Engineer turns broken AirPods into fully functional wired earbuds

Apple’s AirPods are one of the best and most popular earbuds around, but they’re usually plagued by one problem — their batteries eventually don’t hold a charge very long and need to be replaced.

Now, someone has taken it to the extreme and added some wires to keep those batteries charged.

AirPods were never designed to have replaceable batteries, and trying to do so usually breaks them. So when the battery stops charging, AirPods are usually replaced which is terrible for the environment.

That’s why engineer Ken Pilonel created this April Fools’ Day project that’s anything but a joke. He was able to wire in a pair of cables that keep the AirPods charged while in use, and yes, that cable is USB-C so the folks in charge in the EU won’t be knocking on his door.

The whole project obviously doesn’t make much sense beyond the fact that it highlights the problems that non-replaceable AirPods batteries can cause. Apple certainly isn’t alone here, and when you’re making batteries small enough to fit in an earbud they won’t last forever. But this also makes it nearly impossible to get them back without breaking things.

Of course, if you don’t throw the AirPods away every few years — Pilonel says they lasted him three years before they stopped charging — Apple makes AirPods that connect using a Lightning cable. But you’ll miss out on some great features of AirPods and won’t be able to use them with your Mac or PC either.

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