Analysts: PC shipments are starting to slow after a two-year record pace

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This has been a hack of a journey for the PC industry in the last two years. The industry saw record-breaking quarter-on-quarter sales as everyone was stuck at home during the epidemic. One person who writes an article about it can’t even count how many times I’ve written about it. However, as we relax in 2022, the tide may begin to turn. According to IDC’s industry analysts, Q1 2022 sales were still quite good, but they fell 5.1 percent from January to March. The sharp reversal of a trend of double-digit growth in this sector every quarter for the last two years.

The downturn comes through IDC’s quarterly report on the PC industry. The company’s Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker said that while shipments have declined, “this does not mean that the industry is in a downward spiral.” For example, sellers still shipped 80.5 million PCs in the first quarter. It surpassed 80 million in the seventh quarter in a row. The last time this happened was in 2012. It was mounted on an LGA1155 socket with DDR3 memory. The GPU de jour was an AMD HD 7970 “Tahiti” card built in 28nm process. If you were really bald you would get two of them for crossfire. Another classic upgrade is using an OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD for your boot drive. But we turned away … (Before spreading any more rumors about the joy of owning an OCZ product – Ed)

The report highlights the fact that the industry has removed a ton of PCs despite the supply chain still being in turmoil. “Even though some parts of the market have slowed down due to demand saturation and rising costs, we still see some silver lining in a market that has reached a starting point towards a slowdown in growth,” said Jay Chow, research manager at IDC’s quarterly PC Monitor. Chow noted that despite the chip shortage and supply chain situation, “high consumer demand has also stalled.” Overall, the report says, notebooks have declined year after year while desktop sales have increased somewhat.

Top PC vendors have remained unchanged since the last quarter of 2021. Lenovo is still the leader with 22.7 percent market share. HP is quietly on its heels with 19.7 percent market share. These are followed by Dell and Apple, Asus and Acer in fifth place overall. It is interesting to note that only Dell, Apple and Asus Q1 have increased year after year compared to 2021.

Despite some surprising changes in PC sales, IDC’s year-end analysis of 2021 predicts with alarming accuracy. We describe it at that time with the following caption: “IDC predicts that the PC market will slow down considerably in 2022.” This slowdown is coming as the GPU continues to decline, so maybe we’re just starting to see it with our own eyes. GPUs are usually in-stock, which is also a recent development.

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Windows may finally get the MacOS Quick Look feature

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MacOS users have long enjoyed a simple but useful feature: Quick look. This allows you to select a file and press the spacebar to preview it. It can be used in almost anything including videos, PDFs, Word Docs and pictures. Better yet, when the file appears you press the arrow keys to cycle the remaining files in the folder. This makes it easy to quickly find a specific file when lost in the sea of ​​icons. This feature was first introduced on Mac in 2007, and now 15 years later Microsoft can add it to Windows 10 and 11. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly

According to Windows Latest, the PowerToys feature has already been added to Microsoft’s internal builds. It’s called Peak and it works just like the MacOS version. Press Shift + Spacebar to preview it with a selected file in Explorer. Once the preview pops up, you have the option of what to do next For photos you will be able to zoom in and out and edit them in the Photos app The site says the feature was created during a “hack week” of the company. It was originally designed as a prototype, but was appreciated enough to make its way into PowerToys. For the uninitiated, PowerToys is a repository of system utilities created by Microsoft. Companies seem to be too hardcore for their noobs, so they’re tucked away for those who know what they’re doing.

Windows Pick via PowerToys. (Photo: Windows Latest)

As you can see above, Windows Pic looks exactly like the MacOS Quick Look. It doesn’t give you a full-screen image, just a small preview. Although it is enough to understand what is in the file you are looking for. Unlike Quick Look, which is baked in the OS, you need to run PowerToy in the background to make it work. Windows Latest indicates that it integrates with the Windows Photos app, but it’s not clear if it works with other types of media, such as Pick Video, Documents, and Mac. It should be noted that you can now preview the files on a panel next to Explorer, but the images are usually the size of a stamp.

The preview pane of Windows Explorer is working but not very useful.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Microsoft’s cribing from Apple lately. It was reported last week that Microsoft would also bring tabbed browsing to Windows 11. It has been a mainstay of the Mac platform since 2007, with the same timeline as Quick Look. Microsoft is generally overhauling Explorer to make it easier to work with files and folders, and we can’t be happy about that. As the years go by it always seems a bit old, because it has received very little attention from Microsoft. That is, in addition to making it more difficult to use. Case in point: In Windows 11, when you right-click on a file, you often have to scroll “to show more options” to get the shortcut you’re looking for. Personal beef aside, we really hope Microsoft will add this feature to Windows. This will make file management significantly easier with tabbed browsing.

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T-Mobile brings back Google Photos Unlimited storage

We’ve been away from Google for almost a year now and we’ve taken away all the unlimited storage we’ve enjoyed in Google Photos and still remember that day. Fortunately, I have good news for some of you who want to get back to the privilege of Google Photos. All you need to do is stay on T-Mobile and sign up for their new and exclusive Google One plan.

T-Mobile today announced a new Google One layer that is exclusive to T-Mobile customers. It’s coming soon and will include 2TB of Google One cloud storage for 15 / month, but above 2TB, customers will get unlimited storage for photos and videos in Google Photos.

Oh, I should mention that this Full resolution Level backups, too, are low-resolution things, not slim-down. T-Mobile specifically states that you can “save unlimited photos and videos in full resolution.” That’s a heck of a wild and an added bonus.

T-Mobile has just listed this new plan as “Coming Soon”, so we’ll have to update you as soon as it’s live. Although $ 15 / month is not cheap, if you have already paid close to the Google One plan and use T-Mobile, I think you have found a great reason to opt for this exclusive option.

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This biotech startup wants to delay menopause within 15 years

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(Photo: Dingjeu Li / Unsplash)
Menopause is no joke. Between hot flashes, sleep problems, chills, seemingly irrational mood swings, and associated health risks, this period of a person’s life is inconvenient for some and tragic for others. Biotech startup Selmatics hopes to change that. CEO Piraye Beim, who founded Selmatics In 2009, it was working to develop a drug that could effectively delay menopause, giving patients a few more years of symptom-free life.

Menopause begins when someone’s ovaries produce much less estrogen and progesterone than before. This slows down the secretion of ovarian follicles which affects one’s fertility. Although everyone hits menopause at a slightly different pace, Beim believes he and his firm can offset the onset of this stage between 10 and 15 years, pushing the average onset age to 70 years. This will both increase the patient’s fertility and prevent health problems associated with the onset of menopause, such as heart disease, bone disease and Alzheimer’s.

“If we can buy women an additional 10 to 15 years of natural endocrine function, we are talking about a huge increase in their vitality and their well-being at a critical stage in their lives,” Beim said. To say Luckily when Selmatics ’mission came to light last year. Selmatics plans to begin clinical trials of its menopausal drug in 2023. Trials will begin with women’s chemotherapy, a common cause of premature menopause.

(Photo: Louis Reid / Unsplash)

The drug Selmatics works primarily by mimicking the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH), which produces ovarian follicles to normally regulate the body’s reproductive function. Patients will be able to stop taking the drug if they want to have children, just as they already have birth control. Selmatics is also working to experiment with new non-hormonal contraceptives under a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as hormone alternatives bring with them many side effects that make most contraceptives attractive.

Healthcare options that primarily affect women have not been studied for a long time and have been under-funded for reasons we won’t go here, but beam is seeing big changes on the horizon. Selmatics has been working with Bayer, a multinational pharmaceutical and life science company, since 2020, which has poured millions of dollars into women’s healthcare research in recent years. Increase Awareness With the rise of women’s health issues, the rise of “femtech” (a medical technology focused on women delivered at birth) is helping medical professionals take their patients’ experiences more seriously.

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Apple’s rumored dual-port USB-C charger leaked in new photos

We heard rumors last week that Apple is planning to launch a new dual-port USB-C charger, and now that charger seems to have popped up in a leaked photo.

The first report comes when 9to5Mac saw a document on Apple’s website that mentioned an unpublished two-port charger, which allows users to charge two devices at the same time.

It will be rated for 35W, according to the report, possibly allowing an Apple Watch as well as an iPhone 13 to charge faster. A single port can charge an M1-powered MacBook Air faster than a charger with a ship.

Now, the unannounced charger appears in the image shared by ChargerLAB. The small white charger looks like you might expect it, though a foldable addition that some haven’t expected. Apple has sold chargers with similar Prongs before.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Alternatively, some have suggested that Apple may sell a new iPhone 14 lineup as well as a new charger this fall.

Apple no longer sends chargers with iPhones, of course. However it often reveals new iPhones as well as new accessories that could be good here.

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SHIELD TV gets Beverly Hills (9.0.2) upgrade, mostly bug fixes

Has released an update for NVIDIA Shield TV Owners this morning, as labeled Experience Upgrade 9.0.2. As you may know, this is mostly filled with bug fixes, but fast, can we continue to give NVIDIA props on how it supports these devices? Seriously, this is beyond the next level of software support for an Android TV box.

The changelog is quite extensive, so I just dragged a few items from it and put them down. Highlights include improved file transfer speeds, removable storage connections or notifications when formatting, AI upscaling bug fixes, as well as a controller pairing issue.

What’s new?

  • The latest Hauppauge adds Plex support for the WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (Only in the EU)
  • Adds helpful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage
  • Fixed a bug where the AI ​​upscaling could not be changed in the Netflix app (Applies to 2019 SHIELD devices only)
  • Improved file transfer speed
  • Fixes bugs when copying files from Mac via local network to removable storage in SHIELD
  • Troubleshooting the connection of Dual Shock 3, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S / X and Switch Pro controllers

Complete changes can be seen on NVIDIA’s website. If this bothers you, the update should hit your device right now.


An unpublished Mac Mini has appeared in the latest Studio Display firmware

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a new Mac Mini, and that machine is now out with the latest Studio Display software update.

Apple’s latest monitor needs software updates because it runs an Apple A13 chip inside, something that handles native audio-supporting speakers and those sad webcams.

Now, developer Steve Trafton-Smith has reported finding a new, unannounced Mac Mini in the latest version of Studio Display software, the MacMini 10.1 dub.

Apple was expected to announce a new MacBook Air using the same chip this time around, as well as a new M2-powered Mac Mini. Is it possible that the Mac Mini we see here?

Rumors match a bit vague as to what new Macs are coming up with; For its price, there is a specific clue: Shipping Studio Display Firmware refers to the mystery machine for an unaccounted for – a new model generation of the Mac Mini (“MacMini 10,1”). My guess: M2, not M1 Pro

It was also suggested that Apple could place an M1 Pro chip in the existing Mac Mini lineup to replace the current Intel i7 model. The developer does not believe that this is the case with this machine, although it is not clear why.

Apple may announce new hardware at the upcoming WWDC22 event starting June 6 – we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled!

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Anchor Magsaf Compatible Powerwave Magnetic Pad Available for Only 15 15.99

Amazon is now selling anchor powerwave magnetic pads for just under $ 15.99 if you order soon. No discount codes or on-screen coupons are required, but the deal expires at midnight tonight. This means that anyone who wants to take advantage of this special deal should order soon to avoid disappointment.

Amazon will typically sell anchor powerwave magnetic pads for about 21 21, which means you’re saving $ 5 and about a quarter of the usual asking price. Order soon and your new charger may be on your desk today, but beware, the deal is only available in the black version of this charger. When adding your new charger to your cart, make sure the one you selected

Buy: Anchor Magnetic Wireless Charger from Amazon: 15.99 | Original price: $ 21

At the time of writing, this charger has more than 510 reviews on Amazon, with a combined rating of 4.4 stars out of five possible. This is a great rating and a great way to charge your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13-Series devices.

The magnetic connection ensures that your iPhone will not be removed from the charging pad and you will receive a USB-C cable already connected – no need to purchase your own. There’s even a USB-C to USB-A adapter so you can use your old charging brick.

Again, keep in mind that this deal will end soon. If you want to be sure of getting your new charger at a great price, place an order now.

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Google Pixel 6a makes important stops at FCC

Google’s next phone has made a big presence today by letting us know that it has passed a series of tests that the FCC requires before it can sell the device. The timing also seems to be right, suggesting that Google wants to launch this phone in the vicinity of Google I / O.

The Pixel 6a Probably the phone that is shown today with at least four different model numbers. There are actually three different FCC lists, but they are all the same phone, only under different variants. I know you might read that “Pixel 7 is in FCC, it’s going to launch soon!” But that’s wrong. We actually looked at the list and read some key parts.

We have four model numbers for GX7AS, GB17L, G1AZG and GB62Z. The phones are basically identical, but one has 5G mmW and the others only Sub-6 5G.

Models GB62Z and GX7AS are listed in the FCC document as a “parent model” of the four. GB62Z is ​​with 5G mmW. Other models (GX7AS, GB17L, G1AZG) should be essentially identical to the 5G bands supported here and there.

Pixel 6a model variant

Here are some of the supported bands you found. Below is the 5G mmW model after which another variant can show you the differences

Pixel 6a 5G band

Pixel 6a 5G band

We’re still digging to find other bits of information and we’ll update this post to find out more. For now, keep in mind that we all have 5G, WiFi 6E, and NFC.

Interested in time? The Pixel 5a was unveiled at the FCC in July last year, and was announced by Google in August. If Google wants to target the Pixel 6a launch in the vicinity of Google I / O, well, that could happen a month before that.

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Declassified government data in 2014 confirms the interstellar object Struck Earth

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The astronomical community was enthralled by the discovery of ‘Omuamua’ in 2017, the first interstellar object to be identified. However, it turns out that this mysterious object was not technically the first. After the release of previously classified data by the US government, scientists are almost certain that an object from another solar system crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere in 2014, reports Vice. This suggests that if we look closely enough, we can find these visitors from afar.

The work was started by Harvard University astronomers Amir Siraj and Avi Loeb following the discovery of ‘Omuamua’. Loeb, who famously claimed that ‘Omuamua could be a part of alien technology’, suggested that Siraj look to see if an interstellar object could be attributed through the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNES) database. This database contains more than 1,000 effects and fireball records, but in 2014 one was stuck near Manus Island. The object was small, only a few feet across, but CNEOS data show it was traveling at speeds of at least 130,000 miles per hour when it crashed over the South Pacific Ocean. Nothing can move so fast from our wooden neck.

A paper from the Manus event hit the preprint arXiv server in 2019, but due to some missing official data it was never peer-reviewed or officially released. Some sensors on the CNEOS network that detect atmospheric fireballs are operated by the U.S. Department of Defense for the purpose of detecting a nuclear explosion. The information obtained from these sensors is thought to be classified, which prevents Siraj from verifying the velocity margin of the manus fireball.

The work was uncertain until just a few weeks ago when US Space Command issued a statement confirming the velocity estimate, saying it was “accurate enough to indicate an interstellar orbit.” Siraj, now head of interstellar object studies at the Galileo project at Harvard, is working to publish the study.

We do not know much about the object, except that it disintegrates into the atmosphere after many light years have flowed through deep space. This is what sets it apart from ‘Omuamua and the recently discovered comet Borisov – it is already on Earth. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

The possibility of rescuing any meteorite is remote, but it would be difficult to overstate the scientific value of such a discovery. It could also point to a future where more interstellar objects were discovered because they were illuminated in the Earth’s atmosphere. If we go looking for it, these foreign pieces may not be as rare as we think.

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