Mark Zuckerberg wants Meter AR glasses to be his iPhone Moment

Meta CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a new report that the company’s upcoming Metavers project wants to be his “iPhone Moment”.

It is expected that the Meta will be able to get new AR specs in the hands of users by 2024.

However, when that 2024 target is a meta working towards, Edge The report says the company still has a long way to go before anyone can wear a pair of AR glasses on their head. In fact, it does not yet have a functional prototype based on which the product can be built, the report claims.

Despite having already spent billions on making its AR glasses, Meta internally expects thousands less sales for the first version, which will be aimed at early adopters and developers. A price point has not been set, but the device will definitely be more expensive than the company’s $ 299 Quest VR headset, as the equipment’s AR glasses bill thousands of dollars. The cost will test Zuckerberg’s willingness to subsidize hardware prices to encourage adoption – a competitive strategy to reduce the margins enjoyed by other players like Apple.

However, if there is one product that is going to see through the meta finish, this is it. The same report quoted a source as saying that the project was so important to Zuckerberg that it involved his “ego”.

Meta is not the only one that works on some types of AR headsets or glasses. Apple is reportedly working on its own mixed reality headset, though the project is expected to arrive sooner than the Meta – now it is expected that we will see it in the first half of next year.

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