Tesla’s CCS adapter is now cheaper at $175

Tesla has dropped the price of its CCS charging adapter to just $175, a significant reduction from the previous price of $250.

Price drop, reported by ElectricNot actually announced by Tesla but it has definitely been introduced. Prices in Canada were also cut, dropping from $340 to $240 in the process.

Expand your fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter. The adapter provides charging speeds of up to 250kW and can be used in third-party charging networks.

However, cheap or not adapters are not something everyone can use. Some cars built before 2020 require a retrofit by Tesla, which the company offered but had not actually started running at the time of writing.

Tesla continues to ask customers to “check back in early 2023” for more information on the availability of that retrofit. As for the CCS adapter, Tesla says buyers will have to wait for it to arrive. The company says the adapter will ship within two weeks of ordering, suggesting that speedy delivery is unlikely.

Buyers who have considered picking up a CCS adapter should probably act now while they can. Tesla previously briefly dropped the price of these adapters before backing them up.

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Happy Galaxy S23 launch day

It’s the official launch day for the Galaxy S23 lineup, meaning there’s a high chance you’ll head down to your local phone retailer and pick up one of these premium devices. Do I suggest you do such a thing? Yes, absolutely, if you need an upgrade or want to get yourself a really good mobile experience

Having recently posted our review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, I can tell you right away that the S23 Ultra’s display is great, the camera is amazing, and there are only so many positive descriptions I could use. Just read our review and maybe it will help you in your decision.

While we usually say that pre-order is the best time to buy a new Samsung phone, that hasn’t been the case for the past year or so. Samsung is doing their best to pre-order both And A difficult time to buy the initial launch. For example, people buying an S23 Ultra today can get it for as low as $449, as long as they have a solid trade-in device. Samsung is still offering webstore credit for purchasing accessories at the time of purchase.

Want something smaller? You can get an unlocked Galaxy S23 for just under $99. This is a good deal, again, as long as you meet the trade-in requirements. How about $0, that’s low enough? If you want to go the carrier route, trade-in, and don’t mind bill credits, you can go with the free Galaxy S23 or the $199 Galaxy S23+.

As you can see, there are still plenty of deals left, so don’t think you missed out by not pre-ordering.

Order: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23/23+

LONGER RAY5 SERIES – The best budget laser engraver on the market

The LONGER RAY5 series is among the best budget laser engravers on the market today. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Whether you’re looking to carve something big or small, you need to have the right tools for the job. Right now we can offer some big discounts on two great options, one significantly more powerful than the other

All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

Both of these laser engravers are available at big discounts, but we shouldn’t expect those prices to last long. Make sure you act now if adding one of these to your workbench is something you want to see in your future.

Longer RAY5 20W Laser Engraver: $739 | Original price: $1,199

This 20W router is perfect for deep cutting, smooth carving, and working at higher speeds than you might otherwise be able to. It can cut 0.59″/15mm pine wood and 0.31″/8mm acrylic in one pass, not to mention 0.002″/0.05mm stainless steel. The tiny 0.08*0.1mm² spot ensures fine engraving no matter what.

The RAY5 has a 3.5-inch color display that makes it easier than ever to use, and you can transfer data via a variety of options including WiFi, USB, and TF card. That means you can use this thing anytime, anywhere. The 20W high-power laser instantly oxidizes the metal surface and you can look forward to some great metal finishes.

Longer RAY5 10W Laser Engraver: $419 | Original price: $529

This engraver has a powerful 10W module that can cut 20mm wood board and 30mm acrylic for its 0.06*0.06mm laser spot. It is much thinner than ordinary lasers.

RAY5 also has its own 3.5-inch touch screen for offline operation, with multiple safety features to ensure you can work as safely as possible.

Keep in mind that these prices aren’t likely to last long so act now if you want to score a bargain laser engraver.

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Google’s Gboard gets a major toolbar upgrade

Gboard, the keyboard made by Google that I put on every phone I use immediately, is seeing a really nice update that changes the keyboard toolbar to give you a customized experience.

The update, which can only be rolled out to Gboard beta users right now as version (v12.6.06.491625702), introduces a new launcher button at the top left of the toolbar along with opening the keyboard. That new launcher button opens an options/shortcuts/features menu with a top bar you can customize. This new launcher lets you hold and drag to customize the buttons that appear at the top of the keyboard as you use it

You can see the examples below, where I modified my Gboard to show emoji, GIF, clipboard and settings shortcuts next to the launcher. I left the microphone button on the right, but you can move it (or remove it) if you want. It may sound a bit unbelievable, but you can actually remove the voice-to-text microphone and then leave the space blank.

Speaking of spaces, if you don’t need shortcuts on the Gboard toolbar and you accidentally hit them too often while typing, you can remove everything. Well, you can delete everything except the launcher, because that button lets you access those other options if needed. Want to go nuts? By my count, you can have up to 6 shortcuts on the toolbar.

Gboard toolbar update

Again, this update appears to be rolling out now through the Gboard beta program. If you’re not on it yet, click that Gboard link below to open its listing on the Play Store on your phone. Then you should see an option to join the beta program. Once you join, you will receive an update to the latest available version within minutes.

Pretty cool update, right?

Google Play link: gboard

The new MacBook Air will ship in Q2 2023, the report claims

According to a new report, Apple will ship a new MacBook Air in the second quarter of 2023. This comes just a day after another report claimed that Apple will announce its first 15-inch MacBook Air as soon as April.

This latest report comes courtesy of Supply Chain Watchers in Taiwan Digitimes, Reports suggest that a new MacBook Air will arrive in the second quarter following a slowdown in shipments of the existing model.

Apple’s MacBook shipments are expected to drop in the first quarter of 2023, but a new MacBook Air series will be released in the second quarter, industry sources said.

The second quarter of 2023 begins in April and runs through June, perhaps marrying nicely with a report from display analyst Ross Young. That report has Apple shipping its 15-inch MacBook Air in the same quarter, specifically in April.

DigiTimes says that a MacBook Air series will ship in the second quarter, possibly referring to a refreshed version of the current 13-inch model as well as the 15-inch MacBook Air. At this point it is not clear if this is the case.

With Apple actually going to ship new MacBook Air models in the next few months, we can probably expect to see more leaks between now and then.

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Wireless charging, a make or break feature?

My review of the OnePlus 11 went up late last week, and I’ve since switched to a Galaxy S23+ to take another round of phone testing. It’s a never-ending exam session here in the first part of the year. However, I’m not complaining, as a regular device switch leads to things like today

I want to talk about wireless charging and whether you see it as a make or break type of feature. The point here is that OnePlus left it out of their OnePlus 11 flagship, saying it’s not a necessary feature when they include ridiculously fast 80W wired charging and a charging brick in the box.

For those who didn’t take the time to read my review on the OnePlus 11, just know that I called it a problem that they omitted wireless charging, mostly because every other phone now has it and it messed up my daily schedule of using it while a phone slept all day. To trickle the charger overnight before setting it to a wireless charger. While not completely end-of-the-world stuff, it was a bit annoying to find 20-30 minutes in the middle of the day to plug in the phone instead of waking up with the phone 100% charged every morning. Small and sturdy USB cord with OnePlus outlet.

But just so we’re clear, I still say it wasn’t a dealbreaker that would make you skip the OnePlus 11. Its wired charging is so fast that you only need a few minutes of plugging in here or there to get enough. Back to the battery.

And if you’re not around in 2018, I actually called wireless charging overrated when OnePlus took a bunch of sh*t to pull it out of the OnePlus 6. The former opinion still holds up a lot. Wireless charging is actually dumb, except at night when you’re sleeping – and that’s the only way I use it (and in a car, which I’m told is a good idea).

Of course, Samsung and Google have wireless charging on all their best phones, including the Galaxy S23+ that I received for review. I’m back to easily charging my Pixel on the stand at night and waking up to 100% battery. Everything is back to normal after OnePlus messed with my world.

But I’m still not entirely sure where I stand on this. Should I skip the Pixel 8 without wireless charging? I don’t think so as the software and camera quality will probably outweigh the convenience of night time wireless charging. I’d probably be open to adjusting my charging life to get what I want, even if that means wireless charging. If this Galaxy S23+ doesn’t have that, I probably wouldn’t even call it a dealbreaker.

For me, I think wireless charging is a great bonus feature that could add some value, but there are more important items in a phone than being able to trickle charge my device at night or in the car.

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The Tesla Cybertruck appears with updated front end and massive wipers

An updated beta version of the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in the wild, and it’s got a lot of new stuff going on.

The new Cybertruck looks similar to the one we’ve seen before as they both have the same triangular wing mirrors.

But this image gives us a better look at the front of the truck than we’ve seen before.

Based on that, it looks like we’ll see a series of headlights that are much more similar to the 2019 prototype than we expected. We also see an absolutely massive windshield wiper, something that is very hard to miss and will miss out on. That larger wiper has an even larger pane of glass to deal with.

But it’s important to note that the Cybertruck may change again before it actually goes into production. The truck is yet to be confirmed and even those with pre-orders still don’t know what it will look like when they receive it. They also don’t know what configuration options will be available and how much each will cost.

When can they expect to take delivery, is a good question. Tesla said it expects to be able to start deliveries in 2023 while mass production is now not expected to begin until next year.

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Last day of this Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order bonus

With the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 launching next week, if you can believe it, that means our pre-order period is almost over. Your chances of getting all the extra bonuses that came during this period are gone.

So if you want the best Galaxy S23 Ultra deals (here), now is the time to see if you like those extras, upgrades, bonuses and trade-in values. Right now, you can still get Double the storage, $150 credit Accessory costs, and instant trade-in Up to $750 off $700 for the S23 Ultra and $700 for the S23 Line.

To recap that scenario, here’s how you can get the best Samsung deal:

  1. Figure out your trade-in value, because it comes as an instant discount that you get today. The highest price at the moment is a Galaxy Fold 4 traded in for a Galaxy S23 Ultra – $750. Galaxy S22 Ultra earns $500 as a trade-in. If you want a Galaxy S23+, the same two devices will set you back $700 and $400, respectively.
  2. Double your storage for free. Samsung is doubling the base storage in the latter option for all devices, the S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. In order, this will get you 256GB, 512GB, and 512GB for the smallest storage amount. It’s a big deal.
  3. Includes $150 credit to spend on accessories. When you go through the process of purchasing a Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll hit a step at checkout that will give you a $150 credit to apply for Galaxy Buds or a Galaxy Watch or a tablet. You can even use the credit on a new Samsung TV or vacuum or soundbar. This credit will disappear once the pre-order ends.

Again, this is the situation at the moment as we approach the February 17th launch date. Getting an order in now maximizes those bonuses and you should have your phone by next Friday if not earlier Samsung often ships pre-orders a few days in advance.

Here are your pre-order links that will get you the full $150 bonus credit:

Apple may add an authentication chip to the iPhone 15’s USB-C port

Apple may add its own custom authentication chip to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, according to a new report.

Apple is set to switch from Lightning to USB-C with the release of the iPhone 15 lineup, and a new report claims the company already has a chip that will allow the device to authenticate legitimate charging cables.

Apple already does something similar with Lightning and the MFI program — a program that allows it to charge licensing fees for chips that need to be in cables to function properly.

MacRumors A Weibo source claims that the integrated circuit (circuit) required for authentication is already part of Apple’s plans.

Integrated circuit (IC) interfaces are semiconductor chips used to share information between devices. Since their introduction in 2012, first-party and MFi-certified Lightning ports and connectors have included a small IC that ensures the authenticity of the parts involved in the connection. Non-MFi-certified third-party charging cables, for example, do not feature this chip, often leading to “This accessory is not supported” warnings on connected Apple devices.

Apple already sells USB-C devices, of course, but none of them have this chip inside. It’s possible that future hardware will follow the iPhone and include it, but it remains to be seen whether standard USB-C cables will work as well – even with a reduced capacity.

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Haha, Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen debacle

The year is 2015 and Samsung still hasn’t figured out that if a human is given the chance to do something dumb, they will. In this case, I am of course referring to the Galaxy Note 5 and the infamous S Pen debacle.

It might sound crazy if you haven’t been there, but if you stick the S Pen into the back of the Galaxy Note 5, you’re basically screwed because the S Pen immediately gets stuck inside the device thanks to a small hook mechanism. Samsung users such response? don’t do it

We recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users to follow the instructions given in the user guide so that they don’t face such an unexpected situation by re-inserting the S Pen the other way.

In this quote, Samsung admits that they didn’t expect users to stick with the S Pen backwards. I mean, that sounds like admission to me.

If memory serves me correctly, it took a while to get a fix, maybe a few weeks. It turns out that one would need a piece of plastic film, skillfully inserted into the device to push up the hook mechanism and release the S Pen from its death grip. We may be dumb enough to stick our pen in there, but at least we’re smart enough to get it out.

And frankly, no knock on those who have their S Pen stuck. It’s not your fault that Samsung didn’t make it happen. It is their job to plan for such things. That’s why on all front-facing Galaxy Note devices, there’s no fear of your S Pen getting stuck inside when you insert it backwards. On the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can’t insert the S Pen back more than 1/4 inch before a mechanism stops you. Fantastic work, Samsung.

These were the good old days, man.