How to sign up for Google Bird

Google opened Bird for signups today and there’s already a waiting list that’s likely massive. If you need an AI chatbot to talk your life into, you might as well put your name on the list for this latest Google experiment.

What is Google Bird?, you ask, since we haven’t mentioned it at any point to date? Well, I’m no AI expert, but the bottom line is that our tech overlords have all created artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots that are pretty smart and can help you (or maybe argue) get work done, be more creative, or you Providing deeper answers to topics than you can get from a search engine.

They come in a familiar format that looks like a search engine with a chat box that lets you type whatever you want to start a conversation with the bot. You can ask questions, talk about your day, etc.

The big names in the game right now are ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing. I’d imagine you’ve heard of these at some point in recent months if you’re into technology. Google Bird is a competitor in this space.

It’s all pretty vague explanation, and since I haven’t used any of these products, I can’t share personal experience. All I can do is show you what Google says about Bird’s potential. But while you’re taking it all in, you have to remember that Google (and others) are aware that these AI chatbots will make mistakes, are untested, and not entirely trustworthy, and have safeguards in place in case you don’t try and make a Build an army of robots and take over the world. Here is the complete Bird FAQ.

Here’s an example of Bird’s usage in an article from Google that’s probably worth a read:

the joy

We believe users will be able to maximize their time collaborating with Bard. For example, say a user
plan a party; Bard can help them come up with a to-do list and outline an invitation —
Helps free up the user’s time and brain space to devote to higher-level tasks.


Bard can help a user bring ideas to life or spark their creativity in new ways. For example, if a user is
To write a blog post, Bird can outline it — providing a starting point so they’re not faced with a blank page. We also see Bard inspire creativity by creating poems, short stories, taglines and other imaginative creations


Bird can be a jumping off point for users’ curiosity as they explore ideas or topics of interest. In this case,
A bard can simply explain a complex concept or offer relevant insight on a topic, which can inspire.
Users to explore and learn more.

And here’s how the bird might react:

Example of Google Bard answer

So that’s Google Bird. If you want to sign-up to get access, you can do so

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