Galaxy S23 Ultra trade-in trick to get you going

I think we can all probably agree that Samsung’s trade-in values ​​are kind of rubbish compared to last year’s Galaxy S23 launch. For example, a Galaxy S21 Ultra was fetching a trade value of $850 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra a year ago. Even the Galaxy S20 Ultra, a 2-year-old phone at the time, was instantly discounted by $825. The deal was almost too good.

For this Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 launch, the biggest trade you can get is a Galaxy Fold 4 for $750. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to run you $600 right now. That…wow that’s bad. Granted, that’s $100 more than what you got when pre-ordering, but you’re also not getting a free storage upgrade.

You get my point – Samsung hasn’t exactly offered the crazy deals it’s known for this year. I don’t know what that means from an industry perspective, all I know is that we have to spend a bit more for an S23 device.

However, if you have an old device sitting in a drawer that you just can’t seem to get rid of, now is the perfect time to swap it for a Galaxy S23 device. There are some nice steals out there that can still get you instant discounts. Below are a few that we think are the best and this link will let you test your phone:

  • Galaxy Note 10+ ($410 off): The best price right now is $410 off if you’re trading in a Galaxy Note 10+ The Note 10+ costs more than the Note 20.
  • Galaxy Note 9 ($340 off): Got anything older than a Note 10? The Note 9 costs $340!
  • Galaxy Note 8 ($310 off): Well, you get the idea – all older Note phones are a good chunk of the price which will let you step into the S23 Ultra and upgrade your experience massively.
  • Galaxy S22 ($410 off): The $410 Galaxy S22 isn’t bad, as it’s a small device with terrific battery life that you absolutely have to look at. If anything, take that $410 and upgrade to a Galaxy S23 with its slightly bigger battery
  • Galaxy S10 ($140): This is one of those things you can really have in a drawer. Time to get rid of it and get a new phone.

On top of that instant trade-in discount, Samsung is offering up to $100 in credit to spend on accessories with purchase. So get rid of your old phone, get these really cool Galaxy S23 devices, and toss a case or earbuds with it.

Samsung Best Deals Link:

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