How to prepare for the installation of iOS 16 Beta 1

Here’s how to properly install iOS 16 Beta 1 on your iPhone or iPadOS 16 Beta 1 on your iPad.

Apple is now less than a week away from making iOS 16 available for developers to download in the initial beta form, and expectations are already high.

While Apple must release a public beta version of the update in a timely manner, those who want to be able to test it immediately after the WWDC opening keynote on June 6 must be a developer.

The process of waking yourself up and getting ready for the big iOS 16 beta 1 release is not complicated, but there are some steps you need to follow in advance, especially considering that this is a preliminary beta and some and everything can go wrong.

With that said, let’s dive into it.


Step 1: Make sure your current iPhone is backed up. This is the first beta release of a brand new update and as a result, it is wise to expect things to go wrong. With that in mind, a complete computer-based backup is a good idea – not just an iCloud.

Apple Developer Account

Step 2: Sign up to be a developer through the Apple Developer website However there is a fee attached, so remember.

Check release date and time

Step 3: Wait. Once Apple makes iOS 16 available for beta testing, you’ll need to sign in to the Apple Developer website and download the corresponding profile and install it on your iPhone. From there, you update just like any other release.

And that’s it!

Please note that this is an initial beta and things will go wrong – we will always warn against installing iOS Beta on a device that you rely on, especially your flagship iPhone.

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