Investment opportunities with new crypto miners

Thanks to BitManu, investing in crypto mining is now more profitable than ever. Three ASIC miners from this leading edge technology startup have emerged as the latest sensation in the global crypto market.

These miners provide unprecedented earning opportunities for all users regardless of their industry knowledge or technical skills.

If you’re an established or aspiring crypto investor, the first thing you’ll find impressive about BitManu miners is their incredible hash rate. BM 1, BM 2, and BM Pro, the company’s three mining rigs, come with hash rates unmatched by any other product yet. This is what makes BitManu miners more powerful and efficient than all its competitors.

BitManu Hash Rate

BM1: Bitcoin 760 TH/s, Litecoin 80 GH/s, Dash 15 TH/s, Monero 6 MH/s

BM2: Bitcoin 1220 TH/s, Litecoin 128 GH/s, Dash 25 TH/s, Monero 10 MH/s

BM Pro: Bitcoin 3900 TH/s, Litecoin 400 GH/s, Dash 75 TH/s, Monero 32 MH/s

As a direct consequence of the hash rates mentioned above, BitManu miners are able to process complex transactions much faster than any other mining rig on the market. Therefore, the chances of earning rewards when crypto mining using these rigs increases significantly. Furthermore, BitManu miners are very energy efficient, with power consumptions of 650W, 850W, and 2200W for the BM 1, BM 2, and BM Pro, respectively. Most of BitManu’s customers have been able to achieve 100% return on their investment in just one month.

Here’s a quick look at how much you can earn per month using this miner.

  • BM1: Bitcoin $1300, Litecoin $1800, Dash $4800, Monero $3600
  • BM2: Bitcoin $2100, Litecoin $2900, Dash $8500, Monero $6000
  • BM Pro: Bitcoin $6600, Litecoin $8900, Dash $25500, Monero $19000

Looking at the power of BitManu miners, you might think that these are highly complex machines made only for tech geeks. However, the reality is just the opposite. This suite of miners was designed to allow ordinary crypto enthusiasts to be a part of and benefit from the exciting world of crypto mining. No other company has taken this initiative in the industry’s short history. Naturally, a high percentage of the company’s satisfied users are first-time crypto miners.

BitManu’s crypto miners are plug and play devices pre-configured with Linux based systems that can be used right away. If you are a small-time crypto enthusiast, you will love using these mining rigs because they are simple and have minimal system requirements. For example, using these machines does not require an expensive, superfast internet connection as only 10 KB/s is sufficient for uploading as well as downloading.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or a newbie, the investment opportunity created by BitManu is hard to ignore. Order today and get doorstep delivery of your rigs in just seven days. visit Looking for more.

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