OSOM’s first phone was the Solana Saga, a $ 1,000 crypto phone

Oh man, I guess we’re going to reconsider a previous commitment to OSOM’s first phone, previously referred to as OV1. I said again in December that if the privacy-oriented OV1 term was introduced somewhere near “crypto”, we would never talk about it again. Well, folks, this is a crypto phone. God, man.

The OSOM phone has been fully unveiled today and is now known as the Solana Saga, a phone that has been branded by a Web3 company called Solana Labs, but it must have been made by OSOM. OSOM confirmed to me that the Saga is actually OV1.

At the moment Solana Saga’s tagline seems to be “It’s time to move to crypto mobile” and it’s “a flagship-quality Android device built for crypto.” In addition, Saga “integrates seamlessly with the Solana blockchain which makes it easy and secure to transact on Web 3 and manage digital assets such as tokens and NFTs.”

If we try to move beyond that association, here is what we know about Solana Saga. The phone will cost $ 1,000 and you can now reserve a $ 100 with a fully refundable deposit (however you will need a Solana Crypto Wallet to do this). The phone is expected to be shipped around Q1 2023 and will initially launch in the US, CA, EU and UK.

Solana Saga OSOM OV1

As for the glasses, it has all the products, maybe we’re still talking about it. The Solana Saga has a Snapdragon 8+ Zen1 chip, 512GB storage, 12GB RAM, 120Hz 6.55 ″ FHD AMOLED display, 4100mAh battery with wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 6, rear fingerprint sensor. The dual camera is equipped with a 50MP (IMX766, f / 1.8) main shooter and a 12MP (IMX373, f / 2.2, 120 ° FOV) ultra-wide lens. The dimensions of the phone are 166.2mm x 75.9mm x 7.9mm and it weighs about 195g.

Note: The above glasses are taken from OSOM site here. However, during a press event to unveil the phone, Solana showed a slide that said the device has a 6.67 display. We’ll try to make sure all the glasses.

OSOM sends us the following quote from their CEO, Jason Keats:

“OSOM is incredibly excited to partner with Solana in creating Saga. Web 3 needs the world’s fancy hardware companies to support the future It’s exciting to build an ecosystem that looks to the future without being overwhelmed by the legacy ecosystem of the past, “said Jason Keats, founder and CEO of OSOM Products Inc.

If one is interested in buying, Solana says the orders “will be a priority for developers to test the Solana mobile stack and saga.” I hope those of us who are not interested in the crypto world or those who are not developers will be able to buy one at a time. In the end, it definitely looks like a high-end Android phone with a secure component that would be a good daily driver.

I will also mention that this essential team is building it and we know how good they were at hardware design and software support. They have made great promises on camera for this phone and they have learned a lot from the failure of that first essential phone. We look forward to the arrival of this device, even if it has a crypto-focus right now. It may still be worth exploring because who is building it, unless Solana is running the show doesn’t change much.


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