Google Wallet is an Easter zombie that we can all celebrate

The Google Wallet The name is discontinued when rebranded to Google Pay after integrating its functionality with Android Pay. Since then, Google Pay is still a thing, but don’t confuse it with the GPay app on your phone. Oddly enough, these are still two separate things. If you think that this is a good example of good old fashioned googlyness, then you are right. Now, if you’re already stuck with Google’s payment name and services, be prepared for another switch, as Google Wallet is reported to be back to your device soon.

According to Mishal Rahman On Twitter, who posted screenshots and information of the new UI, a New Google Wallet is part of the latest Google Play service, serving as a home for all your digital cards and subscriptions. For Google Pay, this will be your home for contactless payments.

So to put it bluntly – Wallet will hold your card and help you pay. Honestly, it almost makes a lot of sense. It’s too un-Google.

The interface being displayed before the rollout details what we can expect. Wallet can be your frequent flyer number, AMC movie stub and loyalty card. Although it does not appear to be an individual entity or app. This is a new UI in the Google Pay experience.

Since we have screenshots and a lot of information, we can see that Google has made it official before Google I / O, but we can’t be sure about that. It is safe to say that this is coming soon.

// @ Mishal Rahman

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