Here’s what the Pixel tablet needs

We did not discuss Pixel tablet Too much since it was teased again in Google I / O, probably because we have a long way to go before we reach 2023. Heck, who knows if civilization will take this far, you know? I’d like to start by giving some idea of ​​what I want to see from the device, though, I think it’s important for Google to show that it is capable of making a decent tablet. In my opinion, Samsung is the only Android OEM making tablet that should be considered, so it is better to have some healthy competition in the space.

Apps and developers

Although I don’t use an iPhone, if I were in the market for a tablet I would buy an iPad. The iPad has all the apps I need and a whole ton of support from third party app developers and Apple. Then there are the Android tablets, which don’t seem to get a ton of love from app developers and Google. Only recently did we see how Android has begun to re-tool Android on devices like tablets, so this is a good sign.

We need an app developer, the end of the story. If experiments are not made for larger displays, there is no point in creating the device. This is where the Android tablet always catches my eye. As the phone’s display has grown over the years, the need for tablets to run certain apps has diminished, so what I really want to see is a suite of tablet-exclusive apps / features that you can’t easily get a remote. Make it a special experience, something you can only get on a tablet

Design and glasses

From the two photos we saw, the Pixel tablet looks like a nest hub, subtracting the hub. It doesn’t look too much Premium, Which I think is good if we’re shooting for a low price, but it makes me a little nervous. I want my tablet to be a multi-tasking workhorse with lots of processing power and RAM. It doesn’t have to beat an iPad Pro or whatever, but I hope Google won’t be too light in terms of capabilities. The rear of the unit looks like a piece of plastic and the rear camera of the unit looks like a thought. I don’t believe the Pixel tablet will win any design awards.

And that display could be even better. In my opinion, a tablet is about providing a more immersive experience, and if that display isn’t crispy and gorgeous, I’m going to save. This is an area that Samsung can understand. It offers beautiful displays with high refresh rates on its tablets, so unless Google has some objections to creating a great device, we know it’s possible. If the Pixel tablet doesn’t have a 120Hz refresh rate, I’d be annoyed. I’d be mad if it didn’t have at least 90Hz.


I just want to point out that for the right device, I don’t mind spending money. I don’t think everything needs to be priced competitively, especially if it offers something amazing. Google being, though, I have a gut feeling that this tablet will cost around $ 649 and some compromises are possible. I’m still not ready to share where Google can’t splurge, but for at least one example, I have an idea that the single rear camera might be the Sony-made IMX363 that we’ve seen over the years from Google. It won’t surprise me a bit. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. If it’s a dipped aluminum, I’d be off and Google could make a sweet device. We still don’t know enough.

Simply put – go for it, Google! Give it what you get, because if the Pixel tablet doesn’t breathe a ton of new life into the Android tablet space, it could disappear forever.

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