Apple has released a second Studio Display 15.5 beta update to fix the webcam problem

Apple today released a second beta update on its Studio Display 15.5 software in an attempt to fix issues that plagued monitors’ webcams since launch.

The latest update, available for those who have MacOS 12.4 Beta installed, will be available under the heading System Preferences> Software Updates Connected to a Mac’s entry display.

Although all studio displays can receive their own software updates, those who want to be able to take advantage of Bitas must also install the macOS beta mentioned above.

The Studio display has a 12-megapixel camera that has so far proved to be the weakest, with reviews universally panning its quality. The first beta software update fixed some things, but the differences were negligible. Apple had earlier promised that a software update would address poor quality webcams.

It’s too early to say for sure if this new beta release actually fixes things for the better, but it seems unlikely. The webcam is not expected to offer a stunning image due to its quality and the cropping required for the center stage features.

However, the reception of the $ 1499 Studio display depends a lot on whether Apple can at least make the camera more serviceable than it is now.

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