EVGA completes the purchase line for most RTX 30-Series GPUs

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It’s over. It’s over! No, not the EVGA row, though it’s mostly going to end. We are talking about GPU deficit for many years. It seems to be very close to officially ending, or at least a distant memory. The proof is that the system lined up for EVGA’s 30-Series GPU is finally over, for now. This was the company’s response to the GPU shortage, where you sign up and then wait for the notification when your requested GPU is available. The reason behind this ending is simple: GPU is in stock now, so it is unnecessary. The company will continue to use rows for “in-demand” products, for the foreseeable future. As far as we can say that only some of it applies to RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti cards.

We found out about this because your humble author has been queuing for RTX 3080 since 2020. I remember signing up with Best Buy in September of that year, right after the disappointing launch. It was when all of us at the same time, we would not be able to buy GPUs like before. This is when stock channels appeared on Discord, and GPU hunting suddenly became a part-time job for some people. The email from EVGA was brief, informing me of the queue closure. “Now that EVGA has sufficient stock of 30 series on EVGA.com and its ETAIL / RETAIL partners, all pending rows starting June 23, 2022 are notified to EVGA. [SKU name here] Will be removed and the product will be made available for purchase as supplies continue to arrive. “Although in a cruel twist of fate, the card I wanted (basic card other than RGB) is out of stock. Even lower.

Following this, Nvidia announced in April that its 30-Series GPUs had been “restored and reloaded.” Now that EVGA has decided that it will no longer be a queue for most 30-Series cards, we are officially back to the old days. You know more; Where you can buy GPU online without any drama. In fact, we’ve gotten out of it in some way. Like the screenshot above, there are many high-end GPUs that are now being sold at lower prices than MSRP. PCWorld has even flagged an RX 6900 XT on Newegg which is a full $ 350 off MSRP. Of course, part of it is a 100 discount, but it’s worth a smoke. It should also be noted that the infamous Newig Shuffle also seems to be on break. The last change was on May 10th, with no updates since then

The recent catastrophic crash in crypto prices has resulted in a sudden influx of GPUs. We posted in May that Crypto is suffering from a hemorrhage and it has gotten worse since then. Last week was the second wave, and it sent so low mining prices around the world Break their rig. The reason it is so bad now is that the price of electricity has also gone up. When you associate it with cryptocurrency depreciation, the whole operation no longer becomes mathematical sense.

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Unfortunately, not every RTX 30-Series is in-stock, so don’t get me wrong. We can’t find any RTX 3060 Tis in-stock on EVGA’s site, but both models of the regular 3060 can be found. Although high-end cards are certainly available. Super high-end though, it’s still in a row. Although instead of high demand, it is probably due to extremely low supply. Oddly enough these cards are available in Newig, and in or under MSRP.

Overall, there have been a lot of signs lately that things are starting to get back to normal in the GPU world. EVGA’s end of the line for its 30-series card is another. Apparently it’s tempting to wait a little longer for the next generation of AMD and Nvidia cards right now. However, do you think you will be able to get a reasonable price at launch? No one knows the answer, but even though mining is going away, there are still bots that make a living doing this. So my suggestion is to pull the trigger if a GPU now available can push your monitor to your preferred rate and the price is right. That is if you are going to die for an upgrade. If you’re still pushing something half-decent, you’re probably better off waiting a bit.

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