$270 off the Galaxy S22 Ultra for Amazon’s Android Days event

Amazon’s new Android Days event is bringing really big deals on top Android phones We’ve already told you about the best-ever price for the new Google Pixel 6a, but now it’s time to shift focus to Samsung devices. The Galaxy S22 line has received some of its biggest price cuts to date.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra costs as low as $929, which means it’s discounted by $270. $250 off the Galaxy S22+ to $749 and $150 off the regular Galaxy S22 to $649. These are discounts on the 128GB models, but it looks like you’ll get similar price drops for 256GB and other storage options as well. Multiple colors are discounted.

I’m not sure I want to tell you about the goodness of this price. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 line is excellent And probably the phone we’ve used the most around the DL office this year. I’m a big fan of the Galaxy S22+, thanks to its battery life, camera, fit-and-finish and performance. Of course, the Ultra is a do-it-all phone with the S Pen and its own unique look for power users. Just being straight – I’d probably avoid the regular S22, as its battery life is borderline awful.

Here are the links to get you a Galaxy S22, S22+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra for cheap:

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