Apple supplier TSMC is on track to produce a 3nm chip by the end of the year

TSMC, the chip maker for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and more, is expected to be able to produce 3nm chips in the second half of this year. The next generation production process will potentially allow for less power draws and less heat generation.

According to a Digitimes In the report, TSMC expects to be able to process up to 35,000 wafers created in the new 3nm process per month.

MacRumors DigiTimes payload text report.

“We expect the N3’s ramp to be powered by both HPCs [high performance computing] And smartphone applications, ”Wei said during an April 14 earnings conference call. “We’re seeing a high level of customer engagement on the N3 and expect more new tape-outs for the N3 for the first year than the N5 and N7.”

An earlier report from Nikkei Asia suggested that Apple would launch a new iPad using the 3nm chip manufacturing process later this year. It looks like Apple will switch to the same manufacturing process for future iPhones.

Although transferring to a smaller production process does not necessarily allow for faster chips by itself, it often leads to them. The chips require less power and also generate less heat, which allows them to clock in at high speeds without having to worry about power draws or heat dissipation.

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