Google’s Pixel 7 has its biggest price cut ever

Google and its retail partners are hosting a new sale on all things Pixel right now, and the deals are as good as we’ve ever seen. The Pixel 7 has hit a new low, and the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro are also at their best prices ever.

The The best Pixel 7 deal we’ve seen is $150 off This brings its starting price down to $449. At that price, we’re in Pixel 4a territory for a phone that’s a step or two above it. Normally priced at $599, I’m not sure I can explain the level of a steal to you. The Pixel 7 (review), with its small profile and impressive performance, is one of the best phones you can buy. With a $449 price tag, you should run to it before it sells out.

This $449 price gets you 128GB of storage. If you want more storage, you’ll find 256GB models with the same discount, bringing their starting price to $549. All colors are discounted too, so find your favorite (obsidian, lemongrass or snow).

Shop the Pixel 7: Amazon | Best Buy | Google

Want something more like a phone Pixel 7 Pro? it is very $150 discount, which brings its starting price down to $749. While still a good chunk of change, it’s an incredible price for a phone as good as the Pixel 7 Pro (review). Like the Pixel 7, you get all storage variants and colors with the same discount, so feel free to upgrade to 256GB or 512GB.

Shop the Pixel 7 Pro: Amazon | Best Buy | Google

As for accessories, The Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro each have a $50-off discount That means you will pay $299 or $149 respectively. We’ve seen these discounts before, but these are the best matches from Google so far And because the Pixel wouldn’t sell without it As for the Pixel 6a, yes, it’s down to $299 again ($150 off).

Deal link: Pixel Clock | Pixel Buds Pro | Pixel 6a

It’s a good day to shop for Google Pixel devices.

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