Android 13 beta testers should consider opting out immediately

Google just confirmed that the Android 13 QPR3 beta 1 update is coming next week (“the week of March 13”), so we have to assume that the QPR2 beta program is coming to an end. If we go by their own words from this afternoon, that means the big March update that didn’t arrive earlier this week should be here next week.

We’ll have more on that soon, as this post is more of a PSA for those on beta builds The Android beta program is changing a bit And you need to know if you’re in the program, yet want to switch back to stable updates.

On Reddit, Google explained that they were “changing our beta release process.” Going forward and starting with the “Upcoming March QPR2 Stable Release”, devices currently enrolled in the beta program will need to opt-out to receive that stable release.

If you don’t opt-out, you won’t get the stable QPR2 build and will get the new Android 13 QPR3 beta 1 update instead. If you get the QPR3 beta 1 update and later decide to go back to stable and opt-out, you need to completely factory wipe your phone.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting the QPR3 beta update, but first and early in the program, there may be bugs or annoying issues to deal with. As a new QPR beta program, it won’t be stable until June, although there will be several updates until that point that will make it more stable.

To recap, if you are in the Android 13 QPR2 beta program and want to leave the beta program to receive the stable March QPR2 update next week, you need to opt-out now. If you want to stay in the Android Beta program and get the Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 update next week, you don’t have to do anything.

If you want to opt-out, you can visit the Android Beta Program site and click the “Opt Out” button under your device.

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