Add an Eco Show 5 to your smart home for just 49 49

Amazon is now selling the Echo Show 5 for just under 49.99 without the need to enter a discount code or clip an on-screen coupon. You need to make sure you place an order soon, though – Amazon doesn’t say when the deal will expire.

With this in mind, we always advise people to avoid the possibility of missing their orders as soon as possible. Place an order just like you would for any other product and your new Eco Show 5 will be with you.

Amazon will usually sell the Echo Show 5 for around $ 85 which means it’s a deal that saves you 41% on a great product. Save another 25% by trading on an older device.

Buy: Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) from Amazon: $ 49.99 | Original price: $ 85

The Echo Show 5 has Alexa built-in as well as that touch-screen for new interactions. A built-in camera makes the Echo Show 5K a great way to keep in touch with people through video calls. Want to watch videos or listen to music? Echo Show 5 can do that too.

Again, we don’t know when this deal will end, so if you want to add one of these things to your smart home, don’t forget to do it now. Whether it’s next to your bed or on the kitchen counter, you can’t go wrong with this price.

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