Google makes a huge space saving change for the Google TV app

As great as devices like Chromecast with Google TV and NVIDIA’s SHIELD units can be, a downside to each is the limited amount of on-device storage both come equipped with out of the box. The problem with the small amount of storage is that you can run out of room in a hurry if you try to load more than a handful of apps. I’m not sure why I said it was a theoretical problem, because in reality, it happens all the time with these devices.

Today, Google announced a plan that should help a bit in this situation, since smart TV devices may not be able to increase storage anytime soon. After all, price is a key selling point for these devices, and adding storage will only increase that.

Google plans to force Android app bundles onto TV devices like they did for phones in 2021. Android App Bundles (AABs) are the publishing format that replaced the ol’ APK files. These AABs produce an average 20% total size savings compared to an APK, they allow apps to be archived instead of completely uninstalled (for quick reinstallation), and they make for streamlined distribution by developers. All around, they are a big win.

The transition to Android App Bundle for Android TV and Google TV will begin in May 2023. Google thinks this is enough time for app owners and developers to comply with this change, as they think it would take a single engineer about 3 days to migrate an existing TV app from an APK to an AAB. If companies don’t migrate their apps, Google can hide them from the TV surface

Google believes that Android app bundles “bring an enjoyable experience” for both developers and users, “especially in the living room.” What a happy way to describe such a change. lovely

Speaking of cute, Chromecast with Google TV (4K) is down to just $40 for Black Friday. one why.

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