PITAKA MagEZ 2 Galaxy S22 Case Review: Bring MagSafe

The Pitaka Aramid Fiber Case has been one of my favorites for years, thanks to their incredible feel, slim fit, chic look and light weight. I actually own the Pitaka case for the Galaxy S21, iPhone 13 Pro and others. I have had a Pitaka Maggie case attached to my iPhone 13 Pro for several months now and in most cases I have had cases go to it.

When Pitaka asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to review Galaxy S22 MagEZ Case 2, I was, “Ummmm, yes please.” So off and on, while my patience can cope with the Galaxy S22’s trash battery life, I’ve used the latest from Pitaka to protect it.

The biggest selling point here, which I mentioned in the video below, is that you get slim aramid styling and protection on your Galaxy S22 phone with the added bonus of support with Apple’s MagSafe accessories. That’s right – MagSafe is working with Galaxy S22. Pitaka has added the perfect magnet for attaching your Galaxy S22 with MagSafe accessories for wireless charging or attaching wallets, this kind of thing. If you know anything about the beauty of Magsiff, this is great.

In this video, I talk about all those MagSafe stuff with the example of Galaxy S22 attached to MagSafe accessories. I also talk about fit and finish, what I like about such cases and price. For those who are new to the Pitaka case, these are quite expensive. Most days, they cost $ 60, so your best bet is to wait until they sell out.

Full disclosure here: Pitaka sent me to examine and review this case, but all these thoughts must be my own. Again, I’ve been buying their cases for personal use for years.

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