WhatsApp testing saves automatic media removal in invisible chats

WhatsApp is changing the way it handles media like photos, GIFs and videos when they are received by someone via a chat so that the disappearing message is active.

Changes, by which the first is reported WABetaInfoThis means that received media will no longer be stored on iPhones or Android devices when disappearing messages are enabled.

Although media can still be saved manually, the default is that nothing will be saved – a change that is understood in a chat thread so that disappearing messages are also enabled.

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp is now automatically turning off the “Media Visibility” option to allow chats to disappear in WhatsApp for Android, allowing people to view media in their phone’s gallery. This is to ensure a better privacy experience when using disappearing messages and to help keep media more private in disappearing chat threads. Additionally, WhatsApp is making a similar change to WhatsApp for iOS, where the “Save Camera Roll” option automatically stops chat disappearing.

Those who are privacy-conscious will definitely like this new default behavior, something that some may already be expecting. The change is now being rolled out to iOS and Android users, the report said, adding that everyone is expected to receive it in the coming hours and days.

WhatsApp is often used by those who want to keep their conversations secret. The fact that devices save media is not understood in that context, one reason this new default behavior is so important.

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How much is the price of Google Fi?

Google today announced a number of changes to its Google Fi data plan lineup that customers will enjoy. For one, the price of almost all plans is declining, with new features here at no extra cost. Pricing almost never comes with new features, so let’s celebrate for a moment before we talk about the changes.

Google still offers three Google Fi plans: Flexible, Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. The Flexible Plan doesn’t see any price change, but Google is adding free calls between the US, Canada and Mexico. For the two unlimited plans, the new price and new features are as follows:

Simply Unlimited:

  • Pricing:
    • 1 50 per line for 1 line (আগে 60 before)
    • 2 40 per line for 2 lines (আগে 45 before)
    • 3 25 per line for 3 lines (আগে 30 before)
    • -6 20 per line for 4-6 lines (আগে 30 before)
  • Features:
    • Data slows down after 35GB (before 22GB)
    • Free calls between US, Canada and Mexico
    • 5GB high-speed hotspot tethering (none before)

Unlimited Plus

  • Pricing:
    • 1 65 per line for 1 line ($ 70 before)
    • 2 55 per line for 2 lines (আগে 60 before)
    • 3 45 per line for 3 lines (আগে 50 before)
    • -6 40 per line for 4-6 lines (আগে 45 before)
  • Features:
    • Data slows down after 50GB (before 22GB)
    • Free calls between US, Canada and Mexico

For those who are stuck with unlimited planning, Google is doing some things here. For one, prices are really going down all levels. The biggest drop for a single line and 4-6 line account on the Simply Unlimited plan is the $ 10 / month reduction. For almost everyone, you’ll see a $ 5 discount per line.

In the features section, Google is increasing the full-speed data bucket from 22GB to 35GB (typically) and 50GB (plus) per month. Google is adding free calls between the US, Canada and Mexico, as well as simply 5GB hotspot tethering.

Not bad, Google.

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The war in cyberspace continues, state networks have been breached, the newly proposed EU and SEC

The best cyber story of March 2022

Russia-Ukraine war continues in cyberspace

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, armed conflict intensified until March, when there were reports of multiple cyber-attacks linked to the war. It was not just attacks on Ukrainian and Russian websites. Cyber ​​incidents spread to allies on both sides. See examples here and here. Even anonymous activist hackers have been drawn into cyberwarfare after promising to target Russian infrastructure.

In addition to attackers lined up on each side, cybercriminals use phishing emails to take advantage of global interests in the war, in a characteristic fashion.

The state government network has been compromised

A study published by the cybersecurity firm Mandiant indicates that a state-sponsored Chinese hacking group has infiltrated and compromised the networks of six US state governments. The group, APT41, has leveraged vulnerabilities in accessing web applications. The attack took place between May 2021 and February 2022 This is not the first time that APT41 has been touted as a powerful cyber security threat

The Chinese government has denied any involvement with the group, including APT41.

Attack on Israeli government website

Israel’s communications ministry says a widespread DDoS cyber attack has hit their websites. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of 2,000 people, including at the Ministry of Interior, Health, Justice and Welfare, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office. The service is finally restored.

The Israeli government has not blamed any particular group for the attack. In the past, Israel has reportedly carried out cyber attacks targeting Iran-backed hacking groups.

The EU proposes a cyber security regulation

The European Commission has drafted proposed rules for managing cyber risks across EU agencies. Referred to as the Cybersecurity Regulation and the Information Security Regulation, the rules seek to create a cyber security board that will oversee the implementation of the rules.

Under the rules, each EU organization, agency, office and organization must create a roadmap to strengthen their cyber security, conduct regular assessments and share incident details.

SEC offers cybersecurity disclosure

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules requiring public companies to disclose cyber security information. The proposed rules are designed to give investors insight into a company’s incident reporting and safety practices. The new rules will extend the guidelines issued in 2011 and 2018, which regulate the obligation to disclose on cyber incidents and risks.

We’ve got almost full-color night vision to work with

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(Photo: Brown Lab, UC Irvine Ophthalmology Department)
Current night vision technology has its drawbacks: it is useful, but it is essentially monochromatic, which makes it difficult to accurately identify things and people. Fortunately, through deep learning night vision seems to be undergoing a change with full-color visibility.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine have experimented with reconstructing colorful night vision using deep learning algorithms. The algorithm uses invisible infrared images with the naked eye; Humans can only see light waves from 400 nanometers (which we see as purple) to 700 nanometers (red), while infrared devices can see up to one millimeter. Infrared is therefore an essential element of night vision technology, as it allows people to “see” what we normally perceive as complete darkness.

Although used to color scenes captured on infrared before thermal imaging, it is not perfect. Thermal imaging uses a technique called pseudocolor to “map” each shade of color from a monochromatic scale, resulting in a helpful but highly unrealistic image. It does not solve the problem of identifying objects and persons in low or light conditions.

Paratroopers are conducting an operation in Iraq, as seen through a traditional night vision device. (Photo: Speci Lee Davis, US Army / Wikimedia Commons)

On the other hand, scientists at UC Irwin wanted to create a solution that would create an image similar to what a human being can see in visible spectral light. They used a monochromatic camera sensitive to visible and near-infrared light to capture color palettes and facial images. They then train a evolutionary neural network to predict visible spectral images using only near-infrared images provided. The training process produced three architectures: a baseline linear regression, a U-Net inspired CNN (UNet), and an augmented U-Net (UNet-GAN), each capable of producing about three images per second.

Once Neural Network created color images, a team of engineers, opticians, surgeons, computer scientists, and doctoral students – provided images to graders who chose which outputs most closely matched the ground truth image. This response has helped the team choose which neural network architecture is most effective, surpassing UNet-GAN without zoom-in status.

The team revealed them at UC Irvine The result In the journal PLOS ONE on Wednesday, they hoped that their technology could be applied to security, military operations and animal surveillance, although their skills tell them that it could be applied to reduce vision loss during eye surgery.

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The operating system itself, by the way, can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

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