My Pixel Watch Method: Cautious optimism

After trying so many smartwatches at the moment, I can honestly say that I am not a fan of many. Looking back, my all time favorite is the original Moto 360, then the Moto 360 (2nd-gen), the original Huawei Watch, and a few others from that time. For me, a lot of the hardware didn’t look very attractive following them, I didn’t put any wearable thing I wanted to carry on my wrist. I haven’t worn a smartwatch in many years. However, with Pixel Watch Apparently right around the corner, I have a feeling of excitement that is reserved only for the things that really arouse my interest. We’ve been discussing the potential of the Pixel Watch for years, and while I can’t wait for Google to finally sink in, I think the best approach is cautious optimism.

If you are one of the people who thinks that what we have seen so far looks good, then you are with me. I like the look of the device. For those who call it the “Round Apple Watch”, yes, how bad is that? It looks minimal and clear, unlike some clunky looking monsters, some of which are wandering around. Thanks, but no thanks to those.

Google Pixel Watch

So despite the optimism for its presence, the whip situation made me nervous. Ownership band is a problem for me. What if I didn’t want a cheap rubber strap that Google would probably charge 40- $ 50 per pop? Maybe I want a leather or canvas strap? Whenever I wear a watch, I double it as a fashion piece, so I’ll switch straps to match a pair of shoes or whatever I’m wearing. If Google doesn’t make it possible, and all we can get is a black rubber band, this is a big time.

Others may think that buying a 1st-Gen from Google is a crapshoot. They are not wrong. This watch is likely to have a lot of problems, but it is an argument that the device is actually best reserved for release. We can talk all day and all night about guessing, but unless we know the clock is bad or good (and what problems potentially plug it in), we shouldn’t guess which one will happen. Google has had quite a bit of time to nail this wearable, so hopefully they’ve pulled it off well. Of course, the thought tends to linger, so again, I approach it with cautious optimism.

Google Pixel Watch Google Pixel Watch

And then there’s the price. Oh, please, don’t be silly. My estimate for the Pixel Watch WiFi is $ 279, for a cellular model $ 329. This seems reasonable, but at the same time it is expensive. To me, this is usually a good sign that its price is reasonable.

While we are starting to see the watch displayed on the wrist, there are still many unknowns. So much so that popping up on Reddit is still premature to be labeled as anything other than an unpublished prototype. There may still be many changes. It is not a winner and it is not a loser. Still. Having said that, I urge all my fellow Android fans to interact with this device with a healthy hope. After all, pessimism is not healthy for your mental well-being.

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