Galaxy S22, Galaxy S23 are essentially the same device

For those looking ahead, we’ve already started learning about what’s to come Galaxy S23 From Samsung, thanks to the good people @UniverseEyes Those dedicated to spilling the beans on all things Samsung. While it may only be September for us, Samsung is likely deep into development and production planning for the device, which we expect to launch in the usual February-March timeframe. So in the grand scheme of things, we’re really not that far off.

According to the latest intel from @UniverseEyes, we shouldn’t expect too much of a size difference between the existing Galaxy S22 and the upcoming Galaxy S23. In fact, if anything, we’re looking at a 0.15mm bezel increase for the Galaxy S23. To the eye, this should hardly be noticeable.

Looking at the dimensions listed above in the device visualization, there is hardly any difference in overall size. It is basically the same height, width and thickness. We can’t say yet if this applies to the Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra as well, but it’s probably a safe bet that the Plus variant doesn’t change much either.

While the Galaxy S23 line isn’t shaping up to offer a ton of upgrades, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a different story. That device is still said to offer Samsung’s new 200-megapixel camera, possibly a new type of battery technology, as well as UFS 4.0 storage. Fingers crossed that all come to fruition.

// @UniverseEyes

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