Google Chrome gets “tuned for speed” on Android

We all want our internet experience to be faster, right? Few things about accessing an online property are frustrating when that access leads to a slow page load, hang-up or stuttering. Speed. We love speed.

When it comes to Chrome, Google understands that we want to come through that speed, and they’ve tweaked Chrome on Android to focus more on speed than ever before. in a post The Chromium BlogGoogle has shared a small update to Chrome for Android that lets it run benchmarks up to 30% faster on high-end devices.

Specifically, we’re talking about Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 benchmark, which Google often focuses on to convince the world’s Mac and iPhone users that Chrome is as fast (or as fast) as Safari. They’re also finding uses for optimizing Chrome on Android to run the speedometer, which can’t be a bad thing.

The change they made allows this benchmark to run 30% faster on high-end Android devices, which Google says they’re “now targeting with a version of Chrome that uses compiler flags tuned for speed instead of binary size.” I’m no web developer, so my response is – hell yeah, man. All things should be Tuned for speed.

If you own a high-end Android device — and we don’t know the criteria behind that designation — enjoy Chrome faster.

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