Don’t try this with your Galaxy Z Fold

LG At CES this year, the Galaxy Z Fold is showing device owners exactly what not to do with their foldable phone. What is actually happening, you may ask? LG Display is showing off a foldable OLED display that can fold in both directions at the front And Backward bastard? absolutely

It’s an 8-inch panel, which LG Display describes as a 360-degree foldable OLED. They say the panel is a, “revolutionary technology that successfully enables a device to be folded both ways to bring more use, as users can now choose different form factors to suit their work.”

How sustainable is it? Pretty durable according to LG. As for how Samsung tests its Z Fold display, LG says they’ve folded this display over 200,000 times, and wouldn’t you believe it, it still hasn’t broken. Furthermore, for all of us worried about wrinkles in our folding folds, a “special folding process” minimizes wrinkles in the fold area.

While it’s an amazing concept, there’s no telling if we’ll see a phone launch with it. Since LG doesn’t have a car to sell this kind of thing anymore, I guess they need to identify a partner to launch a phone with this display and pay LG to make it?

Sign me up.

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