Get 5 high quality USB-C Lightning Cable from Anchor for only $ 49.99

Buyers can pick up a 5-pack of Lightning Wire from the wonderful Anchor Powerline II USB-C at a decent discount. Wire shopping is never going to be the most exciting aspect of technology shopping but we all need them and would definitely appreciate a good discount if one is available.

Anchor Powerline II is only marketing as a range “The cable your iPhone deserves.” We can only imagine the company referring to the fact that the cables are MFi certified and come with a great build quality that is going to stand the test of time.

Higher durability. Support for high-speed charging via power delivery. This is the world-famous Powerline II, now with a new set of connectors for the current mobile generation. PowerLine II is MFi certified for flawless compatibility with all Lightning devices, and is capable of charging at speeds up to 2.5 × faster than stock Lightning technology.

These cables provide a high-speed charge to a compatible device while connected to a USB-C power delivery charger. The wires are also made using premium materials. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) shielding provides superior durability and protection for internal wiring to ensure that the wire has stood the test of time and lasts longer than other options on the market. Strict lab tests have shown that Powerline II cables can withstand more than 12,000 turns.

A great set of wires that take MFi certification seriously to offer maximum compatibility with all of Apple’s Lightning-enabled devices.

If you are interested in this pack of wires and don’t mind paying around $ 10 per cable for quality items, this might be the right deal for you. Pop up the direct link below to secure this deal. No discount codes or promotional coupons are required to take advantage of this agreement.

Buy: Lightning Cable from Anchor USB-C, 5 Pack from Amazon: 49.99 | Original price: $ 66

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