Happy Galaxy S23 launch day

It’s the official launch day for the Galaxy S23 lineup, meaning there’s a high chance you’ll head down to your local phone retailer and pick up one of these premium devices. Do I suggest you do such a thing? Yes, absolutely, if you need an upgrade or want to get yourself a really good mobile experience

Having recently posted our review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, I can tell you right away that the S23 Ultra’s display is great, the camera is amazing, and there are only so many positive descriptions I could use. Just read our review and maybe it will help you in your decision.

While we usually say that pre-order is the best time to buy a new Samsung phone, that hasn’t been the case for the past year or so. Samsung is doing their best to pre-order both And A difficult time to buy the initial launch. For example, people buying an S23 Ultra today can get it for as low as $449, as long as they have a solid trade-in device. Samsung is still offering webstore credit for purchasing accessories at the time of purchase.

Want something smaller? You can get an unlocked Galaxy S23 for just under $99. This is a good deal, again, as long as you meet the trade-in requirements. How about $0, that’s low enough? If you want to go the carrier route, trade-in, and don’t mind bill credits, you can go with the free Galaxy S23 or the $199 Galaxy S23+.

As you can see, there are still plenty of deals left, so don’t think you missed out by not pre-ordering.

Order: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23/23+

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