Apple faces new charges in its Spotify-inspired EU antitrust case

Apple has faced another new antitrust charge after the EU added a new one to an existing lawsuit that was launched a year ago by music streamer Spotify.

Reuters The report states that EU officials have added a new charge based on Spotify’s original claim that Apple’s app store is acting unfairly using in-app shopping methods.

Spotify and others like it are not allowed to offer their own payment systems or tell users that they exist – and that’s something the EU sees as problematic in a world where Apple has its own Apple Music app to compete with Spotify’s preferences. For.

The European Commission last year accused iPhone makers of distorting competition in the music streaming market by imposing restrictions on its App Store, forcing developers to use their own in-app payment systems and preventing users from being informed about other purchase options.

Now, an additional charge has been levied and more may come.

An investigation, which began with a complaint from Apple Spotify, will face an additional EU antitrust charge in the coming weeks, said a person familiar with the matter, a sign that EU enforcers are stepping up their lawsuits against the US company.

The additional charges set out in the so-called supplementary statement of objections are usually issued to companies when the EU competitor collects new evidence or changes certain elements to further its case.

Apple has already faced scrutiny for its App Store payment practices, and Dutch authorities have fined millions of dollars for in-app purchases and dating apps. Officials told Apple that it would certainly allow dating apps to offer payments outside the App Store, something the company could not do particularly fast.

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