iOS 16 features are expected to be announced at WWDC 2022

With Apple’s WWDC22 event now just a few weeks away – the opening keynote will be June 6 – all eyes are on Apple to see what is announced. We know that there will be sneak peeks of all kinds of software updates and iOS 16 is one of the things we hope to see once and for all. And there are many that we hope to change!

Every June Apple shows its new updates and then releases beta releases in the summer months. Then, in the autumn, we get the final version of the new software update released to the public. iOS 16 will include what we expect here.

Mixed reality support

While we don’t expect Apple to announce the new hardware during the original June 6 note, the new Apple Mixed Reality hints for the headset and possibly lays the groundwork.

It’s not clear what it will look like, but don’t be surprised if WWDC agrees on the headset of the future when announcing iOS 16.

Apple Music Classical

One thing we can be sure of is a new Apple Music app built specifically for classical music. We’ve already seen references to it in the recent iOS beta and it looks like it might be announced as part of the iOS 16 rollout. However, it is still possible that it could be reached earlier – keep an eye out for an amazing launch before iOS 16 lands in September. Apple will bring the same app to iPadOS 16.

New health features

In terms of health features, Apple is strongly adding new improvements that will allow extended sleep tracking as well as new health features targeting women in particular. The ability to track drugs is something that has been rumored in previous updates and we hear that iOS 16 may be the release that finally adds that feature. Regarding health, Apple is also thought to be working on a crash detection feature that will call emergency services in the event of a car crash, for example.

Advanced notification

There are rumors that Apple is again planning changes to the notification, something that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently hinted at. Apple has modified the notifications with Focus mode in iOS 15, but more changes are expected.

Towards iOS, I’m looking for some fairly significant improvements across the board, including notifications and updates to new health-tracking features.

I’m not expecting an end-to-end redesign of the iOS interface, though it hasn’t changed much since iOS 7 almost a decade ago.

New iPad multitasking

Apple continues to fight the way multitasking works on the iPad, and rumors suggest further changes. Information is scarce, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that changes are taking place.

… However there may be a new iPadOS multitasking interface.


It is expected that Apple will support all iPhones and iPads currently supported by iOS 15 and iPadOS 16, with the exception of three devices; iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the original iPhone SE.

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