Meta says its Project Cambria headset will be for work, not fun

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Towards the end of 2021, Meta began teasing a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset that it was developing under the name Project Cambria. Then there was the rumor that it was something like a Quest Pro device. It was identified as an upgrade and refined quest with more advanced capabilities. In this week’s earnings call, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared new details of the still-progressive headset. As Juke pitched, the device is more for work than gaming.

In the call, Meta CEO discusses the multiple headwinds the company faces and how they plan to overcome them. One of the strategies is to create a version of Metaverse, which has been discussed Annoyingly. However, this time around, Zuckerberg took a look at the hardware that would get people there. “Later this year, we will be releasing a high-end headset, codenamed Project Cambria, which will be more focused on work usage and will eventually replace your laptop or work setup,” he said. It remains to be seen how Zuck expects someone like me to write an article with such a headset.

He continued, “This premium device will have advanced ergonomics and full color pasteurized mixed reality to blend virtual reality seamlessly with the physical world.” As mentioned by PCMag, the full color Pasteur will mark a major upgrade over its existing hardware. Quest 2 only allows granular, black-and-white pastries, so going full-color would be important. He concludes that Cambria will also have eye-to-face tracking. “We are also developing eye tracking and face tracking so that your avatar can make eye contact and [make]Facial expressions, which dramatically enhance your sense of presence. “His reference to eye tracking is an indication that Cambria may use favored rendering, such as PSVR2. The outer regions are rendered at the reduced detail level.

He concluded the Metaverse discussion by saying that the company was focusing on its current outlet, Horizon Worlds. You may remember that it appeared in a very strange Super Bowl ad this year. Zuckerberg says Cambria’s ability to translate facial expressions “provides the best metavers experience – whether you’re playing a game or meeting with colleagues in the Horizon workroom.” Despite Zuckerberg’s claim that a meta headset provides the best experience, it is looking for ways to decapitate Horizon Worlds from its headset requirements.

He said the company plans to bring the experience to a number of platforms, including a web-version coming later this year. Ideally, anyone would be able to join Horizon Worlds from any device or platform without a headset. Zuck added that one of the company’s priorities at Horizon Worlds is to “help manufacturers make a living by working on metavers.” This is despite previous reports that Meta received about 50 percent commission on user-generated sales at Horizon Worlds. This has provoked an online reaction, with a rare public statement calling Apple’s policy “hypocrisy.” Because Meta has previously complained about 30 percent commission on the App Store.

Mark’s comments suggest that the company is prioritizing Metavers with Project Cambria. This may mean that it sees the place as more useful for its future than gaming. It sounds a bit like Meta is hoping to fight Apple in the future. So far, no company other than Apple has been rumored to be making high-end headsets. Of course, Sony’s PSVR2 won’t be cheap, but it’s for console gaming. Also, it has been reported that Apple hates Metavers, so it may target its headset in working conditions. Either that or some of the lucrative government deals that Apple wants are currently being unreasonably fulfilled by Microsoft.

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