Nothing Phone Launcher gets a free download

After confirming that Nothing’s first phone will arrive sometime this summer, the company founded by Carl Pay also said that another toy will play before a physical device comes in handy. The Notting Launcher, which should be the Launcher installed on the Nothing phone, has come to Google Play for the devices selected to install it.

Currently, this Nothing Launcher is available on Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22, as well as Pixel 5 and above. They mentioned that OnePlus support is “coming soon.”

So what’s good about Nothing Launcher? It’s a really minimal launcher experience, at least for now. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a single page launcher (and you can’t add more), it has 3 nothing widgets (2 clocks, 1 weather), and the ability to create “max” icons and folders. Looks like 3rd party icon support might be here too.

Here is a description of features from Nothing:

Maximum Icon and Maximum Folder: A new experience for Android. Hold and press the app folder or individual apps to enlarge, so that the things you use the most are more visible. Launch any app directly from your folder.

Bespoke Clock and Weather Widget: Raw technology, balanced by human warmth. These widgets use the same dot matrix font as our logo.

Nothing wallpaper and style: Update your home screen with nothing wallpapers and matching color palettes.

I’m not sure if this gives a taste of what’s coming to our Nothing phone, but hey, a free launcher! Oh, and if you want some extra nothing wallpapers and sounds, they’ve posted some in Dropbox.

Google Play Link: Nothing launcher

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