AT&T wins the 1H US carrier battle

RootMetrics has released its 1H 2022 scores that attempt to put a numerical standard on the performance of US carriers in various categories. It seems to have always been a back and forth, with neither career holding onto the top spot forever. This time, it appears that AT&T is on top of the mountain, but the report’s results actually paint an optimistic picture for Verizon and T-Mobile as well.

AT&T takes the trophy in the following categories: reliability, speed, data, calls and texts. Thanks to these wins, they take the overall crown or tie, even RootMetrics lists it as a tie. Verizon wins the accessibility category and if we look closely at the scores, it’s Big Red the right Behind AT&T in most important categories. T-Mobile is a relatively distant third in most categories, but still scores in the 90+ percent range in one category.

T-Mobile scored a W in the highest average download speed category, averaging 124.5Mbps. Verizon? They sat at 51.7Mbps and AT&T came in at 42.2Mbps. Considering we’ve been pushing this 5G thing for a while, this seems pretty unusual.

RootMetrics’ report goes very in-depth with these sections, so we recommend you read the whole thing. This is quite interesting and can help you if you are on the fence about your current career. Follow the link below to check it.

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