Amazon hit by drone crash problem

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Remember when everyone swore that millions of Amazon products would soon be delivered by drone? (Including everyone Jeff Bezos By yourself?) Well, it’s not just you who haven’t been able to get their discounted products through drones in the last few years. Amazon is apparently struggling with its dream delivery program, despite having a significant amount of time, money and manpower it has already sunk into the project.

Amazon’s drone delivery program has reportedly expanded with technical issues, high employee turnover and security concerns. (Although the next two can only be expected when you mix drones with Amazon. According to a new one Investigation According to Bloomberg, insider company documents reveal that a number of security features failed, and that last summer Amazon caused a brush fire when it was taking its delivery drones for a test drive. This has led federal regulators to second-guess the integrity of the project. Amazon responded by pressuring its employees to resolve safety failures and bring the program back on good terms with regulators, which affected employees’ cutting corners, putting their personal safety at work at risk.

(Photo: Adrian Suliok / Unsplash)

Amazon denies that its drone test caused any injuries or damage, but interviews with 13 current and former employees say otherwise. “Someone has to be killed or maimed to take these security issues seriously,” a former drone project manager told Bloomberg after dismissing his manager for flagging security issues. David Karbonn, a former Boeing employee hired to run Amazon’s drone program in 2020, is said to have kept a “speed on security” and retaliated against employees who expressed security concerns.

The drone delivery program has cost more than 2 2 billion in development costs since its inception. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average customer. The FAA wants companies with commercial drone delivery plans to conduct test flights to various populated areas to demonstrate the safety and real-life effectiveness of their programs. With five crashes in a single four-month period last year, however, things aren’t looking great for Amazon’s program.

If Amazon drone is approved Should Be able to deliver packages weighing up to 5 pounds within half an hour of purchase. Each drone will be able to reach up to 7 miles from an Amazon delivery station, including More than a thousand All over the country.

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