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That said, let’s dive into that, right?

Windows 11

Windows 10

Microsoft Office

Windows 10+ Microsoft Office

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How to use your license key when it arrives:

After payment, the buyer receives an OEM product key in the specified email at the time of registration, which can be activated directly on the Windows 10 system.

Head to Change Start> Settings> System> About Program> Product Key (You need to enter the received key in this menu).

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Google Pixel Owners, Android 13 Beta 3 has arrived

Here’s a big day for your Google Pixel phone and Android 13 – we’ve reached the platform stability of this development cycle. Android 13 Beta 3 is here and things are looking good.

For this beta 3 build, available on the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 6 lines, all app-oriented behavior and APIs are final. For developers, this means getting apps ready for launch and knowing that nothing really should change in the future. For you, the non-developer, that means we don’t see much change from the point of view of any feature or UI change.

Want to get Android 13 Beta 3 on your device? Let’s do it.

How to download Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel

Android 13 Beta 3 is available on the following devices:

  • Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a and 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5 and 5a
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Easy road: If you own one of these devices, the easiest way to get Android 13 Beta 3 on the device is to sign-up for the Android Beta program (here). To join you just click on the “Opt in” button on that page and then sit down and wait for Google to push an update as Android 13 over-the-air.

Once you are registered, you go to Settings> System> Advanced> System Update. Google may not be able to push it right away and instead roll it out slowly throughout the day. Either way, feel free to let Google know what you want after you enroll in the program.

  • Update 6/8 11:20 AM: Google dragged all Beta 2 images and OTA files and replaced them with a message that read, “Available soon”. We don’t know if this will happen sooner or later. We will update it once the new files are live
  • Update 6/8 12:47 PM: Google has not yet posted the files, but the build number for beta 3 appears to be TPB3.220513.017.
  • Update 6/8 12:56 PM: All files live now!

Manual way: Want to get quick updates or flash a factory image or OTA file via Adobe to feel more technological and important and smart? That’s still an option! I’m going on the OTA route, but pictures of the factory are also available. Here you will find pictures of Android 13 Beta 3 factory and OTA files. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, you go here. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, go here.

There is already an Android 13 Beta 2 build: If you already have an Android 13 beta build, Google says you’ll get the over-the-air beta 2 update. Of course, you can manually flash a factory image or OTA file, since the over-the-air process often takes a long time to process.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 3?

Release Date: June 8, 2022
Build: TPB3.220513.017
Emulator support: x86 (64-bit), ARM (v8-A)
Security Patch Level: June 2022
Google Play Services: 22.18.19

We’re diving right now to see what’s new, but Google describes the new goodies as follows:

“Android 13 has a lot of productivity features, from new notification permissions and privacy features like photo picker to themed app icons and per-app language support, as well as HDR video, Bluetooth LE audio and more to modern standards MIDI 2.0 over USB. . “

We’ve covered all the things here, here, and here. And frankly, there may not be anything new up front. Once we hit the beta build (and this is our third), Google doesn’t change much. Looks like Android 12 is a solid bug fixer from the big changes introduced in Android 12, and it’s totally okay. We like polish and stability. Let’s hope Android 13 gives it to us.

We’ll see enough stuff to highlight, we’ll work on a separate post. Stay tuned.

iOS 16 lets you use your iPhone as a webcam

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In this week’s WWDC keynote, Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 16 that will delight people, including older MacBooks. It’s called the Continuum Camera and it lets you use your iPhone as a stand-in webcam. The pitch is that it combines the “best camera you own” with a laptop’s large display. Theoretically, this sounds like the perfect pairing. Apple also says it will allow things that have never been possible before with a webcam, and that’s actually true here. This is a big deal since even newer Macs have notoriously weak webcams

In the keynote address, Craig Federighi demonstrated the technology by attaching a magnetic clip to his iPhone 13 Pro. This allows the phone to hang on the back of the 13 ″ MacBook Pro lid. He then opened FaceTime and immediately started using the camera on the back of the phone as a webcam without the need to unlock fifteen.

The first feature to be shown is the center stage. It lets you walk around your workplace and the camera follows you. You can only move a few feet on either side, but this is a technology we’ve seen before on iPads and studio displays. It requires a wide-angle camera, which is why it has not yet appeared on the MacBook line.

The next part of the demo shows how people can use the features of the iPhone camera system for webcam responsibilities. For example, you can use Portrait mode in FaceTime to blur the background, which is not possible with Basic Apple Webcam. On top of that you can enable different portrait mode presets for different types of lighting. Demo Studio Lights, for example, illuminates the presenter’s face and darkens the background. This will be useful for people who have a backlit work area with a window at the back.

Next they reasonably show the most interesting feature: the desk view. It sounds just like that, and it lets you see the desk area of ​​the presenter. The feature uses an ultra-wide angle lens on the iPhone with some image processing. While this certainly looks great, we’re having trouble figuring out when or why we need to show our keyboard in a FaceTime call. The presenter says he will use it to show his team what he’s doing, but they’re probably working differently at Apple. The demo shows that it is easy for card tricks.

Craig concludes by saying that Continuum Camera works with any video conferencing app supported on MacOS. This includes Zoom and the Microsoft team. Apple is working with Belkin on adapters and will have different styles. However, the two adapters shown were clearly connected via MagSafe. Only the iPhone 12 and 13 use MagSafe, so it’s not clear if there will be a non-magnetic stand for older phones. Continuation camera ship with iOS 16, which will debut after the iPhone 14 arrives “later this year”. This usually means September, but you can join the public beta to try it out ahead of time. We will insert a general warning note about using beta software on your daily driver device. The public version beta should come soon, as the current beta is only for Apple developers.

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Download iOS 16 wallpapers including macOS 13, iPadOS 16 from here

You can now download iOS 16 wallpapers for your device with macOS 13 and iPadOS 16. Here are the details.

If you’ve been watching WWDC22 since its opening and found yourself fancy the new MacOS 13 and iOS 16 wallpapers, you’re in luck. You can now download and use those wallpapers for yourself without first having to install beta updates.

Following the announcement of iOS 16 and macOS 13 during the WWDC opening keynote a few hours ago, Apple has made the first developer beta available for installation.

But as always, installing the first beta is a risky business – especially if you just want to get your hands on those fun new wallpapers. Fortunately, we have the answer and you can download all those wallpapers for free here and now.

Apple regularly sends out its latest updates, including new wallpapers, for people to enjoy, and this year’s iOS 16 and macOS 13 releases are no different. If you don’t want to wait until Apple sends both updates to the public later this year, you can download them here.

Unfortunately, these new wallpapers won’t give you all the features that are now available to iOS 16 and macOS 13 beta testers – but you don’t have to worry about all the bugs in those updates, so that’s a good thing. !

Apple’s new iOS 16 and macOS 13 updates are due out this autumn, possibly along with new hardware in the form of the iPhone 14 lineup. At the same time we see the new MacBook Pro hardware.

Download: macOS 13 Ventura Wallpapers from here
Download: iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 wallpapers from here

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T-Mobile’s 5G network first comes with another great feature

T-Mobile today announced a huge breakthrough for its 5G network. Using its unique 5G network, T-Mobile has enabled voice over 5G, which means a “true” 5G connection always, even when making a phone call.

For now, Voice over 5G (VoNR or Voice over New Radio) is limited to Portland, OR and Salt Lake City, so it’s not a technology you can use right now. T-Mobile said it plans to expand to more fields and new devices throughout the year. To begin with, only the Galaxy S21 series will be able to access VoNR, but the Galaxy S22 will join later.

The biggest thing you need to know here is that T-Mobile’s standalone (SA) 5G network allows it. Their SA 5G does not need to be anchored on a 4G LTE network, so in general, you should get faster speeds, improved responsiveness and better overall connectivity while on it. At the moment they are the only carriers with a distinct 5G. Neither Verizon nor AT&T launched it.

T-Mobile suggests that voice calls over 5G should be noticed with a “slightly faster call set up time” with less delay between dialing and the phone ringing. It’s a small thing sometimes, isn’t it? But really, the idea is to go all-in or 5G connection to 5G without the need for LTE, and they’re one step closer to the news.

So again, VoNR’s first launch is via the Galaxy S21 line in Portland and Salt Lake City. More areas and cities like the Galaxy S22 will get this benefit later this year.

A Missouri farmer had to file an FTC complaint to have his tractor repaired

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(Photo: Randy Fath / Unsplash)
If you think you have had a hard time fixing a broken display on your smartphone, be thankful that you are not a farmer. Or at least, John Deere is not a farmer using tractors. In Missouri, a farmer named Jared Wilson recently pulled the AC out of his tractor, and he had a devil to repair it. Eventually he had to file an FTC complaint to get his tractor Tested By his local repair shop. The problems he faces highlight the importance of the proper-repair movement and how difficult it can be to deal with a company that refuses to let people fix their own products.

The problem started when Mr. Wilson was trying to plant his corn and soybean crop in the spring. Although the tractor was effective, the air conditioning stopped working. It made sitting in the all glass cockpit with a huge motor in front of him unbearable. He contacted a local repair shop – Heritage Tractor – which told him they were not interested in helping him. According to Wilson’s affidavit, the store told him they were not interested in repairing his tractor. The reason given was that he was not a profitable customer.

The focus of the issue seems to be this: Wilson had done some repairs to the store before, and he wasn’t happy with the experience. Then, he had the courage to write to John Dear Corporate about his unsatisfactory experience. Wilson said he responded to the store’s request for repairs as a threat. Basically, he felt they were saying that if he kept talking to the corporate he would never be able to fix his tractor.

An online manual shows the parts of John Deere Tractor’s air filtration system

At the moment, most people just go to a different repair shop. In the world of tractors, especially where Wilson lives, this is not an easy feat. Wilson said Heritage Tractor is the only certified John Deere repair shop that is about 80 miles away. To get to a different store he had to remove the wheel from his tractor just to get it to a trailer. He contacted several independent repair shops, but they all waited a few weeks for the parts. Eventually he got stuck with the Heritage tractor.

According to Vice, Wilson has finally filed a complaint with the FTC. As a result, Heritage saw her tractor flexible in her fight. Wilson says although he was able to find some solution to the conflict, his time and money are still being spent on the whole defeat. And every time he had a problem, there was a war. Of course, if John Deere let people repair their own tractors, they wouldn’t need one. The company has a significant holdout in the rights of the repair movement, although Derry has tried to brand itself as more open to late concepts with minimal success.

Like other companies that make complex, expensive products, it only provides the right equipment for repairs in certified stores. This is despite the company’s 2018 commitment to provide repair manuals and equipment to tractor owners. John Deere’s website has a self-repair portal, but it’s not as clear as it sounds. As an example, clicking “View customer’s DIY tools” links to a YouTube video We were able to download the tractor manual and see the parts that can be ordered. Despite his efforts, John Deere is currently being sued in various states for the right to repair the problem.

Right-to-repair conditions for farmers are still in the air nationally. Even after the Trump administration got the ball rolling through strict FTC checks and balances. That administrator has begun to look into the issue of farmers’ right to repair. It ultimately provides a rash report on the subject, with companies restricting access to repairs in eight specific ways. As the Biden administration continues to fight, the president has redoubled his call for increased enforcement from the FTC. Back in February, Montana Senator John Tester, who is also a farmer, introduced the Agricultural Rights Repair Act.. The bill seeks to add to the law the right of farmers to repair their own equipment.

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Rumors of working on OLED displays for Samsung iPad and MacBook

Samsung plans to build a new production line that will be able to produce large OLED displays for Apple’s future iPad or MacBook.

According to a new report by ElekApple is the customer that Samsung aims to sell new displays

The same outlet previously suggested that Apple would launch an iPad Pro with an OLED display by 2024, with Samsung building one of its pre-existing production lines. However, this new report suggests that new production capacity is at play.

Samsung Display will probably build its first Gen 8.5 OLED line with a capacity of 15,000 substrates per month, TheElec has learned.

Apple has so far banned the use of OLEDs in its tablets and Macs, with the latest products jumping to mini-LEDs instead. However, the advantages of OLEDs are obvious – the lack of a backlight means improved power consumption and better contrast, two things that would be beneficial for Apple’s high-end products that can be noticed by photographers and videographers.

Apple’s potential shift to OLED doesn’t mean we won’t see more mini-LED devices. The company is said to be already working on a 27-inch mini-LED product, although it’s not clear if it will be a new iMac or a standalone display like the Pro Display XDR and Studio Display.

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Google introduces 5 new features to play with all Android phones

Google today announced a number of new features coming to all Android phones as part of its quarterly Android feature drop system. Like the Pixel feature drop idea, where Google will add a bunch of new features to its Pixel phone, these regularly published features should go to all Android phones.

For this June drop, Google is bringing new Gboard features for everyone, Google Play Points as a payment option at checkout, improvements to reduce background noise in the Sound Amplifier, and a new image mode in Lookout.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features you’ll soon be playing with:

  • Gboard custom sticker: Previously exclusive to Pixel phones, Google has unveiled custom text stickers on Gboard for everyone. Now, when you type, you can turn that text into a custom sticker of your choice. All you have to do is start typing, then choose an emoji recommendation for those words and then you will see a new option to customize.
  • Emoji is a sticker of summer and pride in the kitchen: Another update from Gboard emoji lands in the kitchen as a bunch of new summer and pride month-related stickers. You know we like emoji kitchens.
  • Google Play Points for checkout: The Google Play Points Rewards program will soon begin offering in-app items as a payment option at checkout. You can cover the full cost of in-app items or split between points and your other payment methods.
  • Sound amplifier improvement: Google is updating the sound amplifier to better reduce background noise and bring faster and more accurate sound. The new interface should be easier to see.
  • New image mode of Google Lookout: Google Lookout is updating with a new image mode that can take an image and then tell a description of the image. Google is also improving the text, documents, food labels and Explore modes to make it more accurate. Lookout can now work offline as well.

All of these new features will roll out in the coming days and weeks. Just make sure you get the latest updates for each as they appear and the new features will eventually be there.

// Google

The Supreme Court has banned the Texas Social Media Act

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(Photo: Ian Hutchinson / Unsplash)
The Supreme Court voted 5-4 against a controversial Texas law that would prevent social media companies from removing questionable content.

The law, called HB20, will ban social media platforms with more than 50,000 monthly users from removing or even republishing content based on the user’s “perspective”. This would include content that spreads misinformation or those who have committed heinous crimes, such as the Holocaust or sympathy for either of the many masses in the United States. As written, the law makes some exceptions: a platform may remove a user’s content if it violates a previously agreed-upon usage policy, And If the platform gives the user a chance to appeal. Platforms will still be able to remove content that incites violence or violates the law, such as in the case of child pornography.

Surprisingly, technology companies like Meta, Twitter and YouTube – all of which will be affected by the law – took issue at the moment of HB20’s promotion. After all, if enacted, the law would allow Texans and the state’s attorney general to sue any qualified company that “censors” their opinions online. Following the ruling of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the law could take effect in early May, with the tech giants submitting an urgent order to the Supreme Court to appeal the ruling.

Under the HB20, Texans will be able to sue several large social media companies for “censoring” controversial posts. (Photo: zarpád Czapp / Unsplash)

They seem to have won – for now. Justices Amy Connie Barrett, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Brett Kavanagh and Chief Justice John Roberts voted Tuesday to block the HB20. This brings the law back to the district court, where both parties have to present their arguments for or against HB20.

This is unlikely to be the last time the Supreme Court has reviewed the Social Media Moderation Act. “Social media platforms have changed the way people communicate and receive news,” wrote Justice Samuel Alito. Dissent Justices Neil Gorsuch, Elena Cagan and Clarence Thomas joined. “The issue is a ground-breaking Texas law that addresses the power of influential social media corporations to shape public discussion of the day’s important issues.”

The Supreme Court’s decision comes just days after a federal court of appeals in Florida overturned a comparative law. That one, is called SB7072, Will empower state-of-the-art technology companies that similarly “censor” users who share controversial views. (Surprisingly, the companies that own a theme park একে AKA Disney, many of which drive the Florida Park State economy have been exempted.) Both the HB20 and SB7072 appear to have been persuaded to remove some conservative user posts or accounts on Facebook. . And Twitter, including former President Trump.

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How to prepare for the installation of iOS 16 Beta 1

Here’s how to properly install iOS 16 Beta 1 on your iPhone or iPadOS 16 Beta 1 on your iPad.

Apple is now less than a week away from making iOS 16 available for developers to download in the initial beta form, and expectations are already high.

While Apple must release a public beta version of the update in a timely manner, those who want to be able to test it immediately after the WWDC opening keynote on June 6 must be a developer.

The process of waking yourself up and getting ready for the big iOS 16 beta 1 release is not complicated, but there are some steps you need to follow in advance, especially considering that this is a preliminary beta and some and everything can go wrong.

With that said, let’s dive into it.


Step 1: Make sure your current iPhone is backed up. This is the first beta release of a brand new update and as a result, it is wise to expect things to go wrong. With that in mind, a complete computer-based backup is a good idea – not just an iCloud.

Apple Developer Account

Step 2: Sign up to be a developer through the Apple Developer website However there is a fee attached, so remember.

Check release date and time

Step 3: Wait. Once Apple makes iOS 16 available for beta testing, you’ll need to sign in to the Apple Developer website and download the corresponding profile and install it on your iPhone. From there, you update just like any other release.

And that’s it!

Please note that this is an initial beta and things will go wrong – we will always warn against installing iOS Beta on a device that you rely on, especially your flagship iPhone.

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