A new Google Weather app is official and looks incoming

Checking the weather on your Android phone is an easy task. Most phone manufacturers include their own app or a shortcut to access a built-in weather app via a widget. OnePlus has a weather app, Samsung lets you access it via widgets, and Apple recently released a fancy new version of their own. On the other hand, Google has always pushed you to the Google app for weather experiences. That may change soon.

Before we get into what’s going on, let me just say that Google Search Weather isn’t a bad experience, but it’s pretty dated as far as UI goes. On an Android phone, you get a weather UI that looks like it’s 7 years old, and that’s probably why. We believe Google is working on a redesign of this within Google Search, but they could also be working on a standalone weather app for everyone.

As seen in the code for the new Google Watch update, a reference to “com.google.android.apps.weather” has been made to make sure it’s referring to an app. The new watch update apparently has a lot of weather information on the backend (temperature, high and low temperature, weather conditions, etc.) that just needs that point of reference to power it. With the launch of a Google Weather app, it’s all lit up.

A standalone Google Weather app is something we’d like to see. Weather would be easier to access or at least more obvious. It’s a lot easier to go to your app drawer to find the “Weather” app than to search for weather in Google or hope you’ve added a random pop-up asking if you want a shortcut for it on your home screen.

Google can update a weather app more often or without the need to update the Google app and other parts around it. As I said above, the current weather experience is at least 7 years old, so you’d think Google could keep a standalone app updated with the times. And look, everyone else has a weather app – it’s time for Google to make one.

To see what the new Google Weather app will look like, take a look at the top of this post. Google previewed the new look at I/O a few weeks ago. When on a foldable (or tablet), you’ll see a two-column setup with location and an 8-day forecast on the left. The right side will then dive deeper into a specific day, starting with the hourly forecast, wind, humidity, UV index and sunrise/sunset times.

When can you download the new Google Weather app, you ask? It’s hard to say for sure, but Google is teasing it on the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, so when these launch in the next few weeks, we’ll hopefully see it roll out, even as part of the Zune Pixel update.

I’m weirdly excited about an official Google Weather app.

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Apple is reportedly planning colorful MagSafe chargers with a ‘Magic Charger’

Apple’s MagSafe charger is available to buy now and has been available since the launch of the iPhone 12 It’s available in any color you like as long as that color is silver — but that may not always be the case

A new report claims that Apple intended to ship MagSafe chargers in different colors, similar to the colorful MagSafe charging cables that come with the current MacBook Air.

According to the sources of the Twitter account, this is known @Kosutamisan. Apple Prototype collectors say they have information that suggests the cards had colored MagSafe chargers, possibly to go with the current silver offering, including Space Grey, Midnight and Starlight.

The same Twitter account also suggested that Apple is working on a colored version of an undisclosed MagSafe charging stand.

This stand will allow iPhones to charge in a vertical but landscape position, possibly allowing for media consumption while still charging. The stand didn’t finally ship, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.

Apple is said to be ready to add Qi2 compatibility to future iPhones, with the standard based on Apple’s own MagSafe wireless charging offering.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 15 lineup in or around September, with the updated Apple Watch lineup to be announced around the same time.

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Nothing’s Next phone will arrive this July

Extended teaser campaign for Nothing phone 2 Continued, this time with doing an interview with Carl Pei Forbes. In the interview, the upcoming Phone 2 is discussed, compared to the iPhone and given a month for when the phone will launch.

Nothing announced through the interview suggests that the Nothing Phone 2 will launch this July, which is a bit more specific than the “summer” timeframe we were given earlier this month. The only thing specific about the device that was shared was the battery size: 4,700mAh, a bump from last year’s 4,500mAh. If you want more, we also know it will run a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset.

Speaking about transparent hardware design, Pei noted that, “We’ve seen numerous concept designs online inspired by our products, which is a testament to their influence. Moreover, we observed a few established brands following the path we followed by introducing our transparent design.”

Nintendo would like a word, Carl.

We believe what he’s referring to are the Beats Studio Buds, which come in a transparent option. Perhaps Beats was inspired by Nothing Buds? Of course, we’ll give them that, but I think there’s nothing to claim from the company that TriBlazed transparent hardware is a bit of a stretch. It has been around for quite some time.

July Transparent phone 2. Big battery. Premium

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Apple’s My Photo Stream is going away soon

Apple is getting ready to call time on its My Photo Stream feature. The feature was first introduced in 2011 as part of iCloud but was later replaced by other features including iCloud Photo Library.

My Photo Stream was a free offering that worked for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and would make photos and videos temporarily available on all devices before being replaced by new media. Media were held optimally for only 30 days.

And while iCloud Photo Library has always been a good option because it syncs full-size versions of photos and videos, Apple continues to offer My Photo Stream because it doesn’t use iCloud storage for people. This will change on June 26, 9 to 5 Mac Report

And while Apple has maintained its 5GB of free iCloud storage since 2011, it will no longer sync photos for free starting July 26. My photo stream will then go offline. Since My Photo Stream holds photos for 30 days, Apple will stop uploading photos to My Photo Stream starting June 26.

Apple is now saying that people should migrate to iCloud Photo Library, though that may mean handing over some money to upgrade their storage.

Apple has shared more details on how to make sure users save their photos and videos from My Photo Stream before it shuts down for good.

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Twitch raises prices on its ad-free Turbo plan

Regular viewers of Twitch should know about Twitch Turbo. Twitch’s subscription plan that lets you enjoy all ad-free streams is just as important to life’s happiness as YouTube Premium. And because of that importance, Twitch will pay you more for it.

Announced today, Twitch said that Twitch Turbo will see price increases in most locations and is notifying customers. As a customer myself, I actually received an email alerting me of the upcoming increase, but saying I would have to enjoy a few more months of the original price before paying anything more.

For the US, Twitch Turbo is increasing from $8.99 to $11.99 per month. In Canada, the price jumps up to $13.99. To see the full list of price changes, if you’re elsewhere and want to read Droid Life, you’ll find them in this help article.

Due to the price change, Twitch is telling all customers that they must “Renew My Turbo” by subscribing again. That said, they are giving some customers at least three more months to enjoy the old price before the new price kicks in. For me, it’s an extension worth $8.99 until August. Once September hits, I have to renew.

Not sure what Twitch Turbo is or why you need it? Well, if you don’t watch a lot of Twitch, you don’t need it. However, if you use the various live streams on the platform, I can tell you first hand that this is a must – the amount of ads that have flooded the platform over the past year is kind of wild.

With Twitch Turbo, you get the following benefits, according to the Turbo Overview FAQ:

  • Ad-free viewing across Twitch – Watch your favorite streamers without videos or banner ads except as part of channel sponsorship You can still see streamer-enabled promotions on channels and Twitch-promoted content on non-channel pages.
  • Expanded emoticon set – Choose from 2 additional sets of emoticons. Glitch or monkey; (You can always change it later).
  • Custom chat username colors – Stand out in chat with a custom username color.
  • Chat badge – Proudly represent Turbo with an exclusive chat badge.
  • Expanded storage – Save your past broadcasts on Twitch for 60 days instead of the standard one 7 days*.

Check out that email here:

Twitch Turbo price increase


Apple Watch Series 8 big time discount, get it for $70 off

Apple recently released the Apple Watch Series 8 but it is already available at a discount. Right now you can get at least $70 in savings.

Starting with the Apple Watch Series 8 in red, you can get it for just $459, down from the usual asking price of around $530. That’s a $70 savings and one worth taking advantage of.

The $70 savings isn’t a huge one, but it’s a device worth having for just a few months on the market.

There are a few different versions of the Apple Watch available depending on which configuration you prefer. Keep this in mind when placing an order and be sure to place one soon. The stock is already exhausted and if you want to get the latest generation watch in a few months, we recommend ordering now.

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 8 alongside the Apple Watch Ultra late last year. Whether you order today or not, we recommend ordering as soon as possible to avoid an even longer wait.

Buy: Apple Watch Series 8, 45mm (Red Aluminum Case with Red Sport Band): $459 | Original price: $529

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Samsung is offering $900 off the Galaxy Fold 4

This could be because the Google Pixel Fold is around the corner or maybe Samsung needs to clear inventory before showing off their next foldable, but Galaxy Z Fold 4 is another $900 off. Of course you have to trade in a device to get that discount. Thankfully, there are at least 3 phones bringing in $900 at the moment, plus a bunch of others that are much more expensive than I’d expect at this stage in the Galaxy Fold 4’s life.

Like all of Samsung’s best deals on top phones, this trade-in deal is an instant credit that you’ll see as a discount today if you decide to buy a Fold 4. All you need to do is send the phone to Samsung after you Receive your new Fold 4 and then they will confirm your trade. This is the best trade deal in the business because you get money off today Not down the road as credit on your card.

At $900 off, you’ll pay $900 for Samsung’s best foldable, which normally retails for $1,800.

To get the full $900 off, you can trade-in the following devices from Samsung:

  • $900 discount: Galaxy Fold 3, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • $800 discount: Galaxy Fold 2
  • $750 discount: Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • $700 discount: Galaxy S22+
  • $650 discount: Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flip 3, Galaxy S22
  • $600 discount: Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+

As you can see, Samsung is offering great value for older phones. $900 for the Note 20 Ultra is crazy, as is $600 for the older Note 10 and Note 10+. Even $700 for a Galaxy S22+ is a pretty good deal.

This is a pre-Memorial Day weekend sale, so you have a few days to take advantage before it changes. Trust me, this deal is $900 off if you own one of those select devices.

Be sure to read our Galaxy Fold 4 review if you missed it from last year. We didn’t have many complaints and thought that Samsung basically perfected the experience.

That’s $900 off the Galaxy Fold 4 Link.

Get Windows 10, Windows 11, Office 2021 licenses and more starting at just $7

Getting a genuine copy of Windows 10/11 and the latest Microsoft Office from Microsoft is definitely not easy on the pocket.

Lucky for you, the folks at Godeal24 are offering some hefty discounts on a plethora of Windows OS and MS Office software license keys.

Windows 10 Home starts at just $7.25, which is an automatic and free update to Windows 11 if you decide to go with it. There are even Windows and Office bundles that start under $30.

So without further ado, let’s get into the discussion.

Limited Time Sale: Genuine MS Office 2021 from $13.05!

Limited Time Sale: Genuine Windows 10 and Windows 11 at Best Prices!

Get your cost effective bundle today!

Up to 50% off More Windows & Office (Discount Code “SGO50”)

Godeal24 guarantees that the MS Office licenses sold are genuine and safe. You need to download the software from the official website, use the license activation code purchased from Godeal24 to activate the software and use it.

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HBO Max goes max tomorrow and you’ll need a new app

When tomorrow comes and you decide to find a new show or movie to watch on HBO Max, you might notice something else. For one, the name is dropping the “HBO” and will simply be known as Max going forward You knew this was coming.

When it becomes Max, it will be a combination service that represents more than just HBO. Going forward, it will also have Discovery+ content, so your home and food and travel shows will be in Max. You’ll have all of HBO’s fantastic content and worlds of fixing ‘uppin’. And actually, a big chunk of the content integration started happening several weeks ago, in case you hadn’t noticed.

The other thing that might throw you off is within the HBO Max app. For some of you, the app will simply update (or automatically update) to a new Max experience and you’ll be fine. For the rest of you, a new Max app may need to be downloaded.

In an email sent out on May 23 to remind subscribers of the upcoming change, HBO Max told its subscribers about the above situation, but most said it should be a direct upgrade to the new Max. However, if you need the new app, you will be prompted to get it. If you want to get started, both Google Play and the App Store have pre-registration links for the new Max app.

Maximum app link: Google Play | App Store

Wondering what to do with your sign-in information and billing? Obviously, your HBO Max subscription runs under the new Max branding and you don’t need to do much of anything. This means that all your billing and login information will remain the same in the new app. Also, your profile, viewing history and My List will be saved in Max. While this seems like a big change, especially since a new app is required, HBO tells us that everything should transition smoothly, at least for now.

When the new Max launches tomorrow, we’ll see the subscription price. At this time, HBO Max has disabled its sign-up process and the Max website is asking us to wait until tomorrow.

Tesla Model X Plaid to get Track Mode soon, Elon Musk has confirmed

The Tesla Model X is one of its kind, being a seven-seater SUV, it packs sports car-like power with a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds and 1100bhp, though it still lacks track mode.

So what is track mode? Available on all Tesla Performance vehicles except the Model X, Track Mode brings special optimization through software to driving the car on the race track so it can utilize its full electric power and aero potential to produce the best track times possible.

Track mode is available on Tesla Model 3 Performance, Model Y Performance and Model S Plaid but not available on X Plaid but Elon Musk has now confirmed that it is coming to Model X Plaid soon.

During the recent 2023 annual shareholder meeting, a shareholder asked Musk if the Model X would ever offer a track mode like Tesla’s performance car. Musk replied “Yeah, we can probably add it, sure. No problem.”

So there you have it. Let’s hope Elon delivers on its promise to bring Track Mode to Model X iPad users soon.

There’s no doubt that the news of Track Mode coming to the Model X Plaid promises to unlock a more thrilling driving experience for its current, as well as potential future buyers.

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