Meta Metavers plans to take about half of the creator’s revenue in content

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says “Metavers” is the future, and it will naturally be associated with meta products like social networks and virtual reality. If there is any indication of the company’s own Horizon Worlds, it seems that Metaverse will have a high fee. Meta recently revealed how it will help sell user-created content in the VR experience, and will leave manufacturers with only half the money left after cutting the meta. The future is starting to look like a worse version of the past.

Zuckerberg’s obsession with the concept of Metavers stretched back many years, and there is no doubt that Facebook (now Meta) has influenced the companies it has acquired and the technologies it has followed. Virtual reality is a big part of the puzzle, and Meta is already leading the pack with VR products under the Oculus brand. Horizon Worlds, launched late last year, is basically a modern take on experiences like Second Life and VRChat, but with a little more polish.

One of the key features of Horizon Worlds is the ability of players to create and sell virtual goods for a fee. In the future, this could mean cryptocurrency, which Facebook has been experimenting with for years. For now, though, it’s good old cash. It is common for operators of platforms such as the App Store or Google Play Store to take low developer revenue, but the standard has been increasing pushback at a rate of 30 percent. Meta is using it as a starting point, but it gets worse.

According to Road to VR, the company has decided that sales at Horizon Worlds will be split 70-30, with meta small cuts. However, there is an additional fee of 25 percent The rest Amount, bringing the total to 47.5 percent for the meter. Yes, the items sold at Zuckerberg and Co-Horizon Worlds make up about half of all sales revenue.

All purchases at Horizon World, and possibly future VR experiences, will be limited to the world in which it was purchased. You will also make that purchase with the account information associated with your Facebook / Meta account. So, prices should be shown in your local currency, excluding future cryptocurrencies, Facebook Gold, or whatever else they plan to collect more revenue from each user.

Current sales tools are limited to a small group of manufacturers, and Meta says it will monitor responses to refine the system. Hopefully, this involves a higher fee revaluation, which Zuckerberg himself has protested against in the past. Although, he was talking about fees Others Platform

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