It will cost you a small fortune to buy a used Tesla

If you’re looking to get your hands on a used Tesla, this is probably a good time to consider looking elsewhere after the news of used cars being more expensive than new ones depending on your needs.

According to a new Electrac report, the price of some Model Y cars in particular is higher than when re-purchased. This is when the used car market as a whole continues to swell.

The shortage of parts worldwide makes it difficult for new cars to arrive, making used cars more popular and increasing prices.

For example, this 2020 Model Y with a length of more than 30,000 miles on Odomotor is listed for $ 1,000 more than if you order a brand new configuration:

The only advantage is you can get it now vs. waiting 6-9 months for a new one.

And that final point is the important one. Buying a new car now means waiting up to a year, sometimes depending on the configuration of the purchase. However, if you choose a used model, you can get in a car immediately – if you are willing to pay. This is far from a unique problem for Tesla, but the ambition and long lead time make for a perfect storm at the moment.

What impresses you most is the value of the car. Depending on when it was purchased in 2020, the car could sell for $ 6,000 to $ 10,000 more than a new purchase almost two years ago.

Although buying a used Tesla is now going to cost a lot, those who already have it can do worse than sell it and upgrade to something else – although this could be a non-Tesla model due to the problem we have outlined.

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