Funky Pigeon Cyber ​​Attack, Costa Rica Ransomware Attack, MailChimp Cyber ​​Security

Top cyber stories for this April 2022 – Cyber ​​Story

Funky Pigeon Cyber ​​Attack

Fearful pigeon, A UK online gift and greeting card store was the target of a cyber attack that saw the company suspend new orders and move its systems offline. The website has not fully resumed operations As of May 3About two weeks after the incident was first reported. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The discovery was made less than two weeks after the incident Attack on The Works, A UK discount retailer focusing on arts, crafts and books. No evidence has been found to link the two attacks.

Although the Company maintains that there is no evidence that customer payment data has been disclosed, this may change as more information about the amount of the breach becomes available. The online store wrote letters to all customers in the previous 12 months, revealing details of the attack. Funky Pigeon is a subsidiary of the FTSE 250 Index Retailer WHSmith.

Ransomware attacks on the Costa Rican government

The Costa Rican government was an issue ransomware attack Which crippled its computer system in mid-April. The Russian-speaking hacker gang Conti has claimed responsibility for the incident, although the Costa Rican government has not confirmed its origin.

Conti is also known for renting his ransomware as a service to collaborators and other criminal groups around the world for a commission or service fee. The hacking group has claimed responsibility for the attack Panasonic Canada And Nordex Which happened in the same month ..

Despite demands for ransom, none of the Costa Rican government has yet paid for the information it has released, as well as deploying action plans to control damages. The value of the demanded ransom was not disclosed.

Earlier this month, the Finnish government targeted A DDoS attack. The attack comes in the wake of Finland’s stated intention to join NATO following Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Cybersecurity negligence case

Mailchimp’s parent company Intuit Its subject A lawsuit Stimulated by a Cyber ​​Security Violations This is believed to be the reason for the theft of the cryptocurrency of the treasure user. Trezor is one of the most widely used hardware cryptocurrency wallets Mailchimp is a leading email marketing platform.

The lawsuit was settled out of court in Northern California by a Treasury user. They claim to have been the victim of a wide-ranging phishing attack that lost about $ 87,000 worth of tokens from their wallets. Other Intuit products include QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint and Credit Karma.

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