Apple may still announce the new Mac at WWDC 2022

Apple may still announce the new Mac during WWDC, which starts on June 6, according to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Writing in a weekly magazine Power on In the newsletter, Gurman says we are still seeing new Macs announced at the event that will lick June 6 and run until June 10.

If that really happened, a new MacBook Air would be a machine that could be announced. Gurman says he has been told that two new Macs are coming “in the middle of the year.”

Apple is preparing to launch some new Macs in the next few months. What better place than WWDC? This is the same place where the transition from Intel to Apple’s own chips, the Mac, was announced two years ago.

I’ve been told two new Macs are coming out in the middle of the year or early in the second half. This could be a new MacBook Air.

It is thought that Apple may be ready to announce a new M2 chip to replace the existing M1 chips that power the existing MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Both of these Macs are rumored to be refreshing this year, suggesting that we may see the new M2 chip in both cases during WWDC in June.

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Google has announced the Pixel Phone Repair Kit with the iFixit Partnership

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Samsung recently announced that it will partner with iFixit to make it easier to repair your own phone, and now Google is following suit. The Android maker says that its Pixel phone will soon have their own iFixit repair kit. It goes a little further than Samsung, offering kits for almost all Pixel phones, including the latest Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Today’s smartphones are much harder to repair than the devices of a few generations ago. Whereas one of the earliest Nexus phones had an easily detachable plastic body and a removable battery, phones like the Pixel (or any other modern Android device) are basically metal spaghetti when you open them. Even something as simple as replacing the battery, which will run out long before the rest of the hardware, requires special equipment and enough patience.

Like Samsung, Google has said that their repair kits will be available later this year. You’ll find all the official tools, instructions, and tools you need to safely tinker with your smartphone. To get started, Google and iFixit will offer battery, display and camera modules for all Pixel phones from Pixel 2 to 6 and 6 Pro. Google says it will ensure that parts of the pixel are also available in the future. Considering Google doesn’t even make software updates for Pixel 2 and 3, the availability of repair kits is a pleasant surprise. Samsung, meanwhile, won’t offer the iFixit kit for the latest S22 family, but it does have a few more features like a charging port.

Google notes that those who do not feel comfortable opening their own phones should continue to visit uBreakiFix’s repair partners in the United States, although I have long seen reports that these stores run out of components for Google phones just a year or two after release. In my experience this is exactly what happens when things start to break down. Also, repair kits will only be sold in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and EU countries where Pixel is available.

The tide seems to have turned for the right-to-repair movement in recent years. Apple has long strongly opposed user repairs, even going so far as to change its screw to open phones. Its devices can make a fuss if it detects non-authentic parts installed. Late last year, it also announced a self-repair service with OEM parts and equipment.

Motorola was actually ahead of the curve here, partnering with iFixit several years ago to offer repair kits. However, it did not live up to that promise, and no kits are available for the company’s new phones. We can only hope that Google and other device makers will stick with their guns better because there is no reason why you should toss a perfectly good phone with too much pain to repair. Although, it will never be easy.

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Get the Echo Show 8 today for less than 59.99

Smart displays with Alexa featuring Amazon’s hugely popular Echo Show 8 are now available for purchase with a full discount applicable. For those who work and buy now, the price has been reduced by 45%, bringing the price to just $ 59.99.

The Echo Show 8 is one of Amazon’s most popular products because it comes with Alexa built-in and an HD touch-screen. It provides excellent audio and visual experience associated with the owner’s smart home integration.

The Echo Show 8 connects with Alexa to give you rich stereo sound with vivid visuals on an 8-inch HD screen. Check out the on-screen lyrics with Amazon Music. Set alarm and timer. Show your favorite pictures. Check the weather and traffic as you exit. News highlights and movie trailers.

The hardware is capable of playing music, streaming radio stations and other content, and even making hands-free calls to Alexa apps or other compatible devices that have a visual display and a built-in camera. It is a real communication powerhouse. Use group calling, zoom, and Amazon chime to connect multiple people at once. At home, send voice messages to other supported echo devices using announcements or use drop-ins as intercom between rooms.

Amazon has also considered privacy with this hardware, adding a privacy shutter to the top of the device to block access to the camera. This means that the Eco Show 8 is suitable for use in any home.

All you need to know about this deal is listed below. You will not need a discount code or promotional coupon to benefit from this agreement. Be sure to go to the link below to secure this huge discount.

Buy: Echo Show 8 HD Smart Display with Alexa from Amazon: 59.99 | Original price: $ 110

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Pixel 6 Face Unlock Dream Survives

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro do not have Face Unlock, at least not today. We still have some hope that one day it will come as an added security measure via a pixel feature drop, but for now we have to keep that hope alive by pointing it out in the code or showing it directly on someone’s phone. That last part happened over the weekend.

A Reddit user posted a hypothetical image of the phone setup screen on his Pixel 6 showing three different screen lock options. He can choose between pattern, PIN or password, which is normal. Where it surprised him (and us) was the additional options listed next to the standard lock screen preferences.

In the image below, you can see that each listed “face” and “fingerprint” as additional lock measurements. Part of the fingerprint is fine, but yes, we don’t have Face Unlock on this Pixel 6 phone. You know that, so what’s up?

Hard to say! During the Pixel 6 launch, you may recall promo images that were suggested as an option to unlock the face. Of course, no phone came with Face Unlock and it still doesn’t. We expected to see it in its entirety, but Google reportedly pulled it out at the last minute for unknown reasons. We’ve seen hints since then that it’s part of the Android code and are concerned that it might only appear on the Pixel 6 Pro. It even still does that, though.

Pixel 6 Face Unlock Setup Screen

We’re not far from Google growing up with Face Unlock as a safe way to unlock your phone faster. The Pixel 4 initially gave us the idea of ​​an improved face unlock from Google, but since its launch in late 2020, we haven’t seen Google try to include it back in the phone. The Pixel 4 was a different kind of beast, with an advanced radar system designed to secure the face unlock. Its time could not have been worse, you know, an epidemic for which we must always cover our faces.

So who knows what’s going on with this guy’s Pixel 6 “Face” being shown as an alternative. He said he was running a clean build of Android 12 on his phone and no ROM or hack or RootBR0 or anything else. He was not able to set it up, however, saying only the word “face” did not allow it to happen.

Maybe drop June pixel properties?

Ubisoft stops developing Ghost Recon breakpoint, promises NFT in future

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Although surveys suggest that most game developers are reluctant to integrate NFTs into their games, some of the biggest devs are going overboard with crypto. Ubisoft announced its first NFT drop at the Ghost Recon breakpoint late last year for widespread criticism. That didn’t stop the company from adding “digit” items to the game, but that episode of Ubisoft’s fascination with NFTs was already over. There will be no more updates or items for Breakpoint, and the company is threatening, er … Promising NFTs in more games soon, according to a statement on the Quartz website.

To miss the huge interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) over the last few years, you have to live under a rock with a weak wireless reception. These crypto-enabled digital items are unique and can be bought, sold and traded as assets. This has made some of them very valuable, at least to other crypto enthusiasts. You can’t do anything with most NFT, but Ubisoft’s hook for the quartz platform is to enable you to own the items you can use in the game.

When Ubisoft announced the NFT at Breakpoint, most gamers reacted with some frustration and disinterest, but Ubisoft representatives said it was expected. The company’s line at the moment is that its customers do not understand the value of adding NFT to games, as if there is a way to add crypto investment vehicles to a game that will not be annoying. This is probably why it started with Breakpoint, which was heavily panned at the time of release, forcing Ubisoft to work again and republish the game – it didn’t lose much by crawling the NFT-filled title.

Breakpoint NFTs are listed on officially supported Rarable platforms for $ 30-40, and no one is buying.

Since the activity of the Tez blockchain is universal, we can see the trading activity of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Digit and it is a ghost town. Items are rarely sold, and those are not very expensive. So now that Ubisoft has announced that it will stop developing Breakpoint, NFT owners will not be too upset. Yes, just a few months after the first NFT transfer, the game has been abandoned. The last NFT drop was last month. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ubisoft has adopted a large number of micro-transactions, so it is not surprising that it has invested heavily in NFT. People regularly pay thousands of dollars which is basically a link to a JPEG that anyone can save by right-clicking. Something that has the functionality of a game can attract similarly big fish, even if they are only buying in-game items as an investment. Is that really good for games? I don’t want to bet. We are going to find out when Ubisoft may announce its next round of NFTs. One of its larger franchises, Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry, could easily be next.

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The very popular 24-inch Insignia F20 series Fire TV is only 119 [$50 Off]

Amazon is now selling the hugely popular 24-inch Insignia F20 Series Fire TV for just 11 119.99. The TV contract does not appear to have a universal expiration date, so be sure to order as soon as possible before it’s too late.

This deal does not require anyone to enter on-screen coupons without a special discount code or clip, so place an order as you normally would. Order soon and you can even deliver your new TV within days.

Amazon will usually sell the 24-inch Insignia F20 series Fire TV for around $ 170, which means you now have the opportunity to save $ 50 and about a third without lifting a finger.

Buy: Insignia 24-inch Class F20 Series Smart HD 720p Fire TV From Amazon: 119.99 | Original price $ 170

At the time of writing, the 24-inch Insignia F20 series Fire TV has more than 23,100 reviews on Amazon, with a combined rating of 4.5 out of five possible. It is also the number one best-seller in its category.

The 24-inch 720p screen is perfect for placing in the kitchen or small bedroom where one ton of space is not available. Built-in Fire TV support gives you quick and easy access to all the best streaming apps and services in the neighborhood, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +.

Again, we don’t know when this deal will end so place an order now if you want to be sure you won’t miss out.

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Intel’s Arc GPUs report clock speeds differently from Nvidia, AMD

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One week ago, Intel officially launched its first Arc GPU. The company will first offer mobile arc chips with a desktop GPU later this year. While the launch certainly answered a lot of questions, it also raised several new questions at the same time. One of the most pertinent questions is related to its ad clock speed. As it turns out, Intel is not following in the footsteps of its competitors in the way it lists GPU clock speeds. This led to some confusion during the launch, but Intel Extremetech clarified the situation.

To the right of the bat, the mobile arc GPUs seem to have a slower clock speed. Intel’s chart (below) only mentions “graphics clock”, there is no further explanation for whether it is base clock or boost clock. Nvidia and AMD do not work this way. AMD lists a “game frequency” and says it is the clock speed that anyone can expect while playing a game. For example, the game frequency of its RX 6800M is listed as 2,300MHz. Nvidia offers a range of clock speeds and is called the “boost clock” of the GPU. This means that you should expect the clock speed of the GPU to increase within the range within your load. For the RTX 3080 Ti mobile, it ranges from 1,125Mhz to 1,590Mhz. By comparison, Intel lists the graphics watch for its entry-level A350M as only 1,150Mhz, which is less even for a novice GPU. So what gives Chipzilla?

As it turns out, the Intel list of clock speeds is kind of meaningless. According to Intel, they will basically achieve the lowest clock speed GPU. In their testing of a whole bunch of chips, this was the worst case scenario across a variety of applications. This means that its clock speed can be much higher in certain applications like gaming. It may even be 2GHz and higher in some games, but much lower if it is thermally limited. It’s like thermally throttling the chip, but remember it’s a mobile GPU. Intel plans to stick them on a variety of laptops, an array of sizes and thermal solutions. The way we understand it, it means Intel is playing it safe. Instead of advertising a specific clock speed that the card cannot hit a specific laptop under certain conditions, it simply forces it less. Interestingly, if you visit Intel’s website for its entry-level A350M, it describes the listed clock speeds as “base clock”. There is no mention of a boost watch.

A visualization of the possible clock range. (Photo: Intel)

This is an amazing way to start a family of GPUs. Companies usually tend to provide numbers at launch that paint their products in the best light possible. Apple recently ran into a misleading chart saying its M1 Ultra chip is faster than the RTX 3090. Heck, graphics card companies are always known for launching GPUs with obscure performance numbers that have no real world value. Despite this situation, Intel has taken the opposite approach.

On the one hand, we appreciate its honesty. However, it would also be helpful to know what the maximum clock might be in gaming, as it is a GPU. We all know that “results can vary,” so what’s the harm in just providing that information? This is why Nvidia offers a wide range of clock speeds and why AMD adds a waiver to its number. It states, “‘Game frequency’ is the expected GPU clock. When a normal gaming application is run, the normal TGP (Total Graphics Power) is set. The results of the actual personal watch clock may vary. “

In the end, what matters most is performance, not the claimed frequency, but gamers need to keep in mind that AMD, Nvidia, and now Intel measure some of these metrics differently and consequently make different claims.

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The big iOS 16 notification changes could come in June, the new report says

Apple will be holding its 2022 WWDC conference from June 6 and we can expect to offer iOS 16 keys when it is rolled out later this year.

Now, a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that we may see changes in the way notifications work and more.

Gurman used to write in his weekly newspaper Power on While the newsletter says that a major redesign may seem unlikely, we can make significant changes to the notification and health tracking features in this year’s big iOS update.

Towards iOS, I’m looking for some fairly significant improvements across the board, including notifications and updates to new health-tracking features.

I’m not expecting an end-to-end redesign of the iOS interface, though it hasn’t changed much since iOS 7 almost a decade ago. But there may be a new iPadOS multitasking interface.

Apple will run its WWDC opening keynote on June 6 until June 10. We expect iOS 16 to be announced with iPad 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16, and macOS 13. All of these updates will probably enter beta. At the same time, their public release is less likely to take place until September or October.

Although WWDC events are built around software and developers, chances are we’ll see some new hardware announcements.

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More people are cloning their pets despite the cost

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(Photo: Warren Umoh / Unsplash)
For many of us, cloning animals is reminiscent of Dolly the Aries β€” one of the world’s first cloned mammals. But cloning technology has seen a fair share of its development since Dolly was born in 1996. Nowadays, despite the financial investment, more and more people are choosing to clone their favorite pets.

ViaGen, a Texas-based firm that bought intellectual property for cloning technology in 1998, is in the business of helping individuals and families clone their pets. But it wasn’t always that way. ViaGen aims to improve cattle breeding by “bypassing the genetic lottery” by producing high-value bulls and other animals, According to A new feature by the BBC. The company then realized that it could charge pet owners a hefty sum of money to “save” their furry cells (and sell more to complete the cloning process). ViaGen charges pet owners $ 1,600 for preserving a single pet cell, with the cost of the year-round cloning process approximately $ 35,000 per cat and $ 50,000 per dog. ViaGen says most clients choose to save their pet cells if they can clone later in life – although enough clients are opting for complete cloning to improve their business.

Sheep Dolly. (Photo: Tony Barrows / Wikimedia Commons)

The total number of ViaGen cloned pets is said to be in the hundreds, though the company will not disclose exactly how many animals it has created. “It has grown a lot since we first started and we are cloning more and more pets every year,” a ViaGen client service manager told the BBC. “We have puppies every week.” But if pet cloning doesn’t float to the top of your consciousness for a while, there’s a reason: “We don’t advertise a lot, a lot of it goes to word of mouth.”

ViaGen (and similar cloning firms, such as South Korea’s Sooam Biotech and China’s Sinogene) perform its cloning process by injecting the nucleus of a cell from a primitive animal into a donor egg whose genetic material has been removed. The farm then lays the egg into an embryo until that embryo can be safely implanted in the womb of a surrogate parent. The result is a identical genetic twin, despite actual age differences for decades.

Even Celebrities Pets are leaning towards cloning bandwagons (although this is not surprising, given that they can do it easily). Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Dealer controversially cloned their late dog Shannon in 2016, when Barbara Streisand used Viagen to create two clones. His The late dog Samantha two years later. TV personality Simon Cowell has also expressed interest in cloning his puppy, although it has been back in 2019, with no news on the matter since.

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ASUS Strix 27-inch HDR gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response

Amazon is now selling a 27-inch ASUS ROG Strix HDR gaming monitor for just $ 619.99, if you’re fast. You don’t have to enter a discount code or clip an on-screen coupon here, although you do have to make sure you order fast. Amazon is not saying when this deal will end which means you need to order soon to make sure you don’t miss out.

Amazon will typically sell a 27-inch ASUS ROG Strix HDR gaming monitor for around $ 700, which means you’re saving $ 80 and over 10% without doing anything special.

Buy: 27-inch Asus ROG Strix HDR Gaming Monitor from Amazon: 619 | Original price: $ 700

At the time of writing, the 27-inch ASUS ROG Strix HDR gaming monitor has more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon, with a combined rating of 4.5 stars out of five possible. It’s the kind of score that shows you how well thought out this particular monitor is and is a great option for anyone who wants a gaming monitor right now.

The display itself is a 27-inch panel with a WQHD resolution and 270Hz refresh rate. 0.5ms should be done for a minimum of a very short response time. Fuzzy, too.

Again, we still don’t know when Amazon will close this deal which means you are probably serving the best by placing your order now before it’s too late.

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