OnePlus 11 concept cool or not?

Since launching the OnePlus 11, OnePlus has spent the better part of the last few weeks rolling out something new. that something new The OnePlus 11 is a concept phone known as the Concept and it finally made its debut at the MWC 2023 launch this week.

OnePlus is no stranger to concept phones, such as the glass that can tint and un-tint, or the fact that it can change color. It’s the annual celebration of technology for OnePlus.

For the OnePlus 11 concept, we’re looking at the idea of ​​PC-grade cooling in a phone that could help you get a few extra frames per second while gaming or speed up charging a bit. It looks really cool.

OnePlus 11 concept

OnePlus says it wants to put industry-grade cooling from a PC into a smartphone with what it calls Active Cryoflux. The system consists of several pumps that move icy cryogenic liquid across a phone to keep things cool and dissipate heat. OnePlus believes this system can reduce temperatures by up to 2.1℃ while improving frame rates by 3-4 fps while gaming. While charging, this system also reduces heat, but apparently can only shave 30-45 seconds off a charging session. On the big sales potential here, that’s why they tried to patent it all.

When not gaming or charging, most of us might think this system looks pretty cool. As you can see in the images here, the channels that carry the liquid turn a blue color towards the back in a flowing manner. Around the camera housing, OnePlus added a decorative light to help sell the concept.

As a bit of a bonus, OnePlus has tried guilloche etching around the camera lens as a way to mimic the design of luxury timepieces. It also looks cool enough, though I’m not sure that will translate into a reason anyone would buy a phone


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