Block to launch new iPad payment stand with NFC for tap-to-pay

Block, formerly known as Square, is working on a new iPad stand that will feature an NFC reader for receiving payments.

The new stand will have an iPad while giving people space to tap on their cards or phones to pay for communication without Apple Pay and other methods.

Stand is reported by First Bloomberg Square Stand appears in a point-of-sale app created by the company. The image was invented by developer Steve Moser, and in line with previous Bloomberg reports, the device appears to need a major upgrade to an earlier version.

The new stand, targeting those who want to accept contactless payments, will also include a slot for receiving more standard credit card payments, Bloomberg notes.

These types of devices are often found in independent stores and stalls that do not have large, more complex systems. A block stand will be paired with a companion app that will run on the iPad, allowing payments based on the product or service being sold.

We still don’t know when the stand will be sold or how much it will cost. However, the current version of Square Stand sells for $ 169 so we expect it to stay close to that figure.

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