AT&T wins the 1H US carrier battle

RootMetrics has released its 1H 2022 scores that attempt to put a numerical standard on the performance of US carriers in various categories. It seems to have always been a back and forth, with neither career holding onto the top spot forever. This time, it appears that AT&T is on top of the mountain, but the report’s results actually paint an optimistic picture for Verizon and T-Mobile as well.

AT&T takes the trophy in the following categories: reliability, speed, data, calls and texts. Thanks to these wins, they take the overall crown or tie, even RootMetrics lists it as a tie. Verizon wins the accessibility category and if we look closely at the scores, it’s Big Red the right Behind AT&T in most important categories. T-Mobile is a relatively distant third in most categories, but still scores in the 90+ percent range in one category.

T-Mobile scored a W in the highest average download speed category, averaging 124.5Mbps. Verizon? They sat at 51.7Mbps and AT&T came in at 42.2Mbps. Considering we’ve been pushing this 5G thing for a while, this seems pretty unusual.

RootMetrics’ report goes very in-depth with these sections, so we recommend you read the whole thing. This is quite interesting and can help you if you are on the fence about your current career. Follow the link below to check it.

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Twitter successfully fast-tracked Kasturi’s trial, now set for October

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The internet drama between Elon Musk and Twitter has been brewing for months, and you’re probably wondering when we’ll reach a resolution. Now we know: October 2022. A Delaware judge has sided with Twitter in its request for a speedy trial. The question is whether Musk will be forced to abide by the terms of his $44 billion takeover offer, which he announced he was abandoning a few weeks ago.

Musk’s stalled quest to acquire the social media platform began in secret earlier this year when the world’s richest man amassed nearly nine percent of Twitter’s stock. He then refused to join the board, which would have prevented him from attempting a hostile takeover. By April 2022, Musk offered to buy the company outright and take it private, something he apparently wanted to do with Tesla. However, the regulators gave him a slap on the wrist to signify that the deal was done when that didn’t happen. Now that the deal is falling apart, according to Law & Crime reports, Twitter wants Musk to abide by the deal and Musk has accused Twitter of scuttling the deal by providing false information.

It didn’t take long to get cold feet after receiving Kasturi’s offer. He has complained extensively about Twitter’s moderation policy, both in written word and meme format. The real target of Musk’s ire was the company’s bot count. In a previous regulatory disclosure, Twitter said it believed bots made up about five percent of accounts. Musk claims the number is higher and has demanded access to internal data to find out the truth. Twitter provided it, but Musk announced he was pulling out of the deal earlier this month.

The thing is, he signed a contract. There is a $1 billion breakup fee, but Musk cannot unilaterally exercise that clause. Twitter’s position is that it should be forced to abide by the terms of the deal, which is worth more than $44 billion. Kasturi was planning to use a combination of cash, equity and debt to finance the deal, using his Tesla stock. As Tesla’s price plunged this spring, the financial impact on Musk expanded. this may be “It’s time to fix Twitter” to “Twitter is lying to us.”

Musk’s attorneys sought a February 2023 trial date, but Twitter successfully persuaded the court to reschedule the case for five days in October 2022. It originally sought a September date, but it’s still an early win for Twitter. It’s possible that Musk could be forced to continue buying until the end of 2022, something he no longer wants to do. Twitter could win a court victory to negotiate a more favorable breakup deal, remaining independent but leaving with more of Musk’s cash.

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The Razer Kishi iPhone Gaming Controller is now almost half off

Amazon is currently offering the extremely popular and rather excellent Razer Kishi Mobile Controller for just $54.99. It’s an impressive price considering the controller’s excellent reviews and capabilities.

It’s the perfect companion for gamers who want to turn their iPhone into a Nintendo Switch

You don’t need to enter a discount code or clip an on-screen coupon to get this price, but you’ll want to make sure you’re quick. Amazon isn’t saying how long this deal will last, which means you’ll need to order now to avoid missing out.

Amazon will usually sell the Kishi for around $100 which means this price is saving you 45% and $45 without jumping through hoops.

Buy: Razer Kishi Mobile Controller for iPhone: $54.99 | Original price is $100

At the time of writing the Kishi controller has over 14,100 reviews on Amazon and a solid combined rating of 4.3 stars out of a possible five. It’s a great score and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Perfect for playing cloud games downloaded through the App Store, this controller is similar to the Xbox controller in terms of layout and buttons. This makes it perfect for playing xCloud games.

Long gaming sessions are covered with a Lightning port passthrough so you can charge while you play!

Again, we don’t know when this deal will end so be sure to place those orders soon!

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This is the Galaxy Z Flip 4

August is just a few weeks away and thus the official countdown to the next big Samsung Unpacked event, where we expect to see the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Thanks to the leaked images, we get a clear profile look of the Flip 4 in a beautiful purple color.

comes from the picture 91 mobiles And show “Next Galaxy” from Samsung. If you’ve already scrolled down to see the device and come back wondering what’s new, well, let me tell you more.

Let’s talk about what we see in this Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

First, we weren’t envisioning a scenario where Samsung dramatically changed the Flip 3 from the Flip 4. Previously released CAD renders of the Flip 4 showed a familiar device that should feature internal improvements, possibly an improved hinge system, and that’s about it. .

In the Flip 3 to Flip 4 comparison below, you’ll be able to pick out a few changes. Buttons, for one, look bigger or clickier or more pronounced, something. This could be because the device has a flatter overall wall on the side, or you know, the light. The camera hump is also more noticeable, and perhaps that hinge has indeed been tweaked.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Regardless of the minor changes, this is more than likely going to be another excellent foldable. Samsung is very good at this foldable thing and I see nothing but polish and improvement here.

The devil you know: Dmitry Rogozhin, head of the Russian space agency, has been ‘fired’

It’s official: Dmitry Rogozhin has been removed from his coveted post as head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, effective immediately. But now that the Kremlin has ‘fired’ Rogzin as CEO of Roscosmos – what’s next? And what do we know about Roggene’s successor?

News of Rogozin’s departure came directly from the Kremlin. In a press release, ardent nationalist and longtime Putin ally Dmitry Rogzin “has been dismissed from the post of General Director of the state corporation ‘Roscosmos’,” by presidential decree. Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Space and Defense Yuri Borisov will replace Rogzin.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Borisov found his way to Roscosmos along the same path as Rogzin. Both men served as deputy prime ministers, overseeing the entire Russian military-industrial complex before landing at Roscosmos. And like Rogjin, in Putin’s Russia, it’s a downgrade. It is difficult to find an equivalent for American politics. It’s like getting a job from ‘head of your entire nation’s aerospace and defense industry’ to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. With all due respect to Mr. Nelson, he doesn’t just draw the salary that Roggeen does.

In fact, Russian political activist Alexei Navalny compared Rogozhin to Nelson — unfavorably — in a video sharply critical of local misery and corruption at Roscosmos.

“We have nothing against big salaries,” Navalny said in the video. “But why is it so big? Is there really so much extra money in our budget? How can you demand transparency from people at the bottom when the numbers don’t match the public access documents at the very top?

“Dear Mr. Putin, let me do a very simple thing for you,” added Navalny. “Since you started talking about transparency, and since you continue to demand it, I will point my finger very high, very close to you, Mr. President. Who is in charge of it? Roscosmos. And who is in charge of Roscosmos? The one you appointed, Dmitri Rogzin.

You may or may not be shocked to discover that Navalny is now in a gulag.

Corruption runs deep at Roscosmos

When Rogzin took over as deputy prime minister in 2011, Putin tasked him with overhauling Russia’s military-industrial complex. The state space agency Roscosmos was in crisis. Just before Rogzin took his seat in government, the head of Russia’s state construction company got his pink slip (and prison time) for embezzling money from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Putin’s pet spaceport.

In a desperate attempt at reform in 2015, Russia dissolved its space agency and resurrected it as the state space agency Roscosmos. Corporation. Then in 2018, Putin appointed Rogozin as head of Roscosmos. Rogue’s mission? Take over construction in Vostochny and “drain the swamp.”

Credit: TASS VIA KREMLIN.RU. Rogjin is sitting far away.

Instead, Rogzin spends his time mourning civilians on Twitter as if it were his day job. Which is technically. At least, he must be getting paid to do it. Rogzin, a longtime Putin loyalist, spent a decade performing for an audience. Now he drives a Benz that people bought him. Meanwhile, the concrete at Vostochny is still unemployed.

Birds flock together — until the cat comes along

Rogozin was apparently “rightsized” from Roscosmos due to poor performance. This happens when a yes man gets a high-level job. Putin made his anger against corruption public at Vostochny. The reasons for Borissov’s resignation as Deputy Prime Minister are equally clear. In the wake of his devastating Ukraine invasion, Putin is cleaning house. Like Rogzin, Borisov failed to perform, instead enriching himself at the expense of the people. According to the Moscow Times, “Borysov left office amid the failure of the state rehabilitation program, which influenced the course of the war in Ukraine. Under him, the Russian defense industry received 2 trillion rubles a year, but the Russian army entered Ukraine in outdated equipment, including paper maps, and within three months it had virtually exhausted its stockpile of precision-guided missiles.”

Russian-language sources are deeply divided over whether the bombastic former space chief is still in Putin’s good graces. This week, a report emerged that things between Putin and Rogjin are all Skittles and beer. The independent Russian news agency Meduza cited anonymous ‘sources close to the Kremlin’ – anonymously, naturally – as claiming that Rogzin is definitely still “on Putin’s side.”

“The president likes him — and has for a long time,” according to Medusa’s source.

However, Ars Technica reported that under Rogzin’s watch, the reliability and launch rate of Russian space vehicles actually declined. According to the Moscow Times, in 2020, “Roscosmos did not meet about a third of the goals of the state space program – 30 out of 83. Out of 26 activities in the construction of the cosmodrome – the area from which Rogzin started in his new position – the company completed only six.

Where is Roggen going? We’ll find out “in due course”.

Dmitry Rogozin’s escalating war of words with the Western world has mostly caused a lot of pressure, although he has done a great job of isolating Russia from the world’s collective efforts in spaceflight. After Russia invaded Ukraine this spring, much of the Western world imposed economic sanctions against Russia. So, Rogzin announced that Russia would no longer allow America access to the Soyuz rockets that we use to bring astronauts to and from the International Space Station. He also revoked access to Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, from where Soyuz rockets are launched.

However, hours after the Kremlin fired Rogzin as head of the Russian space program, NASA released a statement that American astronaut Frank Rubio would fly to the ISS with two Russian astronauts on a Soyuz rocket. The crew is scheduled to take off from Baikonur in September. Another American astronaut, Loral O’Hara, would fly later on a separate Soyuz mission. In addition, Russian cosmonauts Anna Kikina and Andrei Fedeyev will fly separate missions to the ISS aboard a Crew Dragon.

Meanwhile, Rogozhin himself may head to eastern Ukraine. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told state news agency TASS this morning that Rogzin, 58, would find a new job “in time,” according to the Moscow Times.

Peskov’s comments may have been a veiled reference to the Kremlin’s ongoing efforts to annex Ukraine. This fall, the illegal, Russian-occupied “People’s Republic” of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine intends to go through the motions of holding a referendum to decide whether to become part of Russia. (And, as we all know, Russian elections are always legitimate, free and fair.) If the occupied territories decide to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, Meduza’s sources predict that Rogozhin will be curator of the uncertain new federal district.

Photo courtesy of the Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

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Get huge Microsoft software discounts on Windows 10, Windows 11 and Office

As the weather gets hotter and so do the deals, some huge discounts are now available across Microsoft software including Windows 10, Windows 11, Office 2021 and more.

Below are some great deals you can find online and to take advantage of these prices you need to do more than just click the link and enter our discount code. Do it soon, though, because these deals aren’t likely to last long. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

With that said, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Windows and Office

Again, make sure to enter the discount code when checking out to get the best price available.

How to use your license key when it arrives:

After payment, the buyer receives an OEM product key on the email specified during registration, which can be activated directly on the Windows 10 system.

the head Start > Settings > System > About Programs > Change Product Key (In this menu you need to enter the received key).

The operating system itself, by the way, can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

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Qualcomm Teases “Big” new smartwatch chipset

A new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chip could be on the horizon, folks. Whether it’s the Snapdragon Wire 5100 or something else, Qualcomm has started teasing a piece of “big” news this week, with all the reckless references to the watch and watch you can ask for.

The world of Wear OS watches has survived on Qualcomm chips for years, even if a few chips are not good enough to make durable, quality smartwatches. For companies looking to build a smartwatch running on Google’s wearable platform, Qualcomm had the only chip available to make it happen.

As recently as 2020, Qualcomm finally seemed to make a decent chip on the Snapdragon Wire 4100/4100 +, but some watchmakers picked up the chip. There’s a good chance that many have avoided it because its release time couldn’t have been worse, with its availability landing as well as Wear OS uncertainty and then Google creating a new version of the platform with Samsung and not allowing any of their partners. In its first year, we got exactly 1 watch running 4100. Since that first year, we’ve only added a few new options.

But now that the availability of Wear OS 3 is opening up for more players who are apparently not known as Samsung, Qualcomm tells us that “the watch is ticking at something big.” In a teaser tweet below, they also show off an exploding smartwatch with a wearable chip inside and suggest that we all “wear what is important.”

This time, let’s assume it’s a Snapdragon Wear 5100 or something similar, the timing is quite perfect. Google is really opening up support for Wear OS 3 in the rest of the world, and there is another great opportunity for smartwatches on Android. Who knows what we pixel clocks, new fossil clocks and more in the near future. Because Qualcomm is still the only chipmaker, let’s hope this chip is what we dreamed of.

Amazon has given ring footage to police without a warrant or owner’s consent

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(Photo: Ring)
Amazon, which owns the family security camera brand Ring, is distributing footage to law enforcement agencies without the warrant or consent of the camera owners.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey sent a letter to the retail giant last month requesting that it agree to a batch of ethical reforms and “clarify the ring’s ever-expanding relationship with American police” with which the company has an increasingly close relationship, according to The Report. . Amazon responded to Markey’s July 1 letter. In an open letter, the company promised any of Markey’s proposed reforms, including never accepting financial contributions from police agencies and not allowing immigration enforcement agencies to request ring recordings. It has admitted to sharing camera footage of users with police 11 times without a warrant.

Some background is needed to sort out this problem. As we would otherwise say, Amazon’s frequent exchanges with law enforcement agencies are not particularly new. One year after the acquisition of the Amazon Home Security brand, civil rights groups have been urging government officials to investigate the ring’s close relationship with law enforcement agencies since 2019. Until its footage request policy changed last year, Ring has allowed hundreds of law enforcement agencies to make silent requests and access user footage without the need to consult with users. Although police have been forced to publicly request access to footage from actual users since the change, there are still ways law enforcement can completely avoid this polite process: including subpoena, court orders and search warrants.

(Photo: Aaron Dusset / Unsplash)

But even those so-called requirements are often overlooked, according to Brian Hussein, vice president of public policy at Amazon. It only takes “an urgent or urgent” situation to bypass the need for a subpoena, court order or warrant. Such situations have only been described by Amazon as involving “the imminent danger of a person’s death or serious bodily injury.” Indeed, the company declined to say in more detail how a situation determines whether it meets these conditions. However, it has responded to such emergencies with a sudden release of customer footage – which can depict the exterior. Or The interior of one’s home depends on how the camera is used.

“So far this year, Ring has only provided video to law enforcement 11 times in response to an urgent request,” Husseman wrote in a letter. “In each case, Ring has committed to an honest belief that there is an imminent danger of a person’s death or serious bodily injury for which information must be disclosed without delay.” No other details were given around the circumstances of each release.

Those who have already invested in a ring system may want to enable end-to-end encryption, Matthew Guariglia, policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told The Intercept. Users can do this in the Control Center section of the Ring app, which contains video encryption settings. (It is worth noting that one of Mark’s proposed reforms is the end-to-end encryption default setting, which Amazon refused to do.)

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Garmin’s Venu 2 is packed with features including 11 days battery life, 33%

Right now, in celebration of Amazon’s Prime Day, the high-rated Garmin Venu 2 smartwatch is available for purchase for just 269.99. This is a 33% discount from the normal selling price

Like most smartwatches, the Garmin Venue 2 is about introducing a healthier lifestyle and trying to help people live better by being able to track and view vital health statistics.

When you are healthy, you live better. With a battery life of up to 11 days, this GPS smartwatch has advanced health monitoring and fitness features to help you better understand what’s going on inside your body.

In addition to all the usual health and tracking sensors, the Garmin Venue 2 has a lot more hardware and advanced components that the owners want. It comes with a very bright AMOLED display and a battery life of up to 11 days It also has 25 preloaded sports apps on the device, all of which give owners the responsibility of providing additional ways to track their fitness journey.

Owners who need a little more inspiration can access animated workouts directly on their wrists and store music on the device so they can enjoy workouts away from their connected smartphones. Weighing just 49 grams, and with a water resistance rating of 5 atmospheric pressure, this Garmin watch is designed to be extremely versatile and extremely tough. It is of course a smartwatch that can also act as an everyday timepiece and it will stand the test of time.

Pop up the direct link below to secure this deal while it is still being offered at a lower price. You will not be asked for any discount codes or coupon codes during the checkout process. Be sure to work in a hurry before removing this big discount.

Buy: Garmin Venue 2 GPS Smartwatch from Amazon: 269.99 | Original price: $ 400

We have a huge list of Prime Day 2022 deals here that you don’t want to miss:

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Beyerdynamic’s first wireless earbuds sound fantastic

Beyerdynamic, a company with a long history of audio devices, released its first pair of wireless earbuds this week. This is a big step for the brand, it is better known for its high-end headsets and microphones. Called earbuds Free BYRDA great name for any 70’s rock fan.

The earbuds feature ANC with a built-in transparency mode, Google Fast Pair, IPX4 certification, 11 hours of battery life on a single charge, and an array of different sized tips to fit perfectly in-ear (plus 3 sets of foam tips for more active use). , Low latency mode for gaming, Amazon Alexa-powered personal assistant (no Google Assistant option), as well as a dedicated app for Android and iOS that lets you dive deeper into the sound features of earbuds.

Beyerdynamic was kind enough to send a unit of free BYRD buds a few weeks ago and they have been the buds that have been with me ever since. The sound quality from both my Pixel Buds Series-A and Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds is excellent. The in-ear fit has been great for my ears, especially given how many tip options are provided in the box. And what if I’m going for a long run? Swap out the rubber tips for the foam tips. You won’t find that option out of the box with other earbuds.

There is also a ton of touch control for these buds. Because of this fact I basically had to re-learn how to use wireless earbuds, but once you get used to it it’s not too bad. Designers have chosen to use a mixture of tap and hold to control a ton of different features. In 95% of earbuds, for example, a double tap avoids the track you’re listening to. In Free BYRD, it toggles the ANC / Transparency mode. To skip a song, you have to give it three taps. To reduce the volume, do you tap once and then hold the left bud? To increase the volume, do the same thing, but on the right bud. Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, users are not able to customize different taps.

Free BYRD earbuds cost 249, on the money for these quality buds. This is a great option if you don’t mind shooting a little more for better sound.

Buy free Byrd earbuds