms of the agreement between Musk and Twitter were as follows. On April 25, it was announced that the parties had reached an agreement that would allow Musk to own 100 percent of Twitter. All he had to do was pay .20 54.20 per share of Twitter stock, for a total of $ 44 billion. Elon lined up funding for the deal and the board approved it. After that, Elon throws a wrench into the work.

For some reason, Elon came up with the idea that 20 percent of Twitter accounts were bots. This prompted him to ask Twitter’s CEO to verify his bot count. This allows the CEO of Twitter to explain in detail how bots operate on his platform. He is a long post Blog post About the thorny problem, and a Tweet thread About dealing with spam. This did not satisfy Elon, as he said the CEO could not prove that it was five percent, as the company had said before. So, the deal was closed, according to Elon. “My offer was based on the correctness of Twitter’s SEC filing. Yesterday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to show <5% evidence. The deal can't go ahead until he does, "said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor's Washington bureau. He tweeted.

Elon’s demeanor wasn’t good for Twitter’s stock price last month.

This was the reaction of the company’s board of directors. In a proxy statement filed with the SEC, the board said it plans to move forward with the deal despite its concerns. It explicitly states, “Twitter is committed to completing the transaction at agreed prices and terms as soon as possible.” CNN received a statement from Twitter’s board saying it was time for Elon to get his check book out. “The board and Mr. Musk have agreed to a transaction at $ 54.20 per share. We believe this agreement is in the best interests of all shareholders. We want to close the transaction and implement the consolidation agreement, “the statement said. This appears to be a clear legal threat to Elon if he tries to withdraw from the written agreement.

Industry analysts have suggested that Mask’s stomach ache about bot is an attempt to reduce the purchase price. Although Mask’s $ 54.20 offer per share was generous in April, it did Extremely Now, liberal because the stock has fallen sharply since Musk bought nine percent of Twitter’s stock in early April. It remains to be seen whether Elon will go through the deal in his current form. For now, the ball is in his court.

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