Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 updates add solid performance improvements

The month of June is coming to an end, so you better believe that we were looking at some phones that were not yet up-to-date in the security patches. Samsung and Verizon are taking care of both of them today, thanks to new software moving towards the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 lines.

Owners of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra are basically getting the same product. This new update includes the June Android security patch, while Verizon claims that it “improves performance and provides the most up-to-date Android security patches on your device.” So not only do you get current security (for a few days), there are also performance improvements.

Here’s how to look for new builds:

  • Galaxy S20: SP1A.210812.016.G981VSQU2FVF1
  • Galaxy S20 +: SP1A.210812.016.G986USQU2FVF1
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: SP1A.210812.016.G988USQU2FVF1
  • Galaxy S21: SP1A.210812.016.G991USQU5CVF1
  • Galaxy S21 +: SP1A.210812.016.G996USQU5CVF1
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: SP1A.210812.016.G998USQU5CVF1

Updates for all phones are scheduled to start rolling out today. To check, go to Settings> Software Update and then try “downloading and installing” it.

The FTC has proposed new rules to curb the practice of shady car dealers

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(Photo: Ildar Garifullin / Unsplash)
It can’t be overstated: buying a car is ridiculously complicated. In the midst of deceptive advertising, flashy sales strategies, and deceptive fees, most Americans view buying their next ride as more stressful than getting married. Vehicle prices have also skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, leaving an additional layer of financial concern.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hopes to change that. A new set of proposed rules announced Thursday will ban auto dealers from using top-end-switch advertising practices or charging meaningless fees.

The first of the proposed rules would explicitly prohibit ads that deceive customers into initiating a purchase, knowing only the actual price or terms of purchase that differed from what was marketed. This usually takes the form of advertised low sticker prices, zero percent APR financing and other hooks that are missing from the actual proposed contract. Driving one or two vehicles after an inspection, hugging a salesman, and going through a credit check, these bait-and-switch situations can feel confusing and even manipulative.

(Photo: Eric McLean / Unsplash)

Another pair of proposed rules would prohibit vendors from applying surprise or fraudulent “junk fees”. These are the miscellaneous items that are tacked on the final price just before signing: “nitrogen-filled” tires, paint protection, UV coating, and other (often invisible) add-ons that aren’t so conveniently imposed on unsuspecting buyers. Under the new rules, the FTC will require dealers to provide customers with car prices Without These add-ons, and only add additional items after the customer has given their explicit, written consent.

One final rule closes other offers: dealers are required to disclose the actual “offer price” of a car to customers, excluding only taxes and government fees. The value of any add-ons must be stated in writing with a statement detailing that such add-ons do not require the purchase or lease of a car.

Automotive customers make up a significant portion of FTC complaints. Despite previous efforts to engage law enforcement and curb fraudulent auto dealer practices, car sales and maintenance complaints generate about 10,000 FTC complaints annually. A preliminary regulatory analysis estimates that the net economic benefits of the rule will sit at about 29 29 billion over a decade.

So far, the FTC’s proposed rules are only; They still don’t have auto sales guides. The FTC is allowing 60 days for comments and questions from the public, which will help guide any amendments and determine whether the rules have been implemented.

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This 140W GaN USB-C charger is suitable for MacBook Pro and many more and costs A

Priced at just 74.99, this KOVOL 140W USB-C charger is a great way to charge the latest and greatest MacBook Pro and more. There is also an additional USB-A port for charging other low-power products.

This KOVOL 140W USB-C charger usually sells for around 90 90 which means you are now saving $ 15 just by clicking the on-screen coupon.

Do it soon, though this special deal will only be available until June 30th which means you only have a few days to accept it at a discounted price.

At the time of writing the KOVOL 140W USB-C charger is brand new so it doesn’t have many ratings. The ones that it has, including 4.8 stars out of half a dozen reviews on Amazon, are positive.

The charger offers the fastest possible charging even for the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro, giving it more than 50% power in just 30 minutes. You can of course charge other devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and more. The small size of the charger also makes it suitable for road use.

Again, the deal is about to expire on June 30, so if you want to add one of these to your setup at this great price, work now.

Buy: KOVOL 140W USB-C Charger: $ 74.99 with on-screen coupon | Original price $ 90

If this is not enough, you should also test other charging products from KOVOL They have a huge sale going on from 27th June to 30th June Make sure you check out their full range and take advantage of their limited time sales here.

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Blinded by light from My Pixel 7 Pro

I’m not sure any Google devices are known for having extra bright displays. It wasn’t a feature of Pixel or Nexus devices in the past, but if a new discovery about Google’s upcoming phones is correct, we could be looking at quite a change with it. Pixel 7 Pro.

Thanks for digging the code Of XDA Mishaal Rahman, it has been mentioned that the Pixel 7 Pro seems to be in line to use Samsung’s S6E3HC4 display panel. For most, that chain of letters and numbers is not a squat, but for our phone savvy, this means that the device should be able to increase brightness in both normal viewing mode and high-brightness mode.

In terms of numbers, during normal viewing, the Pixel 7 Pro can cap at 600 nits, while the Pixel 6 Pro is only capable at 500 nits. However, if high brightness mode is enabled, users can get up to 1000 nits, 6 Pro is currently pushing 800 nits. That’s quite a jump. Rahman estimates that if the Pixel 7 Pro is in high brightness mode with an APL of less than 100%, we could be looking at an absolute peak of 1200+ nits.

The Pixel 6 Pro has become a great phone after a few months of updates. I am currently using it as my daily with Android 13 Beta. It’s a fun and smooth phone, though, its display brightness is below 75% which I noticed immediately from other phones. I look forward to this change in the Pixel 7 Pro.

// @ Mishal Rahman

AMD engineers have confirmed that the power consumption of RDNA3 GPU will increase

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Over the past few months there has been a constant drip-drip-drip of rumors about the upcoming GPU from AMD and Nvidia. The most surprising element of this rumor, at least towards the fence Nvidia, is the dramatic increase in power consumption. Nvidia’s next-generation Ada Loveless RTX 40-Series is reportedly in need Double The power of its current ampere card. Those numbers have dropped somewhat since then, but the latest rumors still indicate a 600W flagship GPU.

It’s hard to understand. While on the rumor mill’s AMD side, things have gotten much quieter. We know the company is moving to a chiplet-based GPU design for the first time, but will AMD also crank up the power level? According to an AMD engineer in a recent interview, yes, it will. By how much, he did not say, only that it is a new trend.

Sam Nafziger of AMD shared insights in an interview with Tom Hardware. He has been with the company for 16 years and is a Senior Vice President, Corporate Fellow and Product Technology Architect. He has been working on the company’s chiplet design for several years now, which was previously reserved for its Jane, Epic and Threadripper CPUs. With RDNA3, that design will now be applied to the GPU for the first time. Nafziger explained that it is not a binary question whether a chiplet should be made energy efficient Or More powerful. Although these two goals are at odds with each other, Nafziger explains that improving efficiency gives AMD more headroom to increase efficiency.

This slide depicts the progression of the node and the rate of continuous reduction of silicon area scaling. (Image: AMD) The limited scaling depicted for analog and SRAM is part of the overall trend to reduce marginal income. AMD and Intel have adopted chiplet-based designs in part in response to this trend.

When Naffziger was asked if RDNA3 would follow Nvidia’s rumored strategy to increase energy levels, he replied that AMD has no choice but to follow the same path. “Performance is king, but even if our designs are more energy-efficient, that doesn’t mean that if you’re competing in the same thing, you don’t increase the energy level. It’s just that they have to be pushed much higher than us.” He was further asked what was the main motivation for graphics cards that suddenly needed a lot more power, and he said that it was due to the growing computing demand and the added power of compressed gains in node progress.

“It’s actually the fundamentals of physics that are driving it,” he said. “The demand for gaming and computer performance, if anything, is just accelerating, and at the same time, the underlying process technology is slowing down dramatically – and the rate of improvement is increasing. So the power levels will continue to rise. We’ve got a multi-year roadmap, but the trend is there. “

AMD hasn’t released much about RDNA3 yet, but it does put a few numbers in writing. One of them is that it expects more than 50 percent improvement in performance-per-watt. It’s a huge jump, but it’s achieved in the change of the previous generation. It was going from Polaris / Vega to RDNA, then to RDNA2. However, they date back to the days before GCN 14nm for Polaris and TSMC 7nm for RDNA. AMD will tap TSMC’s 5nm node for RDNA3, but power requirements are not yet known.

Twitter user AMDGPU’s Navi 31 package mockup. (Image: DAMDGPU_)

All that has been reported so far is that the company’s RDNA3 GPUs will have a seven-chiplet design. The company announced that it had “rebuilt” its computer unit. We also know that it will offer a “next-gen” version of its Infinity Cache. Still, Nafzigar was clear that although it would increase energy levels, it probably wouldn’t go to the same extreme as Nvidia. It boasts of its recent superiority over the company’s Ampere GPU. Clearly, this is a mantle AMD interested in retaining in the future.

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Get Windows 11 at an all time low price of just $ 12, at the crazy price of Office 365

If you’re here to save some money on Microsoft software, you’re in the right place because we got a lot of deals today at amazing prices.

Scroll down to see the best prices you can find with those all-important discount codes.

This is a new copy of Windows 10 that you need to install on a brand new rig, or an upgraded copy of Office for your reused home office machine, here’s a discount for everyone.

All you have to do is click through our links and enter the discount code R50 Save. But do it soon, this kind of price probably won’t stay on offer for long.

With that said, dive into it!

Again, please remember that discount codes are available to get the best prices!

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OSOM’s first phone was the Solana Saga, a $ 1,000 crypto phone

Oh man, I guess we’re going to reconsider a previous commitment to OSOM’s first phone, previously referred to as OV1. I said again in December that if the privacy-oriented OV1 term was introduced somewhere near “crypto”, we would never talk about it again. Well, folks, this is a crypto phone. God, man.

The OSOM phone has been fully unveiled today and is now known as the Solana Saga, a phone that has been branded by a Web3 company called Solana Labs, but it must have been made by OSOM. OSOM confirmed to me that the Saga is actually OV1.

At the moment Solana Saga’s tagline seems to be “It’s time to move to crypto mobile” and it’s “a flagship-quality Android device built for crypto.” In addition, Saga “integrates seamlessly with the Solana blockchain which makes it easy and secure to transact on Web 3 and manage digital assets such as tokens and NFTs.”

If we try to move beyond that association, here is what we know about Solana Saga. The phone will cost $ 1,000 and you can now reserve a $ 100 with a fully refundable deposit (however you will need a Solana Crypto Wallet to do this). The phone is expected to be shipped around Q1 2023 and will initially launch in the US, CA, EU and UK.

Solana Saga OSOM OV1

As for the glasses, it has all the products, maybe we’re still talking about it. The Solana Saga has a Snapdragon 8+ Zen1 chip, 512GB storage, 12GB RAM, 120Hz 6.55 ″ FHD AMOLED display, 4100mAh battery with wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 6, rear fingerprint sensor. The dual camera is equipped with a 50MP (IMX766, f / 1.8) main shooter and a 12MP (IMX373, f / 2.2, 120 ° FOV) ultra-wide lens. The dimensions of the phone are 166.2mm x 75.9mm x 7.9mm and it weighs about 195g.

Note: The above glasses are taken from OSOM site here. However, during a press event to unveil the phone, Solana showed a slide that said the device has a 6.67 display. We’ll try to make sure all the glasses.

OSOM sends us the following quote from their CEO, Jason Keats:

“OSOM is incredibly excited to partner with Solana in creating Saga. Web 3 needs the world’s fancy hardware companies to support the future It’s exciting to build an ecosystem that looks to the future without being overwhelmed by the legacy ecosystem of the past, “said Jason Keats, founder and CEO of OSOM Products Inc.

If one is interested in buying, Solana says the orders “will be a priority for developers to test the Solana mobile stack and saga.” I hope those of us who are not interested in the crypto world or those who are not developers will be able to buy one at a time. In the end, it definitely looks like a high-end Android phone with a secure component that would be a good daily driver.

I will also mention that this essential team is building it and we know how good they were at hardware design and software support. They have made great promises on camera for this phone and they have learned a lot from the failure of that first essential phone. We look forward to the arrival of this device, even if it has a crypto-focus right now. It may still be worth exploring because who is building it, unless Solana is running the show doesn’t change much.


EVGA completes the purchase line for most RTX 30-Series GPUs

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It’s over. It’s over! No, not the EVGA row, though it’s mostly going to end. We are talking about GPU deficit for many years. It seems to be very close to officially ending, or at least a distant memory. The proof is that the system lined up for EVGA’s 30-Series GPU is finally over, for now. This was the company’s response to the GPU shortage, where you sign up and then wait for the notification when your requested GPU is available. The reason behind this ending is simple: GPU is in stock now, so it is unnecessary. The company will continue to use rows for “in-demand” products, for the foreseeable future. As far as we can say that only some of it applies to RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti cards.

We found out about this because your humble author has been queuing for RTX 3080 since 2020. I remember signing up with Best Buy in September of that year, right after the disappointing launch. It was when all of us at the same time, we would not be able to buy GPUs like before. This is when stock channels appeared on Discord, and GPU hunting suddenly became a part-time job for some people. The email from EVGA was brief, informing me of the queue closure. “Now that EVGA has sufficient stock of 30 series on and its ETAIL / RETAIL partners, all pending rows starting June 23, 2022 are notified to EVGA. [SKU name here] Will be removed and the product will be made available for purchase as supplies continue to arrive. “Although in a cruel twist of fate, the card I wanted (basic card other than RGB) is out of stock. Even lower.

Following this, Nvidia announced in April that its 30-Series GPUs had been “restored and reloaded.” Now that EVGA has decided that it will no longer be a queue for most 30-Series cards, we are officially back to the old days. You know more; Where you can buy GPU online without any drama. In fact, we’ve gotten out of it in some way. Like the screenshot above, there are many high-end GPUs that are now being sold at lower prices than MSRP. PCWorld has even flagged an RX 6900 XT on Newegg which is a full $ 350 off MSRP. Of course, part of it is a 100 discount, but it’s worth a smoke. It should also be noted that the infamous Newig Shuffle also seems to be on break. The last change was on May 10th, with no updates since then

The recent catastrophic crash in crypto prices has resulted in a sudden influx of GPUs. We posted in May that Crypto is suffering from a hemorrhage and it has gotten worse since then. Last week was the second wave, and it sent so low mining prices around the world Break their rig. The reason it is so bad now is that the price of electricity has also gone up. When you associate it with cryptocurrency depreciation, the whole operation no longer becomes mathematical sense.

(Photo: Twitter)

Unfortunately, not every RTX 30-Series is in-stock, so don’t get me wrong. We can’t find any RTX 3060 Tis in-stock on EVGA’s site, but both models of the regular 3060 can be found. Although high-end cards are certainly available. Super high-end though, it’s still in a row. Although instead of high demand, it is probably due to extremely low supply. Oddly enough these cards are available in Newig, and in or under MSRP.

Overall, there have been a lot of signs lately that things are starting to get back to normal in the GPU world. EVGA’s end of the line for its 30-series card is another. Apparently it’s tempting to wait a little longer for the next generation of AMD and Nvidia cards right now. However, do you think you will be able to get a reasonable price at launch? No one knows the answer, but even though mining is going away, there are still bots that make a living doing this. So my suggestion is to pull the trigger if a GPU now available can push your monitor to your preferred rate and the price is right. That is if you are going to die for an upgrade. If you’re still pushing something half-decent, you’re probably better off waiting a bit.

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Tesla Design Chief’s wife is selling premium Tesla interiors

Vicky von HolzausenTesla is now selling aftermarket interiors for electric cars through Unplugged Performance, the wife of Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen.

The dress is a long-lasting fixture of the Tesla Aftermarket community and the pair are now offering new interiors.

The pairing announcement and confirmation comes through Unplugged Performance (UP) which states that high-tech durable materials are being used to create new looks that are not available through Tesla.

Transforming the world into sustainability is an important tenant of EV ownership and the core of our philosophy. High-tech durable materials created by the Von Holzhausen team to usher in a new era of luxury without compromise. Von Holzhausen’s proprietary science has led to the creation of Banbu Leather, a vegan leather made from butter-soft, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, light-weight and the world’s most renewable raw material like sheepskin (yes, you guessed it) – Bamboo). Unplugged Performance is proud to partner exclusively with Von Holzhausen to offer the ultimate crime-free luxury interior. A whole new Tesla experience is waiting for you for the Tesla Model S, Model S, Model Y, or Model 3. Cybertrack and Roadstar interiors are also available through this exclusive collaboration program.

The new interior features 33% less carbon footprint than cowhide as well as lighter construction features. The color options will initially be Von Holzhausen Black, Stone, Caramel and Cherry Banbu Leather and are expected to begin delivery in Europe in 2023. However, those in North America need to talk directly to their company

UP said buyers can now expect to pay upwards of $ 30,000 with the opening of reservations.

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Discount up to Galaxy Z Fold 3 $ 1,200 and you get a free Galaxy Watch 4

The timing may be a bit unfortunate if you realize that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is near the corner, but if you are looking to upgrade from a Fold 2 to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung is willing to pay you a lot for it. Today. They will also give you a free Galaxy Watch 4.

A short-term deal that could disappear tomorrow, Samsung is offering a 1,200 discount on the Galaxy Fold 3 if you make a Galaxy Fold 2 transaction. With that discount, you can own a Fold 3 for 6 599 with 256GB. Storage If you own a Galaxy S21 Ultra or S20 Ultra instead of the older generation fold, Samsung will give you a discount of $ 975 and $ 900, respectively. It’s not bad.

For the Galaxy Watch 4 part, at checkout, Samsung will let you choose a 40m Watch 4 in any color and with a band of your choice. This is a 290 price on top of the huge trade-in discount you just received.

As a reminder, Samsung gives you the trade-in value today as an instant discount and later asks for your old device to prove that you had a discount warranty. This is the best trade-in program in the business, sometimes with inflated values ​​as we see here.

So again, I know the Galaxy Fold 4 is around the corner and there may be a few notable upgrades, but the 3 599 for the Fold 3 is pretty good. And yes, free watches are also a nice bonus.