Core is an unrealistic engine-based game tool coming soon to iOS and Mac

Core, a game development tool based on the unrealistic engine of Epic Games, is coming to both iOS and Mac later this year, according to a new report. So far, the app is only available on PC.

Although the core is free, it is not important to Mac game developers so far. 9to5Mac reports that Core will soon be a viable option for Mac and iOS game developers.

The news comes on Core’s one-year anniversary in the Epic Game Store, with over 50,000 playable “games, worlds and events”. The core app will have crossplay between iOS, macOS and Windows versions. Developers can already start preparing their games for mobile with a “suite” of iOS optimization tools.

As good as this news is, there is no official word for when it will happen which still confuses Apple developers a bit.

However, news of the expansion of Apple’s platform is promising at a time when Mac gaming is almost non-existent, despite Apple making Silicon more than capable of some Macs.

The PC version of the core is available for free through the Epic Game Store, and will probably be available for the Mac version as well.

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