Android 13 Beta 3.1 Released for Pixel Phones, Minor Bug Fixes Inside

Google is shipping Android 13 Beta 3.1 on supported Pixel devices this afternoon, a minor upgrade from Beta 3 that was released earlier this week. Inside, Google lists a minor bug fix for devices that fix a problem with the Android Beta Feedback app.

Want a Beta 3.1 bug fix update? See details below.

How to download Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel

Android 13 Beta 3.1 is available on the following devices:

  • Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a and 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5 and 5a
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Easy road: If you own one of these devices, the easiest way to get Android 13 Beta 3.1 on the device is to sign-up for the Android Beta program (here). To join you just click on the “Opt in” button on that page and then sit down and wait for Google to push an update as Android 13 over-the-air.

Once you are registered, you go to Settings> System> Advanced> System Update. Google may not be able to push it right away and instead roll it out slowly throughout the day. Either way, feel free to let Google know what you want after you enroll in the program.

Manual way: Want to get quick updates or flash a factory image or OTA file via Adobe to feel more technological and important and smart? That’s still an option! You will find Android 13 Beta 3.1 factory images and OTA files here. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, you go here. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, go here.

There is already an Android 13 Beta 3 build: If you already have an Android 13 Beta 3 build, Google says you’ll get the over-the-air beta 3.1 update. Of course, you can also manually flash a factory image or OTA file, as the over-the-air process often takes time to process.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 3.1?

Release Date: June 10, 2022
Build: TPB3.220513.017.B1
Emulator support: x86 (64-bit), ARM (v8-A)
Security Patch Level: June 2022
Google Play Services: 22.18.19

Here is exactly what Google said about the beta 3.1 release.

This minor update to Android 13 Beta 3 fixes a problem where in some cases the Android Beta Feedback app was not available on Android 13 Beta 3.

If this is all there is to it, it sounds very minor. Enjoy your weekend.

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