HBO Max goes max tomorrow and you’ll need a new app

When tomorrow comes and you decide to find a new show or movie to watch on HBO Max, you might notice something else. For one, the name is dropping the “HBO” and will simply be known as Max going forward You knew this was coming.

When it becomes Max, it will be a combination service that represents more than just HBO. Going forward, it will also have Discovery+ content, so your home and food and travel shows will be in Max. You’ll have all of HBO’s fantastic content and worlds of fixing ‘uppin’. And actually, a big chunk of the content integration started happening several weeks ago, in case you hadn’t noticed.

The other thing that might throw you off is within the HBO Max app. For some of you, the app will simply update (or automatically update) to a new Max experience and you’ll be fine. For the rest of you, a new Max app may need to be downloaded.

In an email sent out on May 23 to remind subscribers of the upcoming change, HBO Max told its subscribers about the above situation, but most said it should be a direct upgrade to the new Max. However, if you need the new app, you will be prompted to get it. If you want to get started, both Google Play and the App Store have pre-registration links for the new Max app.

Maximum app link: Google Play | App Store

Wondering what to do with your sign-in information and billing? Obviously, your HBO Max subscription runs under the new Max branding and you don’t need to do much of anything. This means that all your billing and login information will remain the same in the new app. Also, your profile, viewing history and My List will be saved in Max. While this seems like a big change, especially since a new app is required, HBO tells us that everything should transition smoothly, at least for now.

When the new Max launches tomorrow, we’ll see the subscription price. At this time, HBO Max has disabled its sign-up process and the Max website is asking us to wait until tomorrow.

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