New Apple Mixed Reality Headset Patent Mirror Leads to Finish and Charging

Apple is working on a new mixed reality headset that could be sold in the next year and now the new patents seem to indicate information on how this kind of thing can be charged.

As spot by Apparently AppleA US patent and trademark office is called a “display system” and it appears to be for a head-mounted device that will charge wirelessly using an inductive coil placed in the device’s headband.

It also appears that the batteries will be part of the same headband, charging the same way an iPhone or Apple Watch is charged today.

The patent also describes a power supply device, probably a stand that will act as a wireless charger for this type of headset. Apple noted that both devices are “collaboratively configured to align the transmission coils” which would suggest the use of magnets. Imagine MagSafe, but on a larger scale.

Another patent, dubbed “an electronic device with an infrared transparent one-way mirror”, appears to be able to place a mirror-effect on the headset. It is possible that Apple could hide the elements behind the mirror while still letting them see the outside world. This type of thing can be useful for cameras and other sensors.

(Photo courtesy of Apple)

While Apple is already widely rumored to be working on a mixed reality headset, it is important to remember that not all patents become product.

While it is possible that these patents are related to future Apple headsets, it is also possible that they are for products that will never be released.

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