Chinese lockdown hits Apple’s high-end MacBooks, but not iPhone SE

The latest round of COVID-19-related lockdowns to hit China has begun to affect some of Apple’s products, according to a new report by analyst Kuo.

Although the new iPhone SE supply is not being affected by the lockdown, Kuo suggests that as a result of the recent situation we are seeing MacBook Pro stock issues.

Although iPhone SE stocks are tight and people can buy them immediately through Apple, those looking to buy a MacBook Pro are set to wait long enough as deliveries take weeks to complete.

Kuo said on his Twitter account that the delivery status of the new iPhone SE, created exclusively by Pegatron, remained “in stock” in Apple’s online stores in many countries after the China lockdown, indicating that current inventories could still meet insufficient demand. MacBook Pros (Quanta as the sole supplier) delivery time, which was in good demand since launch, increased roughly 3-5 weeks after the China lockdown. “

Of course, this is not necessarily 100% accurate because delivery issues plagued the MacBook Pro since it was last refreshed. We still don’t know how popular the iPhone SE is or how many units the company was able to add to the stock inventory before the lockdown issue started.

However, the fact remains that some of Apple’s suppliers are more likely to be affected than others – the company is one of the reasons why its suppliers reduce their dependence on single countries. In this case, China.

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